How to make pale skin colored fondant how to cook that ann reardon

How to make pale skin colored fondant how to cook that ann reardon

Welcome to I am ANn Reardon
and today we are looking at how to make skin colour out of fondant.
To make skin colour what you will need is some pink about half the amount of pale green,
half the amount again of yellow and half the amount again of a pale blue and then we’ll
just mix all of those together. And there you have a nice skin colour. If you want a
darker more tanned skin colour then you’ll need to mix all of those colours more intensely
so a brighter yellow, brighter pink and a brighter blue and a brighter green.

34 thoughts on “How to make pale skin colored fondant how to cook that ann reardon

  1. lol I wish I could mix that fast – mixing takes so much time when you have a lot of colours to make.

  2. Lol referring to that colour as "Skin Colour" is a bit racist isn't it? I mean everyone is all sorts of colours.

  3. hi poopsicles, we all have beautiful skin colors, no offense intended if the one made is not your exact tone. For paler or darker skin as it says in the video use more or less of the pink, green, yellow and blue in proportion to the white fondant.

  4. I was joking, but not every one's skin colour is that colour that why. Referring it to just that one colour as skin colour lol.

  5. if you feel like being exceptionally nitpicky, which it seems that you do, then you're being "a bit racist" by implying that the color of one's skin always denotes what race you are. everyone, of every race, is all sorts of colors.

  6. Hi Nessuhh Chavez you can make it – there is a link in the description below the video, or you can buy it ready made at cake decorating stores.

  7. Hi cidem tasli either your yellow fondant or green fondant must have more dye in it than mine. Try with tiny portions and adjust accordingly.

  8. Hi therealnanineroman, Yes you will need the same colours mixed to give skin colour, but experiment with a small amount first to check your quantities ie start witht he pink and add half of the other colours that you think you need, you can always add more as needed.

  9. Hi RocketFingers127, yes if you mix yourself a similar colour of pink green yellow and blue and then mix in appropriate quantities of each.

  10. I want to mix the colors in when I'm melting the marshmallows or do you think this would be better?? The whole cake I'm making is a flesh color so how much of each color will I need the cake is about the size of a sheet cake

  11. Hi so I watched this video and I got like a deep green/blue ugly color… I don't know what happened b/c before I mixed my different colors they looked very similar to yours… Then I mixed and it did not turn out!!! Please help me and tell me what I did wrongπŸ˜πŸ˜•πŸ™πŸ™

  12. I'm making a Mickey mouse and the colour i mixed came out a touch too dark. what colour do i add to lighten it; tried everything now.

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