I Made the World Biggest Pancake, I Call It… the Biggest Pancake in the World!

I Made the World Biggest Pancake, I Call It… the Biggest Pancake in the World!

(dramatic action music) – Yo, yo, do your boy a favor. Yo, Moon says we cannot hit
5,000 followers on twitter. I’ve just made the thing. Go follow me, link in description below. User name’s @tomstanniland. I’m back on Twitter, baby. Moon says we cannot hit
5,000, let’s prove her wrong, let’s prove her wrong!
(chuckling) Oy, I’m a builder. What you laughing at? I’m a builder, I’m here,
we’re making some pancakes. – [Moon] Why you wearing two vests? – Double the safety,
love, double the safety. (laughing) All builders don’t act like
this, don’t get offended. I’m just having fun, you know? – [Moon] So, what you doing then? Nothing, like proper builders? – I’ma build a pancake in this garden. I’ve been contracted today,
build a pancake in this garden, ’cause, you know, I’m a
builder, I do builder things. I’m a builder, that’s all I can say. (both laughing) So, today, we’re going to be making the world’s biggest pancake. World’s biggest pancake! We’ve got it in our blueprints here that we’ve got enough stuff to
make three massive pancakes, make at least three. We’ve already got the stuff,
we’ve got loads of supplies here for this, we’ve got loads of stuff, we’ve got all the equipment. So, first, let me introduce
you to the equipment. (dramatic action music) And now, let me introduce you to the food! (dramatic action music) Welcome to me site, innit? Welcome on site. – [Moon] Thomas, please stop. – You can only enter if you
have a hardhat and a VisiVest. – [Moon] A hardhat? – You can only enter sites with a hardhat and a VisiVest.
– It’s a helmet. – It’s a hardhat! Alright, so, no messing around! We’ve got all this stuff
here, I’m going to, ugh, I need to leave it
on because it looks cool. Alright, so we’ve got the
flour, the golden syrup, we’ve got the sugar, the almond milk, we’ve got this vinegar
stuff, baking powder, oil, it’s all expired stuff. And we’re making them
vegan, because we don’t want to waste milk, and are
milk and eggs in pancakes? – [Moon] Yeah. – We don’t want to be
wasting milk and eggs those hard working cows and
chickens have laid, and stuff. And, I don’t want salmonella. That’s from eggs, ain’t it? – [Moon] Yeah, can happen
with fresh eggs, too, by the way though. – So, every time I eat an egg,
I’m at risk of salmonella? – [Moon] It could happen, yeah. It could, could happen. – I’m going vegan. I meant to walk of screen then, Moon, it meant to be a dramatic walk off. Let me go, again. I’m going vegan.
(Moon sighing) Alright, so Moon’s going to
be telling me what to put in, and I’m going to just put it
in, and I’m going to mix it. I’m the builder though!
– No, no, we need we need to– – Doing a bit of grafting.
– For real, that has to stop. And, if people not clicked off by now, they certainly will then. – [Thomas] I’m a builder! – [Moon] No! – No, when you’re mixing,
when you’re mixing your stuff, what you do is put your
liquids in first, bruh, put your liquids in first, and
then you put your solids in, otherwise, it gets real dry, and stuff, you know what I’m saying, bro? Know what I’m saying? You know, us builders, we don’t care about making a mess, you know? – Almond milk.
– You get down, and whoa– – Almond milk, you have–
– We get down and dirty. – [Moon] To shake, first. – Yeah, well, it’s going in a mixer, bruh.
– Oh, okay. – It’s going in a mixer, lass! – [Moon] Is it brown from the milk? (milk splashing) – It’s expired. – [Moon] Is that one liter? – 23 of them, we’ve got 23 of them. – [Moon] Hey oh! Hey, (babbling incoherently) day oh! Hey oh, hey oh! (both laughing) – I turn around for one minute. (milk glugging) – [Moon] I think we
have to tilt it, Thomas. Is all the flour going in now? – It’s getting a bit full,
(tapping box) it’s getting a bit full. We’ll just do it vertical, like this. – Oh, that’s better.
– Ah, loads. – [Moon] It look like making cheese! (mellow hip hop music) – Flour time! – [Moon] I could turn
this, oh, that’s quiet! Oh, it’s nice, that!
(cement mixer turning) (flour bag crinkling) – We’ll get some flour
until it thickens up a bit, and then we’ll tilt it back
so it don’t pour everywhere. – [Moon] There we go! (excited shouting)
Oh, yeah! – Oh, yeah, more flour! – Go and put more in, more in! – More flour! (laughing) – [Moon] Anyone has done that yet? – No, it’s just your boy, from, the builder!
