How To Use A Somerset Fondant Sheeter For Cake Decorating

How To Use A Somerset Fondant Sheeter For Cake Decorating

Hey, Everyone! Today I’m going to show you how to use a fondant
sheeter. I have a big sheeter, ugh I forget but I think
it’s a 30 inch. And I’m going to walk you through the process
and show you how to use this guy. So to start off, here you have a dial setting. And you’ll notice that as I move it in the
inside, let’s see if you can see that here. You may not be able to see it but it changes
the thickness of the rollers. See? How you see more light as I change it? So, zero is obviously the thinnest that you’re
going to get it, and then 15 is the widest. So as a rule of thumb I always start with
the 15 thickness and I move in increments of 2. Sorry my camera is having trouble focusing. So I move in increments of 2 like so, and
what I do is that I alternate the fondant so that it takes turns getting smooth in each
direction. And I’ll show you what I mean when I start. So over here you have the on/off buttons. Press it on, press it off. The most important thing of course is corn
starch. That’s what you see white up here, it is not
dust. It is corn starch. I’ve been using the machine. So it’s really important to have ample corn
starch, this is not enough for rolling anything right now. On both sides, on the top and here on the
bottom where it falls down. And I always move my table over so that the
fondant falls here and I just cover my cakes with it. Sooo, let me show you how this works. So step 1 is to put corn starch. I put quite a bit on top and then I put some
on the drop down. And then you want to make sure that your fondant
is rolled down enough to be able to pass through here. If not you’re going to meet resistance. So see how my fondant has the marks of resistance? Right there. So just flatten it out. Ok, now turn on the machine. And you’re going to pass it through. So now I’m going to move it two over, and
I’m going to rotate my fondant this way now. So again, move it over two. I’m going to rotate it. Keep going until you reach the thickness you
want. Since I’m not going to be using this fondant
I’ll show you all the thicknesses. So when you go super thin from a thicker piece,
the machine makes a noise. So for cakes I always stop at 5, this is a
good thickness for me. See how it made that noise? Whoops! I didn’t have enough corn starch! So my fondant got stuck! So, let’s see, what did I get to? So let me show you what zero looks like. I’m going to go ahead and slice my fondant
because zero stretches it quite a bit. So now I’m at zero, right? And this is the thinnest you’re going to get,
because there’s no more. And then to clean it you use a white, ha white! I mean wet paper towel and then you can actually
separate this out to clean the blades inside. So, it’s a really really great machine, I
LOVE Somerset! This has cut my fondant time um in less than
half, it’s really easy to use, so I highly recommend it. Again, you have the setting, You just move
it over. On, off. Corn starch and voila! Hope this helps everyone!

12 thoughts on “How To Use A Somerset Fondant Sheeter For Cake Decorating

  1. Hi Which size is your sheeter? and what's the largest cake you can cover with your particular size. Most of what I work with are 16" Rd. or square and need it to do all the work….lol.

  2. For a machine as such…you should get professional photographers. .it's very hard to actually see what is going on…it looks like a good investment. ..

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