how to make sugar decorations for desserts how to cook that ann reardon

how to make sugar decorations for desserts  how to cook that ann reardon

Welcome to Today we’re
looking at how to make spun sugar decorations to go on top of desserts. This is what I do: Take a pan, put it on the
stovetop, turn it onto high, add some sugar to the pan. I don’t actually measure it. It’s
not one of those recipes that you need to be exact with, depends how big your decoration
needs to be. Next you add a bit of glucose syrup, not too
much. The reason you need that is to help stop the sugar from crystalizing. If you do
it without the glucose syrup you can, but sometimes it goes grainy, and without nice,
crisp, clear finish. And then you just need to add a little bit
of water, just enough to wet the sugar really. It doesn’t matter if it’s a little bit less
or a little bit more. If you’ve got a bit more it will just take longer for it to boil
down. Then you need to bring that to the boil, and continue to stir it until the sugar is
dissolved. Then you take a pastry brush and some water
in a cup and generously brush down any sugar that’s on the edges of the pan. You need to
do this, otherwise the thin bits of sugar that are splashed to the side tend to burn. Don’t stir it from now, you just leave it
on the stovetop to continue to boil and bubble. Now you can see that it’s starting to get
thicker, you will be able to hear that bubbles are popping more slowly. Sugar syrups very
very hot, so make sure you don’t get your hands near it. Now it’s just starting to go golden, and that’s
when you take it off the stove straight away, as soon as you see one patch of it starting
to go golden. Give it a stir to evenly distribute the little
bit of color you got there. Then get a spoonful and you can drizzle it onto baking paper to
make a pattern that you can then just snap bits off and put it on top of your dessert.
If you want it thinner, if you want that spider web-type design in your decorations just get
two forks back to back, and just pull away from each other. You need to let the sugar
syrup set a little bit to do this. If you do it when it’s straight off the stovetop
it won’t pull. Just let it cool down just a little bit, and then start doing it. If
it cools down too much and it’s too thick, just pop it back on the stovetop for a minute,
and heat it up a little bit again, and you’ll be alright to go. And then just pop them on some baking paper,
and when you’re ready, you can put them on your dessert. I like to put them in an airtight
container until I need them, and then get them out and put them on the dessert just
before serving. That can add a bit of height to your dessert, and make it look good.

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  1. I've tried this before. You make it look so easy. It wasn't so easy for me but I will try it again. Thank you for making such a good quality, succinct video.

  2. @extrovertedthinker practice a few times and you will get the hang of it I'm sure. Post any qu's here if you get stuck.

  3. OMG thx so much brilliant vid, informative, exact and correct. u saved my life with this, have failed so many times but with this i managed!

  4. Hi @SadiaChowdry, Yes, you can add food colour and or floavours. Add it in when you mix your sugar, water and glucose syrup – ie before you heat it. DO NOT add to the hot sugar syrup or it will 'spit' when the cold colouring hits the very hot sugar syrup.
    Follow the link in the description to the blog post and under comments you can upload a picture with you comments… I'd love to see some of your colourful creations.

  5. Hi Boucles0330, You can make the thicker ones a couple of days ahead and store in an airtight container. The finer thread-like ones are subject to heat and humidity so I would suggest making just prior to needing them.

  6. Hi Ann, You are a wealth of information. I love all of your YouTube videos. Thank you for share your knowledge. Do you have a "Facebook" page and/or Twitter account? Once again, thank you for sharing your knowledge. Love it!

  7. I'm glad I saw this. Im making a composed dessert for an advanced baking class and needed some pointers!

  8. Hi YederekkoClub, Yes you can add colour to it before you heat it – the only problem with this is then it is hard to see when to pull it off the heat so you will need to use a candy thermometer (300-310 degrees F). If you wait until it is hot and then add the colour it will spit everywhere.

  9. hey 🙂 do you have any tips on how to clean the pan and forks afterwards? because im despairing here!