– No, no. – Alright, so now it’s 32
teaspoons of baking powder. – [Moon] Oh, wait, wait wait
wait, it’s times 10, innit? – Yeah.
– It’s 320. You did it all times 10. – One. Two. – [Moon] Oh, my god. We’re getting nowhere like that. – Three. Four. Five. 326. 327. 328. – [Moon] We’re already
over, it’s just 320! Oh, my, it’s going to be
thick pancakes, them ones. – Please tell me you’ve weighed
out how much sugar we need. – [Moon] I’ve got it in teaspoons. – Oh, you’re joking! – [Moon] You count the
whole recipe’s in teaspoons. It’s about 620.
– Ugh! (shouting)
600? – [Moon] Yeah, just do it roughly. Like, 600.
– One. Two. Three. Four. Five. 597. 598. – [Moon] Should I get other one open? There’s one more, we forgot one. You must have miscounted it. (sugar pouring)
(bag slamming) – I’ve had enough!
(spoon clanking) – [Moon] Ah, there he is. – I can’t see a thing,
look, look through there! It’s so hot! – [Moon] It’s just 700
teaspoons of vinegar. – You’re going to die! – Apple cider vinegar! – [Moon] I think it reacts with the baking powder, or something. (laughing) Look! – [Moon] But this thing kept it jilted, (coughing)
’cause it’s making it grow. – Oh.
– Yeah. – Alright, so now, it’s time
to set these up underneath. Moon says we’ve got to heat the plate up. We’ve got aluminum foil on there already. We’ve got to heat the
whole thing up with these, and then put the pancake
on, otherwise, the mixture is just going to run all over,
and over the edges, and stuff. (gas burners hissing)
– Don’t forget you have to be able to adjust the knob. – What? Don’t say that on here, Moon! (laughing)
– What? That little thing here! – It’s not little. I need more around here. – [Moon] Put one more in the middle. Shove that one further in. No, you need to heat it up
bit, and then put oil on top. Put some oil on top. – Dude, what is happening? (Moon laughing) I don’t know what to do! (foil snapping) (frightened hollering)
Oo, what happened? What happened? – [Moon] I think it’s
just ’cause of the heat, the thingy moves a bit. (Moon giggling) Is it getting hot, Tommy? ♪ It’s getting hot in here ♪ ♪ I want to take my clothes off ♪ – You filming? – [Moon] Yeah! – Go! – [Moon] Aw, that looks beautiful, that! – I just smells like pure vinegar. – [Moon] Just get it out a bit. (batter slopping) – [Both] Whoa! – Don’t to too much!
– Whoa! – [Moon] We need to be able
to tilt to get it all on it. (gasping)
(grunting) – [Moon] No no no no no! – I’m a builder! – [Moon] No, please, Thomas, for real. Don’t you want to put something underneath?
– No, Moon, shh. – [Moon] I think we need something else. – What? – [Moon] I think we need
another different tool. – But, builders do it like this. – [Moon] That’s a spade,
not even a shovel. – Yeah, we didn’t have a shovel. Builder, this is about how builders do it! – [Moon] Come on, it’s
about time now to do that. (groaning)
– There’s too much happening! – [Moon] In the middle, Thomas. No, no no no no! Quick, get your spade and
shove it in the middle! Quick, quick, quick, quick! There, it’s already
almost done here, look. We need to be quick!
– I know, I know. – [Moon] It’s not round at
all, ’cause you’ve done it not right at the beginning, but okay. It’s our first, the first
one’s always rubbish. – It’s not my first one. I’m a builder, I used to do this stuff. Moon!
(blow torch hissing) – [Moon] What? – We’ve got a problem. – [Moon] What? We’ve only used like, not
even a quarter of the mixture. We’ve used like, half a
quart, or like, an eighth. – [Moon] There’s going to be
a nice tower, then, innit? – [Thomas] How’s it looking, Moon? – [Moon] It looks really delicious here. Like, really good. – Over there?
– Yeah, it looks a bit like a crumpet, and it smells nice. – We’re making the world’s
most English video, World’s Biggest Crumpet. – [Moon] Yeah, that’s
you, and what’s that? Sorry, I’m just stressed out.
