How to make Rudolph the red nosed Reindeer! Christmas cake topper

Hey Happy bees its amanda and today we are
going to make rudolph the red nosed reindeer perfect for christmas! To make this rudolph
cake topper you will need teddy bear brown fondant and you can find inks for anything
you need to create this christmas cake topper at home form a body and neck out of your fondant
mix some white with the brown to create a lighter shade to give the rudolph the red
nosed reindeer a furry tummy and a little furry bit on the top of his neck as well create
rudolphs back legs by rolling out your fondant into a snake shape fold it over so that it
looks like a v shape pres down on the back part with your finger use chocolate brown
fondant to create a hoof create rudolphs front legs in a different way than the other legs
use your fingers to create two indentations use a cake decorating tool to create a hole
in the bottom of his leg insert the hoof inside fray around the outside and stick on create
a collar for rudolph make sure you dont stick it on too tight use three small circles create
an x shape onto your circles and some little holes at the end paint those gold and jingle
jingle so rudolph the red nosed reindeer got into a bot of a pickle with some christmas
lights so now its time to make some fondant fairy lights i have 5 or six different colours
here cut them into equal pieces roll into teardrop shapes put a piece of green or black
fondant on top and leave to dry while we get on to making rudolphs face you want to shape
his face so its fat at the bottom and skinny at the top take another piece of light fondant
place on top use a shaper tool to create a smile and of course a little dimple we cant
forget his big shiny nose mae sure his nose is an oval shape use a ball tool to create
eye sockets and insert some black fondant inside stick little rudies head on use some
chocolate fondant with a cocktail stick to create reindeer antlers twist the bottom up
and leave to dry create a teardrop shape to create ears and make an indentation in the
centre and fill with the lighter fondant fold over at the top trim and stick on i decided
to give him a little hairstyle here and paint his nose with some cake glaze now we are going
to mark the position of the antlers and take some smaller pieces of brown and fray this
was when my youngest came in and said ah mummy I love your cute doggie it doesnt have the
same ringtone! you can learn how to create more christmas themed cakes and toppers by
clicking on the link above now all rudolph needs is some christmas lights I hope you
had fun following along with me an making your own Rudolph the red nosed reindeer if
you did I would love for you to subscribe and become part of the happy bee cakes family
see you in the next one!

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