How to Write on Birthday Cake w/ Frosting | Cake Decorating

How to Write on Birthday Cake w/ Frosting | Cake Decorating

So, from this point, go crazy and do what
you like. Don’t go too crazy, but go a little crazy,
because it’s fun. I’m going to take some of my yellow, and don’t
get it on your dress because that’s not cute. And you can see it comes right out the side. This is a nice medium round. And if you want it in any areas where you
feel like you want to have a little fun, just do polka-dots kind of all over. I’m just pushing and kind of letting go. They’re almost like little kisses all along
your cake. It’s a good way to kind of cover up any mistakes
you’ve made. No one will know. Same thing with my purple. I have a smaller round. A little bit of frosting, and if you want
it to be really fun you could swirl the two together. That’s a really good idea. Just some extra little polka-dots. And if you make a mess just dab it off with
your finger. A couple little dots all over the place, and
don’t be too even about it. Just kind of all over. And that’s it. The last thing we’re going to do is just write
Happy Birthday. You could do this with the same frosting that
you’re using, or you can use a royal icing, which is just confectioner’s sugar and a little
bit of egg white or milk or kind of anything to thin it out. But all I’m going to do is make sure, if you’re
cake stand is too high, just take it off so you get a good angle. Get this out of the way. And all I’m going to do is angle it down and
just let the frosting fall on it’s own. And just pretend you’re writing like with
a fountain pen. And if you get a little air bubble, just push
past it. You can see how easy that is. Happy, I don’t even have room for Birthday. It’s just a Happy cake. That’s all it is. But you could squeeze Birthday in there. Obviously you could write smaller if you want
to put the name on it. It’s just really cute. If you run out of space like me, try to get
it in there. And the last thing is some cute little birthday
candle, right in. And you’re ready to go. A really cute birthday cake. Easy and delicious.

15 thoughts on “How to Write on Birthday Cake w/ Frosting | Cake Decorating

  1. I miss the old howcast that cake is un even because your can just see the 2 cakes on top of each and the whole thing isn't even covered so unprofessional

  2. I miss the old howcast and that cake is uneven because you can just see the 2 cakes on top of each other and the whole thing isn't even covered. This is so unprofessional

  3. Uhmmm hmmm..not only is her cake uneven, but she frosted it horribly! The bottom looks like it only has a crumb topping done! I understand trying to make it "look" homemade, but you're a professional you like everyone else will have "off" days, but you shouldn't have used that cake!

  4. Results please! At least show us the finished cake! If it didn't come out right do a second take or edit in a better cake.

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