(blow torch clicking) Don’t, that’s not funny. – Ugh, having a break,
I’m about to have a break. We’ve turned them all off. We’ve turned them all off,
we’ve just got one going. We think that this is
fully cooked through now, but we’ve come to a
conclusion that we probably don’t have enough gas to
cook like, five of these. Then, we’re hoping to just, kind of, keep doing layer on layer
on layer on the pancake, to make just like, a really,
really thick pancake. And then, cut it to a nice round shape. Moon, what’s happened here? – [Moon] What, where? – [Thomas] There, what’s happened there? – [Moon] What is that? What happened? – [Thomas] I think you
know what’s happened there. – [Moon] What’s happened there? – You better not tried some. – [Moon] What? What happened there? I’m not a mouse! (gasping)
A mouse! – Was it nice, at least? – [Moon] It was lovely. – Ah! See? You admitted it. (blow torch hissing) – [Moon] Aw, yeah, that’s good. I think that’ll work, that’s good. (intense dubstep music) (blow torch hissing) – [Moon] It don’t look like
a pancake anymore, Thomas. – What? – [Moon] It don’t look
like pancake anymore. (bells ring) It looks like a naan. – [Moon] I don’t look like your Nan! (giggling)
That’s really rude to say! – How many layers have we done now, Moon? – [Moon] Don’t know, like, nine or 10? – It takes so long, ’cause
you have to do the entire area just with this flame. Come over here, look, we’ve
emptied the cement mixer now. This is the last of the mix. We had two bucketfuls, so
we’re like, halfway through. It’s getting late. Our neighbors must think we’re crazy, some of the stuff we do. So, I mean, I’m going to
bed, I’m going to bed now. We’re going to go to bed. We’re going to come back in the morning, then carry on with this here. I’m not going to let it beat us, Moon. – [Moon] Whose cleaning up then? – You, I’m going to bed. – [Moon] Thomas, Thomas, that
scared me, that scared me. – What? (dramatic orchestra) (laughing hysterically) (comic boom) (blow torch hissing) – Alright, it’s the next
day, it’s the next day! We been doing this hours off camera. We just want to get it done. I’ve added up the hours, we’ve
probably been at this thing about seven hours, just
constantly cooking it. I’ll keep you updated with
how it goes, and stuff, but probably just going to
keep going until the end now. The final layer, we just tipped
the last of the bucket on. (groaning) The final layer, Moon! – [Moon] Compared to the
pizza, this was insanely time consuming, that. – Pizza were beautiful
compared to this, really easy. – [Moon] Why don’t it look
like a pancake, though? – Moon, don’t ruin it! It’s done! (ethereal music) It’s done!
(heavy breathing) Moon, look! We can’t stop it looking
like a naan bread, but there it is! – [Moon] It looks like pita. – And, it’s a lot thicker in the middle– – [Moon] It is really thick. – Than it is on the edges. The edges, it looks like it’s that thick, the middle is like this. I got my weapons, let’s go!
(clinking utensils) – [Moon] You want to eat
from this side, don’t you? – Alright, I might go middle, straight from the side.
– Just get something from, ’cause I got the best
feeling from the sides. (soft chuckling)
So, maybe if you want to have an edible bit. Thomas, there’s something missing. What do you always like on your pancake? (utensils clinking) – Golden syrup! – [Moon] Go get it, I
got it ready in kitchen. (hollering)
– A bucket of golden syrup. Ah! – [Moon] I think that’s enough. (mellow hip hop music) – [Thomas] It’s all cold. Probably going to be cold. – [Moon] It looks good. (noisy chewing) (laughing)
Because it’s cold? – Still a bit raw in the middle. – [Moon] Yeah, I thought so. I thought we can’t bake it
through without heat from bottom. Aw, it’s also–
– Aw, no! – [Moon] Oh, no! – [Thomas] Ugh, that’s like, ugh! (batter slopping) – [Moon] It’s not dangerous to eat, there’s no eggs in it, or milk. (wet chewing) (Moon giggling)
(retching) – That’s like, 90% still raw. Where did I even cut
it from, it’s all just like, sunk back into itself. (Moon laughing) – [Moon] It’s like a never ending hole! Oh, my god. – [Thomas] I’ve just eaten that, ugh. It don’t taste nice at all. – [Moon] Yeah, just lift it off here. (foil crinkling)
Yeah, it looks good here! There, look, it’s good until
we started layering, look! (gagging)
(Moon laughing) Is it just not nice? (gaging) Doesn’t it not taste of pancake at all? Get more syrup in your mouth. (spitting) (both laughing) Just like clay! Look here, where the
dough is, I tried this. This looks good. (chewing) No, it’s disgusting. (laughing) – Can we have some fun with it? – [Moon] How do you have fun with pancake? – This is how. (upbeat electronic music) ♪ You’re taking me high ♪ – I saw this meme, and
I want it to be my outro for the channel. Stay fresh, Cheese Bags! (laughing) – [Moon] I think you have
to say it flamboyant. Stay Fresh, Cheese Bags! – Stay Fresh, Cheese Bags! (laughing)
Is that it? – [Moon] Try it Again. – No, stop it, no!
(laughing) – Just leave them all in.
(laughing) – No, turn it off, turn it off!

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