How to Make Okonomiyaki (Japanese Savory Pancake Recipe) | Cooking with Dog

Hi, I am the host of this show “Cooking with Dog”. Hello, Hello, today I’m making Okonomiyaki. It’s delicious! Ok, let’s help her prepare the ingredients. Add soft wheat flour and baking powder and mix well. Dissolve granulated dashi in water and add dashi soup little by little. Sitr the batter until all the lumps are gone. Add a little bit of salt and grate the yama imo, which is a Japanese mountain yam. One tablespoon of grated yam gives Okonmiyaki an elastic texture. Ok, let’s cut the ingredients. Cut sliced pork into two inch pieces. Cut long green onions into fine pieces. Remove the stiff stalk of the cabbage leaves. Coarsely chop into fine pieces. Add the chopped cabbage leaves into the batter. Chop the Welsh onion into fine pieces and add to the batter. Chop beni shoga, which is pickled ginger, into half inch pieces and add to the batter. Slice the balled octopus into one-fourth inch slices and add to the batter. Remove the heads and tails of the deep water shrimp and peel the shells. Chop the shrimp into dice size and add to the batter. Add bits of deep fried tempura batter and dried pink baby shrimp. Finally add two eggs and toss all the ingredients to coat with the batter. Do not mix too much. Ok, let’s start cooking. Set an electric griddle at high temperature and coat the surface with vegetable oil. Place the mixture on the plate and make a round shape. Place the sliced pork on the mixture. Coat the surface of the pork with the rest of the batter. This process prevents the pork from getting sticky. Cook about two minutes at high temperature with a lid. Turn over and cook until the surface gets crisp. Remove the lid and cook both sides of Okonomiyaki at medium heat. Add Okonomiyaki Sauce… …green onions… …mayonnaise… …aonori, which is green seaweed… …and dried bonito flakes. Cabbage, Welsh onion, octopus, shrimp, sliced pork and many toppings. You can add your favorite ingredients… …and make your original Okonmiyaki. Umm, delicious! It might be difficult to find some of the ingredients, but I hope you try it yourself. Good luck in the kitchen!

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