How To Make Vietnamese Pancakes ‘Banh Xeo’ – Marion’s Kitchen

How To Make Vietnamese Pancakes ‘Banh Xeo’ – Marion’s Kitchen

Crispy golden turmeric and coconut
pancakes stuffed with a savoury roast chicken filling, this is my version of Vietnamese Bahn Xeo. I’m going to jump in any chance to have pancakes for dinner, why not? These ones are really beautifully crispy and savoury. They’re so fresh when you’ve got that beautiful Nuoc Cham dressing and all the herbs and everything. It’s just so good. Let’s get on to the pancake
batter itself. This is really cool guys, because it happens to be also gluten free and dairy free, and egg free actually. If you’ve got anyone that needs those sorts of things, then this is the recipe for you. Rice flour is what we’re using and now some coconut milk, some water. For that sunshine golden yellow colour, I want a good dash of turmeric and a pinch of salt. Just give that a whisk you, should be thinking to yourself, “wow this looks too thin” – that’s when you know you’ve got it right. Because that really thin batter is going to get super crispy in the pan. That’s exactly what we want. As with any
crepe batter, I always find a little resting time for about 10 to 15 minutes, tends to help with texture of the pancake in the pan. While we’re waiting for that, we’re going to make our Vietnamese Nuoc Cham dressing. Very simple. I just want some fish sauce, some white vinegar, some sugar, some finely chopped red chilli, and some garlic. Just give that a whisk. One final element we want here is some lime juice. Just squeeze and push down on that to release all those juices inside. This
dressing is truly one of the most magical dressings I think that there is in Southeast Asia. I just love the combination of the tangy, the sour, the sweet and the salty, it’s everything. I do always find though that sometimes, I need to adjust according to how sour the lime is or your fish sauce could be saltier than mine. So always give it a taste. What you really want here is a very nice balance of all those different flavours and a little hint of that garlic and chilli at the end. For the bits and pieces that go inside of your pancake, there are endless possibilities here. Some of my favourites are prawns, fresh prawns, cooked prawns, pork, a combination of pork and prawns. I’m just doing a chicken version today. I love this because I can just pick up a rotisserie chicken or barbecue chicken from my supermarket on the way home, and get this done which is good. Or leftovers, good for leftovers. I’ve got chicken, I’ve got carrots, some shredded carrots, some bean shoots here, and some coriander. Obviously if you’re one of those coriander adverse people, you can leave that one out. Don’t shout about the coriander below. Let’s get down to the cooking part. I want a pan that’s around about 22 centimetres in diameter. I don’t want one that’s too – or you
could make a giant crispy pancake if you want. The size doesn’t really matter. But if you want three medium-sized kind of pancakes here, you want a 22 centimetre. A little bit of oil. You want enough oil to cover the bottom of that pan. We want a particular kind of crispy latticework patten happening on the bottom of our pancake, we need a little bit of oil to do that. The other secret here is that, I want this pan and the oil nice and hot. I really want to hear that sizzle the second we start putting the pancake batter in there. This might take a little bit of practice first go, but you’ll get it. Pour some into the centre and start swirling that pan vigorously afterwards. I’m just going to cover one side of the pancake with all my filling ingredients. I’ve got my chicken and my shredded carrot, bean shoots and some sprigs of coriander. The key here is to let this keep sizzling away in that pan, until we get a really crispy crispy outside of the pancake, and we start to see some nice colour on the pancake as well. See we’ve got that beautiful pattern there, we don’t quite have the colour yet though. So I’m going to let it keep going. The colour is looking good! We can hear that sizzling happening. I want to fold that pancake over. Cause I’m doing about three here, I’m just going to pop this one on a tray. So when it’s time to serve up, I just like to pop one of these onto a plate. Or you can put them all out on a platter, up to you. You want a little sprinkling of spring onion on top. The best thing is to serve it with some lettuce leaves and some mint leaves as well. Let me show you how it goes. You want to cut a piece of that pancake off. Listen to how crispy that is. Take a lettuce leaf, drizzle over some of that sauce. Plenty of the dressing. Yum. A few mint leaves. And then you wrap everything up to a neat little bundle, fairly neat anyway. And then dig in! Mmm… The combination here guys is so magical. You’ve got the crunchy turmeric flavour of the pancake, and then those crunchy vegetables, that beautiful dressing which is sweet and tangy and all good things. And then everything combined with the fresh herbs. Mmm… Tell you what, I just can’t stop eating it.

