How to Temper Chocolate | Cake Decorating

How to Temper Chocolate | Cake Decorating

So, I’m here with bowl of white chocolate. And you can see I’ve set it over a double
boiler. What I’m about to do is temper the white chocolate
and I’m going to use that as decorations for my cakes. So, you can see all of my chips are in the
bowl. And I have the heat on, I’d say, medium or
medium low. The goal is if you see all this steam happening,
steam is very bad. Avoid steam. What that does is all that condensation could
end up back in your chocolate and you don’t want the chocolate to seize. What that is is when chocolate mixes with
a little bit of water it will kind of firm up very hard. And you don’t necessarily want that. So, all I’m doing is gently melting my chocolate. And the purpose of tempering is really to
create what’s known as like snap and sheen. If you’ve ever have, you know, pieces of white
chocolate or dark chocolate and you can kind of snap them in your mouth and they have that
beautiful glossy finish, the chocolate has been tempered. Because without it your chocolate would just
kind of be limp and melt in your hands, not in your mouth. So you can see I just melted it about two
thirds of the way. This way it’s not going to stay too hot. I’m almost cooling it down with some of the
seeds that aren’t melted yet. And I’m just turning my bowl and using my
rubber spatula. I’m just bringing it together. Now the goal is to cool it down to the point
where it’s about body temperature. If you find that it’s still too warm when
all your chips are melted just set it over a bowl with ice water and give it a little
bit of a stir and then remove it. And just kind of stir it and stir it until
it’s nice and cool and ready to work with. And that’s how you quickly temper some chocolate.

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