How to Make the Perfect Holiday Sugar cookies and Icing – tips for decorating

How to Make the Perfect Holiday Sugar cookies and Icing – tips for decorating

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  1. I totally agree that rolling out dough between two pieces of parchment paper is the way to go. Now I'm craving some cookies! 😉

  2. Boy, there are so many treats that I love to make for Christmas!  Many that came from my childhood as well as new ones that my husband introduced me to, like Baklava!!  WHOA!, that stuff is good.  In our early "starving student" years, we would make a pan of Baklava and instead of using the honey-lemon stuff at the end, we would splurge and buy pure maple syrup to poor over it after baking.  AHH!, it's SO good.

  3. l enjoy listing to you, good if you say how much of ingredients to use , thanks for your show ,and great to hear about handy tips on baking thank you Ashlee 🙂

  4. I would love to make your sugar cookies and icing but I am not able to find your recipe. Please let me know where I can find them. Would love to make them with my grandchildren. Thank You, Susan

  5. i said i'd make festive cookies to take to my grandma's house over christmas and these look perfect! thank you for the idea 🙂

  6. Hello:) I have a question about icing. Have you ever tried this specific icing to decorate gingerbread house? I know that using the regular royal icing will be better to make the house pieces stick together, but when I actually decorate it it is not edible any more because of rock hard royal icing. I am trying to find icing recipe that will stay in place and which will be still edible 🙂

  7. So many years ago I tried making iced sugar cookies – I used cake frosting and they were so insanely sweet! Are iced cookies meant to have a dough with less sugar? I'm just trying to find a good balance between frosting and cookie. This recipe sounds really good – I may go ahead and try it.

  8. im so happy i found your channel… i have been searching for the perfect icing for sugar cookies and here it is!!! and you explained so well i cant wait to try this icing and youlog cake!!!

  9. I have never made cookies before, but my dad has told me that was his fav that my gma used to do. She has dementia and it isn't looking good, so I have been inspired to start up a tradition for myself that will remind me of her and my dad. This is definitely one of the coolest and most helpful videos I have come across so far! Thank you so much. Definitely subscribing to your awesome channel. <3

  10. In the last couple of years I've started baking during the Christmas season. Last year, or the year before, I made a Christmas tree layer cake. I don't have different size cake pans so, I had to cut the layers. I used store bought frosting that was to heavy. It was soooo much work and it took so long to make that I won't be making a Christmas tree cake, again, any time soon. I colored the frosting green and put peppermint extract in it and used mini multi-colored M&Ms for the ornaments. I wound up throwing about half of the frosting away. But I ate the cake. This year I'm going to try my hand another layer cake. I bought some Christmas themed silicon molds to make fondant decorations for my cake. I also bought a ballerina mold with the idea to stand a ballerina on top of the cake. I plan to go to Hobby Lobby soon cause I still need some fondant, food colors, and I may get different sized cake pans. This project might turn out to be as much work as the Christmas tree cake. And, I found a good recipe for gingerbread. I like to make ginger bread men, too.

  11. Thank you for your recipe. I baked this cookie today and it came out little dry. Idk what did I do wrong. Maybe too much flour?? 6c are too much? Anyone has same problem? Please help me out

  12. Always make gingerbread cookies and strudel, both pineapple and cherry, for our Christmas morning brunch. I am trying your icing recipe for my roll out cookies this year, looks great, will use cream instead of milk though. I have my grandmothers recipe for roll out cookies that is the similar to yours, no sour cream but half white and half brown sugar. The brown sugar keeps them softer. The Amish people close to me use your recipe with sour cream and they are delicious—-think I will make some of those this year too. ENJOYED YOUR VIDEO SO MUCH, FIRST TIME WATCHING YOU.

  13. why do some people use glycerine in their royal icing ? Just curious; I think I will try the corn syrup myself next time I make sugar cookies. Loved this video. Your hair color is awesome btw…..

  14. I bake a fruitcake every year, and Mom makes fudge. At some point Big bro and I "help" Mom make her date nut pinwheel cookies. I mix, Mom measures, Brother tastes several of them.

  15. Just because of what you said about the whole flour thing I subscribed to your channel! That is the reason I've always hated rolling things out with the whole flour … everything you said. Thank you so much! ❤️🌞 have to try now.

  16. I just found your excited to start baking this weekend. If I don’t use all the icing can I keep it till another day?

  17. My favorite holiday recipe was always the molasses taffee. We got the recipe from an old cook book and would hand pull it, at home and at Grandma's house. Yummm!

  18. Great instructions! Glad I came across your video. I’ve never used royal icing so I didn’t know how hard it could get. I’ll use your method. I’m having my girlfriends over but they don’t know that I’m going to have them decorate cookies.
    How long do I need to wait for the icing to dry before decorating over them for the 3D look? Thanks

  19. I tried this recipe, didn’t love it. I actually don’t like nutmeg but thought with the addition of sour cream something different would happen…eh. I didn’t taste the sour cream though and they spread a little. Overall a fail for me. The icing was interesting but call me old fashion I’d just prefer the royal icing.

  20. I have a question please is it ok if I substitute the nutmeg with cinnamon?? And if so how much should I use?? Thank you for amazing recipes and videos ! ❤️ love from Egypt

  21. This was definitely one of the best Christmas cookie tutorials ive watched this week ..a lot of my questions are now answered thanks to you…and what a great tip with the parchment paper…btw…our favorite tradition is to always listen to 1950s christmas music. ..drink amazing hot cocoa and even better coffee with whipcream, chocolate , and peppermint on top…while we decorate our tree together. ..then its officially Christmas…lol..thanks for sharing!

  22. I use parchment paper all the time and I just have to ask myself “Why didn’t I think of that?”
    I not really into cooking but baking can be fun unless your cookie dough gets dry from all the flour!
    Can’t wait to try this “tomorrow”

  23. The icing has milk in it so does it need to be refrigerated after icing the cookies? Thank you so much for sharing your cookie and icing recipe. I can’t wait to try them.

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