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  1. I already know how to make Banh xeo because it’s my FAVORITE. But I still wanna try your recipe! Lol My bf’s Vietnamese and his mom taught me. We add green onion in the batter and we sometimes wrap the banh xeo in rice paper while we eat. Omg I love banh xeo lol

  2. OHH YEAH, my mom makes this, we cook meat and shrimp and onions first then pour on the crepe mix, and thennn fill it with veggies hah 😛

  3. Love this crepe, Asian taco, or whatever you want to call it. I love it with minced chicken and shrimps, sprinkled with bean sprout, and saute onion. Yumoo!!

  4. Is it ok to stir fry the filling first? Im thinking the crepe is so thin, so it might colored up even before the filling heats up?

  5. Im hungry now……i have never made this dish….ive. Always ordered it…… Lol 😆 its delicious no matter where you are from…..xoxo ruk ruk yak gin nun dey …..lena from dallas texas xoxo hahahaah i have never picked it up & ate it like a taco……because of the delicious sauce…

  6. Instead of turmeric my mom puts in curry powder. It gives the color and that extra savory flavor to the banh xeo! It’s so bomb!

  7. authentically you'd have pork belly, prawns, bean sprouts, and green onion in the pancake; all wrapped up in mustard greens.

  8. This looks so easy. Making it next week. I always have fish sauce in my pantry for things like this. I need to grow those chilis in my garden next year for sure!

  9. So good! Nothing beats my Mom’s all-you-can eat banh xeo with pork, shrimp and trumpet/enoki mushrooms. Will have to try your rotisserie chicken version!

  10. Vietnamese banh xeo traditionally has mung beans, bean sprouts, prawns and pork belly for the fillings, the pickled radish/carrot combo are added into the dipping sauce as well. This recipe works too, it has the essence of banh xeo

  11. The trouble with Asian food is that the size of your pantry goods needed is way beyond what two people can use.

  12. When she cut the lime and it sprinkled all over I went “Woooooo”!! Funny what I get excited about now a days. Such is life.

  13. Looks fantastic, but it'd be great if you could come up with variations for those of us on low-to-no carb diets. We need your help!!

  14. There is one thing about eating banh xeo that I rarely see foreign chefs emphasize on, that is the greens used for wrapping, NOT JUST LETTUCE. When trying Vietnamese wraps and rolls you should up your game on the greens. In VN, there are many kinds of edible leaves to use in wraps and rolls beside lettuce and mustard green, but of course it is not easy to find outside of VN. So what I am trying to say is to incorporate your local edible greens to wrapping banh xeo, because that is the very spirit of Vietnamese wraps and rolls.

  15. I followed the batter recipe to the T but it came out very thick? Added another half cup water and coconut milk but still too thick so batter when cooked was sponging in middle yet still slightly crispy on outside. Is it definitely 1 cup of rice flour? I suspect a typo in ingredient measurements – should it be half cup rice flour??? In saying that, EVERY recipe I’ve made of your works perfect every Time and I still scoffed these pancakes down!

  16. Vietnamese here 😋. Your recipe is a little bit different with traditional banh xeo, my mom will add green onion in batter, and pork belly and shrimp, etc, but your recipe looks yummy though.

  17. Marion, I’ve been following you since you appeared in Masterchef. Love your videos, I’ve tried your recipes, they’re delicious!!!!!! I live in Mexico City and wonder how I can get your products. Saludos con cariño desde Mexico 🌷🌷🌷

  18. Ha ha! I'm one of those who can't eat fresh coriander. I appreciate you mentioning that. I've gotten tired of video chefs saying that we should just get over it. Trust me I really wish I could! I love Mexican and Indian and SE Asian cooking but it means constant dodging the coriander. I can't eat bahn mi at all. On the bright side I wound up learning to make my own salad rolls because they looked amazing in restaurants but always pre-made and always with coriander. I put basil and mint in mine and they are heaven.

  19. I just made tgese pancakes today, and even though they looked exactly like yours, they broke when I folded the empty half over the filling. Is this normal???

  20. I just cook tonight pancakes vietnamese but i did with mushrooms no meat or prawns. It is vegetarian without fish sauge. Just vegetarian is still nice..

  21. OMG🤗that is my favorite awesome ever food💘Mama I will thank you for my life and great cooking food😚🎁🎗R.I.P💔😭

  22. hi Marion,

    Made this recipe and it came out amazing. didn't hv all the ingredients to serve but it was tres bien 😘

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