How to tier a cake with dowels – new & improved cake dowelling guide with pme easy cut dowels?

Hi guys, these are PME Easy Cut dowels you can get them in your cake shops. I normally
use wooden ones so I thought I’d give these a go, so what I’m gonna do is I’m
gonna pause the video a minute and just get prepared and ready and then I’ll
show you how to cut dowels now okay so what I did was with
my knife I’m marked out my 6-inch cake and then I
placed my marker on the top and I’ve just in made little dents of where I want my dowels to go. I want them to be quite
strong I haven’t used them before, I like I
said I normally use wooden ones so this is trial and error for me as well
so what I am going to do is push it straight in and then I am going to cut with a pair of scissors I’m going to take it out a little bit actually. I’m very impressed with these so now I’m gonna go and do the rest
of them and then I’ll show you what it’s looks like when the cake is done. I have to say using the PME easy bendable dowels, I would
definitely recommend you don’t have to cut them, well you do have cut them but they’re so quick to cut unlike the wooden ones that I have been
using so I think I’ll be using these in the future. Rght so we’ve got our dowels
in support I’ve already iced our six inch cake
which has a thin cake board underneath because if I show you if I put this like
that on the top you don’t want this thick board. so underneath it has a thin six inch
round, not a drum a thin. So what I’m gonna do now is fingers crossed, is lift this up and just place this on here and hopefully these lovely new dowels of mine stop it from sinking like so. So I’m very impressed with that but as you can see now I’ve got a clean board, I can clean that down and reuse it for next time. so that’s how we stack. Just a words of advice guys something that I’ve
just thought of if you’re doing this at home and it’s for one of your children
I wouldn’t necessarily worry because it’s not actually moving if you’re going
to do this for somebody and it needs to go into a car or it needs transporting I
would make sure you put a dowel that goes all the way through all of the
cakes just to give it that extra support A wooden dowel, a plastic dowel, whatever dowel you have put it straight through the middle of all the cakes just to give
that extra support. I have had it in the past where I haven’t and the cake has
gone like that and it’s devastating and then you get an upset child or an upset
parent so best thing to do is put a dowel all the way through the middle if
you are doing such a big cake

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