How to make UV Glow in the Dark Cookie Icing – DIY Tutorial – Halloween Food ideas

How to make UV Glow in the Dark Cookie Icing – DIY Tutorial – Halloween Food ideas

Hello again! In this video I will teach
you how to create UV reactive cookie icing, that will glow in the dark in
blacklight. You need vitamin B2, lemon juice, tonic and powdered sugar for this
recipe. Blend the vitamin b2 with some lemon juice, and try not to make a mess like I did. I’m really good at that apparently! Now filter the B2 water. I’m pouring it
in two different cups because I want two shades of yellow. Add some water to one of
the cups to create a lighter shade. Put the powdered sugar in a bowl and start adding the B2 water. I started off with the lighter shade. Start stirring and wait for the magic to happen. And here is our beautiful cookie icing! Perfect for a Halloween blacklight party. Now add more powdered sugar until your cookie icing looks like it will actually stick to a cookie. If you want your cookie icing to be more yellow add the other B2 water without the extra water, if that makes sense, to the icing, and stir until you’re happy with the result. And add more powdered sugar. Yay! Now we have two shades of yellow. Okay, and for your white-blue cookie icing you need to add tonic instead of vitamin b2
to your powdered sugar. Stir well. I’m just gonna show so more footage of this because it looks so awesome in close-up. Wee! So magical. It’s like fairy food. I can honestly watch this for an hour or so.. So yeah, while we’re appreciating the
cinematography.. Let me just give you some ideas for the cookie icing. Ehm. Use it on cookies obviously [laughs], during a blacklight Halloween party. Ehm. Actually, that’s about it! I don’t have
any other ideas [laughs]. Oh, and just now I put some lemon juice in my icing for..
Reasons… Find something you can pour the icing with. I have no idea what that thing is called. I’m pretty sure you can do a much better job at decorating your cookies. I’m not a cook or a baker or
whatever, so I’m just throwing stuff. [laughs] Thanks for watching this video! I hope
you enjoyed it. If you did, do leave a comment and give a thumbs-up and definitely [sings] subscribe! [ends singing] If you want to see more glow videos. In my next one I will teach you how to create red UV reactive buttercream for your muffin. See you then!

15 thoughts on “How to make UV Glow in the Dark Cookie Icing – DIY Tutorial – Halloween Food ideas

  1. For my 20th birthday, I want a glow in the dark splatter cake. (it's blacklight themed). How can I make the frosting come in super bright rainbow colors without tasting weird? Just plain ol' frosting taste? Thanks.

  2. Can this be done in different colors? Granddaughter wants a glow in the dark party with pink and purple

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