How to Make Pumpkin Blueberry Pancakes-Transform Your Kitchen-Episode #7

Hi, I’m Dr. Josh Axe and welcome to my kitchen.
Today we’re going to be making blueberry pumpkin pancakes. This is one of my favorite recipes
in the entire world. There is just something about the combination with blueberries and
pumpkin that makes this recipe great. I actually created this recipe back several years ago
when I was going through college, with myself and another friend of mine, Brian and we were
in the kitchen just trying some different combinations with pancake recipes. I love
to just kind of mix it up, try different things. We stumbled upon this one, and it just ended
up being our favorite. Ever since then, everybody I give this recipe to loves it. They try it
out, tell their family and friends about it. I get emails about how much people love blueberry
pumpkin pancakes. For starters, what we’re going to do is we’re
going to start by just simply turning on the burner here. We’re going to cook these at
around medium-high heat, and we’re going to cook them in organic butter or coconut oil,
typically. Today we’re going to go ahead and just use organic butter. Actually, this is
something called ghee, which is purified butter. We’re going to go ahead here and just take
a spoonful of this ghee and just put it in the skillet here, and we’re just going to
let that start cooking. The next thing we’re going to do here is go
ahead and get the actual pancake mix together. The first ingredients are a couple of organic
eggs. Organic eggs are a really great quality source of protein. Also, the egg yolk has
a lot of nutrients in it, choline lecithin, actually some things that are going to help
naturally lower your cholesterol and clean out your arteries. So eggs, it’s funny, people for a while thought,
“Okay, eggs are bad because they’re cholesterol.” The truth is, cholesterol doesn’t necessarily
increase your cholesterol. It’s like if you eat good fat, it’s not going to make you fat.
Eating good cholesterol can actually lower your cholesterol. So again, we start off here
with two organic eggs. The next thing we’re going to do is we’re
going to put in some coconut milk. Coconut milk is also good. It’s a good source of fat.
It has what is called CLA in it. CLA is known as conjugated linoleic acid, which actually
has been shown to help you burn fat and lose weight. So we’re going to take this coconut
milk here, pour it in. We’re going to do a half a cup of coconut milk. Go ahead and pour
that right in there. Also, we’re going to add in a half a cup of
this organic pumpkin. We’re going to take the organic pumpkin here and go ahead and
just kind of throw that in, and get about half of a of cup’s worth of this pumpkin right
there. We’re going to go ahead, scoop that out. And then the next ingredient . . . and
just to go over pumpkin, pumpkin is great, full of beta-carotene, very good for your
eyes. It’s a great antioxidant so really good for your skin as well. The next thing we’re going to do is take some
blueberries here, just simply these frozen blueberries. You can use frozen or fresh.
Either way, we make sure we’ve got organic blueberries, though, and we’re going to go
ahead and drop those in there. Blueberries are obviously great because people know about
their antioxidant content. Very, very high in antioxidants, very high in vitamin and
minerals, Also a good source of fiber. Berries are my favorite type of fruit that you’re
going to be able to eat. The next thing we’re going to do is add in
this gluten-free pancake mix. We use Bob’s Red Mill. Just to go over gluten-free, gluten-free
is great because so many people today are actually allergic to gluten. Gluten is a protein
found in wheat and a lot of other grains, but it tended to irritate the stomach. It’s
harder to digest than a lot of other protein molecules. So we go with the gluten-free.
Some gluten-free foods are bean flour is gluten-free, rice flour, potato flour. Those are going
to be gluten-free. Also, typically they’re going to be lower on the glycemic index, so
they’re not going to turn into sugar as fast, which is great. So going over this Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free
Pancake mix, you can pick this up at usually any natural health food store or even the
organic section of Kroger and Publix. Looking at this here, we’re going to just read off
these ingredients here in this gluten-free pancake mix. It’s made with potato starch,
grain flour, tapioca flour, non-GMO corn flour, and a lot of times this will also be made
of bean flour made from garbanzo beans. But again, we’re going to take one cup here of
this gluten-free flour and add that in like so. It’s time to add in the vanilla. We’ve got
some organic vanilla here. We’re going to do about a teaspoon of that. I’ll do about
a capful. Go ahead and add that in there. And then we’re going to take some cinnamon
and sprinkle that on as well. The next thing we’re going to do is just going to take a
spoon and just start mixing this up. We’re just going to just continue to stir this up,
and we’re just going to simply add that in the skillet now. You can put in as many here
as you want. I usually do about four at a time. All right, these pancakes are ready to flip.
Simply taking your spatula here, flipping them over like so. It doesn’t take long, just
about three minutes or so on medium heat, three minutes on one side, usually about just
two minutes on the other. These are almost ready to go. All right, our blueberry pancakes are done
and ready. Ready to serve here, so we’re going to take them, simply throw them on a plate
like so. What I like to do is top these pancakes off with either some organic maple syrup or
some raw honey, both great options. Also, you can even make your own topping and mix.
So at times I’ve actually taken blueberries, thrown them in a blender with a little bit
of stevia, topped it off with that. Again, you can also use organic maple syrup, grade
B is the best. Grade A is great as well, or some organic raw honey is another great option.
Here we go. This is a great recipe if you are on vacation.
It’s a great Sunday morning breakfast, great for gas. Again, it doesn’t take long. It’s
super easy, and the best part about it is these pancakes are healthy and they taste

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