How to make your own sugar shaker for cake decorating How To Tutorial Zoes Fancy Cakes

How to make your own sugar shaker for cake decorating How To Tutorial Zoes Fancy Cakes

here’s an idea instead of using an icing
shaker for filling a pair of tights with cornflower icing sugar which you can then use to dust your work surface first of all, take a pair of tights, new ones, not used! and just cut off the ends off each foot, and instead of tights you can use stockings whatever you find, just some cheap ones are fine. Open them up and just double layer them by putting them over your hand if you’ve got a single layer you might find it just lets through a bit too much icing so double layering it is always best take a cup, or a little pot something that you can put the top of the tights over the top just making easy feat putting icing
sugar our costs lower I’m using corn flour as I find that they face and isn’t the best that I see each other
sometimes and I can fund figures as he tries the icing on a bit less when
she felt the tights darker to other parties need to be able
to pull it back over the top isn’t cooked tights to stick to like
I’ve done which is good for them at the top and just take elastic band tight tight
and top tight enough that the icing on the
consulate was not gonna fall out on SATs fastened take paris’s and just snap of extabit tights she’s
got it quite like and you’ll see it’s quite easy to just patty on your part and it just gives you
a light layer have consular if you liked this video I would like to see mom please subscribe
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13 thoughts on “How to make your own sugar shaker for cake decorating How To Tutorial Zoes Fancy Cakes

  1. I made one of these this weekend and it worked so much better than a shaker. I used far less cornflour overall so my fondant wasn't at all discolored by the white of the flour. Thank you for this brilliant tip.

  2. Excellent idea Zoe. I just made one of these and it works better than the one I purchased from the store. It's way easier to fill and lets the cornflour out much easier without being too much. Thanks for sharing this tip.

  3. So simple, yet so effective! Sure beats the little draw string pouch Wilton sells here in the U.S. The Wilton pouch doesn't stay gathered/closed, but if you tie the gathering strings into a knot, you can't refill to reuse. Your idea will stay closed, you can cut the rubber band to refill, and/or it is easy and inexpensive to purchase a new pair of knee high nylons and make a new shaker. Again, …..BRILLIANT!

  4. I use one of these for putting fondant heads in when I'm adding eyes etc – stops the head becoming misshapened. Works a treat!

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