  10. Hi gotthedjames yes if your in a hurry pour in some hot water and put back on the stove top to heat. Otherwise just fill pan with cold water and wait about 15 minutes and it will just dissolve, leaving your pan clean.

  11. Hello Ann, I've got one question, how to make a sugar deco to shape like ball with a tail? Sorry might sound like a bit weird with the tail. Thanks!

  12. Hi zarinafuaadaziz, the easiest way would be to have something round to start with, like a hazelnut. Poke a skewer into the hazelnut, generously coat it in the hot sugar and then secure it so that the hazelnut bit is resting off the bench and can drip – giving the tail. You will of course want paper or something on your floor to protect it. Once it is completely cool you can remove the skewer.

  13. Hi TheKinKmn, corn syrup is mainly glucose so will do the trick or instead you can add a pinch of cream of tartar or a squeeze of lemon juice. The acid helps interfere with the formation of sugar crystals. However it also makes the candy more hydroscopic so make sure you store it in an airtight container until serving.

  14. Next time youre having a dessert party call me up.!! This looks amazing.! iam making dessert for my parents tonight and will deffinetly be adding this.! thanks a bunch.!♥

  15. Thanks Charm Kwon, I try to use what I already have unless it is something that you can not possibly substitute. : )

  16. Hi sanailyas2006 to store the sugar decoration place on greaseproof paper in as small airtight container at room temperature for up to a few days. There should be nothing else moist int he container. Chocolate decorations you can store in a similar manner in the fridge for weeks.

  17. Hi sambarbie, I just fill the pan with water and put utensils in it. Leave it overnight and it will sugar dissolves.

  18. thank you very much!i'm a newbie when it comes to cooking and much more of a challenge for me to decorate a friend's bday is a few hours away and i have a cake sitting in my ref waiting.NOW I HAVE AN IDEA!THANKS TO YOUR TUTORIALS..!THAT ARE SUPER EASY TO DO.GOD BLESS YOU!

  19. Nice job! Thanks for mentioning about using glucose or not, as well as explaining how to eye in when it's ready. That's personally what I would do. Too many people have to use recipes or directions to be able to do stuff.

  20. Hi brooke do you mean round like a sphere? Search for blown sugar that is how they are made. Or round as in a circle? for a circle make around a smooth greased rolling pin.

  21. Hey Brooke, i often make spun sugar then wrap it around my cakes etc. I find the easiest while not necessarily cleanest way is to line up a bunch of saucepan handles over a sheet of baking paper (sounds crazy but bare with me) then while the syrup is still hot, dip a fork it then wave the fork nice and fast over the handles. the sugar will set in the air but not 100% then when you have a sufficient amount, gently lift the sugar off the handles and bend it how you like. Inbox me for more info 🙂

  22. Hi ilovetabby26, you do not need to add water to the isomalt, just melt it in a saucepan and use it. It stays clear and should not brown

  23. the is fintastique . i love thes . plz wath is the good chocellete in th e worde? howtocookthat thinkssssss

  24. Turn a heatproof bowl upside down and grease it with a little oil or cooking spray. Make the syrup as shown, and then get some on a spoon and wave it back and forth over the bowl. Make sure it is well covered or the basket will fall apart when you try to use it. You can heat up the sugar on the stove again like Ann said to make it soft again and continue making your bowl. I hope that was clear enough!

  25. Thank you , im studying to be a pastry cook.. but teachers dont teach us any of this stuff :/ so i have to search things up on the internet… its awesome that i found you ^_^ you give reaally great tip!

  26. Thanks so much ann you really help although I'm young and I don't do much baking but I make very tasty cheesecakes that only take about 25 min but anyways thanks

  27. Hello Ann thank you for your tutorials it makes all easy ☺️🤗 I have a question about this sugar decorations, does it make condensation like isomalt does, can I make a cake for instance frozen cake and make sone ice decortons put them ın the cake in live it in fridgd over night? Thank you for your answer 🙏😘🎈

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