How to Make Sprinkles – Gemma’s Bold Baking Basics Ep 36

Hi Bold Bakers! So this is the last episode in our Bold Baking
Basics series for now. I really hope you enjoyed it and got a lot
out of it. Now not to worry because it’s not the end
of Bigger Bolder Baking. We will still have our episodes every Thursday. And remember on my website,,
I also have lots of recipes and videos over there that are not on YouTube so make sure
you go and check those out. For right now, I have a really special video
showing you how you can make homemade sprinkles using leftover fondant. I hope you like it. Gather your leftover fondant. Roll it out nice and thin. Dust your surface with icing sugar. to help you roll it out. Now all you need is a piping nozzle. Cut out your sprinkles and shake them out. You can create any color, size or shape. Let your sprinkles dry out and store them
in an airtight container. And now you have homemade sprinkles for any
occasion. I hope you enjoyed this recipe and if you
haven’t already done so tap that subscribe button. And I’ll see you back here every Thursday
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