How to Make Marshmallow Fondant & Decorate a Cake: Bridal Shower Collab – Bigger Bolder Baking

How to Make Marshmallow Fondant & Decorate a Cake: Bridal Shower Collab – Bigger Bolder Baking

Gemma’s Bigger Bolder Baking Marshmallow Fondant Hi Bold Bakers! I was very fortunate to be
part of a bridal shower thrown by Kin Community for fellow YouTuber Alex Garza. Today I’m
going to show you how to make Marshmallow Fondant and decorate a cake with it just like
the one I made for Alex. Also, stay tuned until the very end so you can see the bridal
shower footage and all of the other great channels that collaborated. So let’s get baking! I know like working with fondant and cake
decorating can seem like a daunting task but I’m hoping that after this video you get more
confidence and you’ll be able to do it yourself from scratch. To start out making your fondant, you’ll need
to melt your marshmallows with a little bit of water until they’re nice and soft and liquid.
You can do it in a microwave or over a bain-marie. This doesn’t take long. They literally take
seconds to melt. When your marshmallow is melted, it should look a little bit like
this. A big white, marshmallow lava mess. From here we’re going to mix this with our icing
sugar. Now you can do this process by hand. You’ll just need a lot of elbow grease and
it is a little bit messy. So I’m going to put mine on my kitchen mixer and mix it that
way. And then into your icing sugar goes your sticky
marshmallow. Now that your marshmallow is in there, turn your machine on low and try to combine
the two ingredients together. It does take a little bit of time and you’ll have to scrape
down the bowl a little bit. You just want to mix it on the machine until the icing forms
a ball. You’re not actually going to be kneading it on the machine. If you need to add a little
bit more of your reserve sugar, go ahead and do that. Once our fondant has come together, I’m going
to turn it out onto a well-oiled surface and I’m going to knead it until it’s nice and
smooth. Now you’re probably wondering, how am I going
to get this sticky mess out of this bowl. And it’s very simple, we’re going to oil our
spatula, oil our hands and get stuck in there and pull it all out. Stick with it and you’ll
be able to get all of your marshmallow out of your bowl. But then you have to figure out
how to get it off of your hands. If you’re new to my channel then welcome.
I really hope you’re enjoying this video. And if you haven’t done so already, don’t
forget to subscribe. So you know that icing sugar that you kept
from earlier, we’re actually going to knead that now into the fondant. And we’re going
to keep on working it until we have a nice smooth icing at the end. It will take around
5-7 minutes of kneading time. You’ll notice when you keep on kneading that your fondant
gets dryer and it gets smoother. So once you’ve incorporated all of your sugar, and your fondant
doesn’t feel wet, then you’re done. Once you’ve kneaded your fondant you can actually
start to add any color you like to it. So I’m going to keep a little bit aside and add
some pink color to it. And you want to keep kneading until all of the fondant is the same
color. We’re going to set this guy aside and I’m going to show you what we’re going to
use it for later. When storing your fondant, you want to cover
it with a little bit of flavorless oil so it stops it from drying out. Now we’re going
to move on to get our cakes ready. For my cake, I’m using my master recipe for
yellow cake. But you can use carrot cake, sponge, chocolate, whatever your heart desires.
Before we lay our fondant on our cake, we’re going to frost it with buttercream inside
and out. If your cake is uneven on top, give it a little bit of a slice and make it
nice and level. What I like to do is flip it over so you get the bottom as the top.
It’s nice to have a frosting layer between your fondant to keep your cake nice and moist.
We’re going to pop this cake in the fridge and let the crumb layer set. Our next step
is to roll out the fondant. To roll out your fondant, you want to generously
dust your surface with icing sugar. This will prevent it from sticking. It’s always handy
if you roll your rolling pin in a little bit of sugar as well. Roll it out wide enough
to totally cover your cake. Try to get an even thickness. Move your cake to a place
where you have space to decorate it. And then simply lay on your homemade marshmallow fondant.
And just unfold the little sheet that we did earlier. Smooth the fondant out with your
hands and slowly work your way down the sides of the cake. Make sure to smooth out any creases
that form. Use a knife to cut away the excess fondant but leave around 1/2 an inch extra because
you’ll need that later. Once you lay on your fondant and smooth down
the sides, you might think it’s not as smooth as you want it to be and that’s where this
guy comes in: it’s a fondant smoother. Now I’ve had this for around 10 years and I’ve
never used it. But until recently when I’ve started working with fondant, I realized what
it was and it works amazingly. If you don’t have one of these, you can use a spatula or
something with a hard edge. All we’re going to do is buff around the cake and get out
any lumps and bumps and try to get it as smooth as we can. To finish the bottom of your cake
nice and smooth, you can buff it with your fondant polisher or you can tuck it in underneath
the cake. I’m going to pop this cake layer in the fridge and get started on my other layer.
I’m only doing two but you can do as many as you like. And then just like the other
layer, go down the sides and smooth out any wrinkles and just get out any air. And keep
working until you get to the bottom. I actually think it’s easier to make your
own fondant than it is to buy because when you go to the store and try to buy it, they
sell it in such small packs that would never cover a cake of this size. So in my opinion,
it’s much easier to make it and much more rewarding. And then you can go along afterwards and smooth
it out. So remember that pink fondant that we died
earlier, we’re going to roll that out along with the leftover white fondant and we’re
going to cut out little beautiful hearts and lay them all around the cake. This makes it
a perfect cake for weddings, bridal showers or any special occasion. Just use a little
bit of royal icing to stick on your hearts. And then add on your next layer and continue putting
on your hearts. You can add splashes of color any way you want. I hope you fear fondant
no more and make your own beautiful creations. Make sure you check out the bridal shower
video and see how much fun we had. Thank you so much for subscribing to my channel and
I’ll see you back here again next Thursday for more Bigger Bolder Baking.

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