How To Make Sweet Potato Pancakes: Cooking For Kids

I am Fiona, author of 25 foods kid hate and
how to get them eating 24, and this recipe is my sweet potato pancakes. [music] So, in this week’s series, I am going to to
show you how to make my sweet potato pancakes. And I have got to say, these do taste sweet.
So don’t be fooled, they have got a bit of sugar and some added spice as well. Now I would serve these for breakfast, with
maybe some yogurt, honey, and berries. You could serve them American diner style with
bacon, and sausages, and maple syrup. Or, there is something different and a bit
special for pancake day. First things first, we are going to sieve the ingredients into
a bowl, and if you don’t have a sieve, don’t worry, because you can just give it a quick
whisk and it does just the same job. But dry ingredients first of all, so our flour,
and our baking powder, and our cinnamon as well. So you will be able to find all of the ingredients
for this recipe in the description box. Alright, so the flour, and the baking power,
and the cinnamon is in the bowl, now it’s a case of adding everything else in. So we
have got a beaten egg, we have also got the sugar, I have got some melted butter as well. Now here is a tip, because people often wonder:
should they cook their pancakes in butter because it gives a buttery taste but it burns,
or in oil, which does not give the taste but does not burn? So what I do is add the melted
butter to the mix, and then you get the taste but not the burn when you come to actually
cook the pancakes. Finally, sweet potato. So the sweet potato
has been peeled, and chopped, and boiled in water for about 20 minutes until tender, a
little bit of milk as well. Just stir it, slowly but firmly, and it will
all come together. So, I am all about finding creative ways of
getting your kids into their five a days. If they wont eat something like sweet potato
in a savory dish, try it in a sweet dish, because you might just be surprised. So, that looks nicely combined. Now what I
have got here is a frying pan, and a bit of vegetable oil. So I am going to heat that
up for you, and already I can already actually feel the heat coming off of that, so that
is almost ready. OK, I think this is about hot enough, and
as well as seeing steam rising off, and that is how you know it is hot enough, you can
also do the sizzle test, which is adding a little bit of the mix, and you will see, or hear, it sizzle away
and then you know it is ready. Now, I think for these pancakes, do not make
them too huge, because it is quite a heavy mix, they are about a tablespoon or so into
the pan. Smooth it around, so they are a nice, round
shape, and do not overcrowd the pan either because you will have trouble flicking them
over. There we go. About two, maybe three. So leave
it, let it do its thing for a good minute or so, and you know, cook on the underside,
and then I will flip. Okay, I can see they are bubbling at the side, so I am going to
flip one over, and another. Right, these are done. They smell great, by
the way. So, I am going to make some more. Add some
more vegetable oil if you need it. And this mix makes about 18 to 20 small pancakes. So,
I think these are about done. And the other thing as well you can do with this pancake
mix is you can add stuff to it, so add a couple of
handfuls of dried coconut, add some chopped up fresh pineapple, that works really well.
If you do not have cinnamon, add some nutmeg, it is no problem. One is coming out. Right, I think I will go for the slightly
healthier option and serve with some blueberries and strawberries, plus a sneaky bit of icing
sugar. It looks very pretty as well. And there you have it, my sweet potato pancakes. So I really hope you enjoyed that recipe.
And do not forget, if you want to find out more inspiring ways to get your kids truly
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all feedback is great feedback, your comments, we love all of that. And next week I will
have another inspiring recipe for you. [music]

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