How to Make Pancakes – Allrecipes

Pancake mixes have been
around for over a century. But making your own fluffy pancakes
from scratch is very easy, with this simple recipe. First you’ll need to mix sifted flour,
sugar, baking powder, and salt into a bowl. Add eggs and milk, and wisk until the ingredients are
combined. The batter needs to thicken. So let it
stand for fifteen minutes. In the meantime, preheat your oven
to two hundred degrees and put a plate inside.
When fifteen minutes are up, heat the griddle over a medium flame. Add just enough better to coat the
surface. Ladle about one fourth of a cup of
the batter onto the pan. To ensure round shaped pancakes, try to steadily pour the batter in the
same spot. After about one to two minutes, bubbles
start to form on the pancakes. And underneath turns golden;
that means it’s time to flip. Continue cooking until the second side
is lightly brown. That should take about two minutes more. As you finish, each round of pancakes you
want to keep them warm. Just transfer them onto the heating
plate in the oven. As you use the remaining batter, be
sure to grease the skillet as necessary to keep an cakes from sticking. To keep the butter from burning you’ll
want to reduce the heat now and then. Of course, pancake taste best with
final touches of butter and as much maple syrup as you like!

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