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Hello! I’m Jemma, I’m from Crumbs and Doilies
cupcakes. I really want to show you how to make some awesome cupcakes and the first thing
you need to do, apart from having cupcakes obviously. Is learn how to make perfect buttercream.
So we’re going to do that right now. Buttercream obviously has butter in it. You’re
going to need 200grams of that. You need to make sure that your butter is nice and soft.
This one’s straight out the fridge so if I tried to use this it would be really difficult
and it would take forever and might even break my mixer. But it wont break my soul.
I’m going to use this free standing mixer, I’m just going to turn this on and have it
on a medium speed. If you don’t’ have one of these you can use like a hand blender,
the one’s with the two pronged mixer things that go into the. They’re pretty good actually
for small quantities. If you’re really old school you can do it with a wooden spoon but
you know get ready to pump because that is hard!
Ta da! As you can see its so much paler than it was when it went in and it’s like fluffed
itself up ready to have some icing sugar put in. This is 450 grams of icing sugar, which
I have sifted and I’m going to sling half of that in, starting on a slow speed which
is really important! Because if you don’t you’re doing to end up with a face full of
icing sugar which has happened to me many times!
Let’s get this stuff in. And just do exactly the same thing as you did a minute ago. Just
start slow and increase the speed. People always ask us how we get our buttercream to
be so white. The only trick to really pale and really soft fluffy buttercream is time.
A lot of people just rush it and end up with some really thick and stodgy and kind of like
eurgh, claggy. Which doesn’t make a very tasty cupcake. Just give it some patience, patience
is a virtue. Now we’re going to add some milk to make it
really lovely! So right down to the minimum speed. Two tablespoons for this amount. No
matter how good these mixers are, there will always be a bit it can’t reach at either the
bottom or round the sides. So get your spatula in there and give it a bit of a poke around.
Make sure all of that stuff is getting mixed up as well. I’m going to put some vanilla
extract in, for this amount of icing , like half a teaspoon. Use the good stuff. Don’t
use vanilla essence, i don’t even know what that is. It’s gross.
Butter cream’s ready, oh yeah! Really soft and velvety and fluffy and gorgeous and yummy
and they should also taste good. Hopefully. There’s no way it’s not going to taste good!
So before you start, take your utensil, whatever you’re using. I’m using a spoonula. It’s kind
of like a spoon, kind of like a spatula. It’s a spoonula. You can use anything really, a
palette knife’s good, or even a teaspoon would work.
To cover a cupcake with buttercream, you want about this much to start with. Like a squashed
ball perhaps. And then grab your cake, you’re going to blob your icing on and you;’re going
to bounce it around as well as turning it like this. So here it goes, plop. Plop, turn
and bounce. Kind of like tapping your head and rubbing your tummy at the same time a
little bit but once you have a few goes at it. you’ll get the hang of it. So you want
to cover the whole cake but be mindful you’re not splishing it over the sides. Then when
you get to the top do a little flourish. You need to make sure tour buttercream is
still wet, so don’t wait to long. We’re going to sprinkle. SO just grab some and sprinkle
from a height and just sprinkle. So there we have it, a beautifully hand iced
buttercream cupcake for you to eat, or share or just eat.

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