How to Prepare Fruit for Topping a Cake | Cake Decorating

How to Prepare Fruit for Topping a Cake | Cake Decorating

So, today I’m going to show you how to decorate
a cake with fresh fruit. I’m using a mango, kiwi, blackberries and
strawberries. But you can use any type of fruit that you
like as long as it fits in the parameters of a cake topper. So, anything nice and, kind of juicy and luscious. Berries are great. Mango is great. I would just avoid anything that’s going to
turn brown as it sits. Like apples and pears. But other than that. I’m just prepping my mango by using my peeler. Taking the skin off. And then I’m going to take a nice big chef’s
knife and just go around the pit. I choose the least ripe mango. I think I could have found, alright that’s
plenty. Hold on to this. Now, for the mango I just like to use slices. But you really can have fun with this and
do any shape that you like. I try to go nice and pretty thin but not too
thin. If your mango is really ripe and soft you
can go really extra thin and, kind of, use it as ribbons and, kind of, fold it onto itself. It’s really beautiful. In the meantime. Beautiful. So, our mango is ready. Next I’m just going to prepare my kiwi. I just like to trim the ends off. Trim the ends off and then I take my peeler
and just peel the sides. Just like I did for my mango. This way I’m getting the most fruit I possibly
can. Okay? And just give that a nice little slice. You can also just use a pairing knife if that’s
easier. Nice thin slices. And again, the more color you have on your
cake and the more interest you can, kind of, put on the top of it the better it will look. If the two big slices are large I just cut
them in half right down the center. Beautiful. And then for my strawberries. For a good amount of them I’m just going to
take the stems off and cut them into quarters. And then some of them I’m going to leave the
stems on. And you’ll see it will just make it a little
more decorative and very pretty. And for my blackberries I’m just going to
half them. Because I think that’s the most beautiful,
really get a look into the inside and you have that beautiful white and purple, kind
of, shining through. It’s going to be a really nice balance. So, that’s it. Start building it up. Half my blackberries. You can see it’s just really, it’s a nice
nice thing to do. And blueberries would be really beautiful
on this. If you have some pistachios sprinkle some
pistachios over on the end. It’s really pretty. And that is it.

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  1. Did I just seriously watch a video showing people how to cut fruit? Who in the hell thinks to top a cake without cutting the fruit? What a joke!

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