How to Pipe Cake Borders – 15 WAYS!

How to Pipe Cake Borders – 15 WAYS!

– Hey everyone, it’s Beth
from the Wilton Test Kitchen, and I’m here to show you 15 different ways to border your cakes. You heard me right! I am going to show you
15 different borders to jazz up your cakes using
a bunch of different tips. We know you’re searching for this, we know you want new, fresh ideas, and I’m here to show them to you today. Let’s get started! (light whimsical music)

81 thoughts on “How to Pipe Cake Borders – 15 WAYS!

  1. Great ideas! But I would love to see a view of the whole cake to see the total effect. And then a collage shot at the end of all the cakes.

  2. Cute!! I really liked the one that uses a bunch of different colors and tips, I could see using that on a cake for one of my daughters!

  3. This is exactly what I was looking for! You're psychic. I would like to say a big thank you to Beth. She's the best presenter for Wilton. She's knowledgeable and its like a friend talking to you. She's a natural.

  4. With the camera so close, it's hard for me to imagine what the overall effect is; it would be more helpful if I could see a shot of the finished cake, then the close ups of how it's done.

  5. No wonder you win cupcake wars! (Just aired here in Australia) these borders are so creative and pretty. Thanks for sharing them 😃

  6. The first three borders are shown with tip 2b but when I click on 2b in your bio it looks like a basket weave tip not a star. trying to do border 2 and I really would like to know the tip number. please, thank you! awesome video btw

  7. wilton this was amazing if I practice because I'm not used to piping icing like you guys because I don't decorate cakes as often as you guys. I have every icing tips you guys sell. So I hope I'm able to do it.🍰❤

  8. For the first two decorating ideas, that tip looks more like the 1M rather than the basketweave 2B tip as for sure that tip on the border of the cake (the one she did first) would not appear like that?

  9. HI Beth, the first of these borders is done with a 2B tip according to the writing on the screen, but when I looked that tip up, it is a basketweave tip. Could you mean a 2D? This would make more sense to me. Thanks

  10. I so needed this video. I work in a bakery and I'm the only decorator now, the other 2 quit! I'm the least experienced one too lol
    I only have a couple hours to do orders and try fill the case and do back ups, and I was doing too much of the same ol', plain ol' to make it easier!
    These look super easy and give variety and uniquness! Thanks sooo much!

  11. Some really nice ideas, thanks Beth👍🏻, the only negative was all the holes in the buttercream ?….it ruined the look, maybe whipped too much?

  12. I so needed this video my mom asked me to make a cake for Tomorrow when my poppop comes over and I only have like, 5 hours to decorate it!😑 I looked at her and was like "bruh" but being me I just said " ya sure" 😖

    Thank you sooooooooo much!

  13. If you explained how to do these patterns and what tips would make the different patterns, it would've helped a beginner like myself more

  14. Btw for those who are wondering, the first tip is a 2D tip i think, not 2B, its a totally diff nozzle.

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