How to Make GRAVITY DEFYING DECORATIONS | Yeners Cake Tips by Serdar Yener from Yeners Way

How to Make GRAVITY DEFYING DECORATIONS | Yeners Cake Tips by Serdar Yener from Yeners Way

hi everybody welcome back to Yeners Cake Tips and thank you for joining me again one way or another we need to use some
sort of holders to dry sugar pieces on it in the shape of what we want and some
of these holders are already available to buy and if you cannot buy we can
also look around and find something like PVC pipe or roller or a corner of a tray
or a soup bowl or a plate or whatsoever and to do different kind of things like
probably example like a kind of bird wing or a wave or something like that we
always use that system alright and if our task is something unusual and which
stuck and they try to improvise and being innovative under pressure is not
that easy today I like to share with you one of my
simple ideas this method is always reliable and
always works especially if I have to do something really odd shape so we have to
just think about an example to understand better let’s say imagining
that Indian snake charmer and the snake in front of him so he is doing the music
and then the snake is like mesmerized hypnotized is just spiraling up into
like into the air and then like slowly moving alright so we want to capture
that kind of moment another thing is like a long body medievil dragon is
climbing on the tower so this also like a spiralling kind of body and then sort
of hugging the tower alright so we can think about other things also
in the same way all right so if we don’t use that kind of method you can also use
a block of styrofoam that represented the the cavity of the snake and then
also like the the tower you can just put things around the shape of the dragon or
snake around and then you can use multiple number of viewers and holding
and poking and holding talking and holding and then just shape things and
in the in the position you want and it can be try the only problem is you need
maybe some extra hands also the skewers where the body is resting on it it will
have kind of like a indentation all right that will be the problem so
after all I wish that I can take a sugar in the hand and shape it whatever I want
and it stays just like there’s no gravity all right so it’s not possible
but if I have a good arrangement that if I use instead of air I use a starch and
I have a container like this bigger than the shape what I’m looking for I can
actually hold things inside the starch in the position and I can let it try so
that’s not a problem today I’m going to show you how to make a kind of simple
snake as an example and I will also airbrush the degree in colors will turn
up like a grass snake all right and then so we’re going to work with that so let
me just first I’ll introduce you what I need to do this I have a here brush to
dust off the starch number one I have about 250 gram or tronic gram of plastic
I won’t use any kind of gum paste or fondant for that because it will never
dry alright pasta is the right thing to do
alright a small little scissor and I’m sort of like a texturing sheet which is
actually as fluorescent light cover so it has got sort of like a diamond shape
of like a texture which is perfectly good for dragon body or a snake body and
I have a quick grip that I will secure that platform on the table otherwise
when I’m running on it it moves it’s not going to work
all right I will use just simple things like a little sort of pipe forward for
the eyes and I will is also this one the chart corner of the ruler for the part
of the body shape all right no problem and I have mix of the yellowish green
and also yellow colour to spray the body later on when it’s finish alright so
after do exercise I do and I show you how to do it I will also bring you the
one that I did yesterday so it will take about one or two days to dry so we don’t
have to do that I can show you right away so let’s get on and do it so I
secured my texturing sheet with a quick grip just like this so is that this is
moving like this but when I secure that with that I can roll things on it it
doesn’t really go anywhere all right I also put my first gesture
a couple of seconds in the microwave and I make it nice and soft and a little bit
of oil spray it’s always help when you’re dealing with pasta – all right
just a little bit all right so it is nice and flexible now I’m going to start
already rolling let’s go you know the snake house look
like it’s just like a long sausage and then one side is thinner and our site is
a bit thicker all right there’s or the thunderstorm outside you
can hear the sound card just like this alright and the head so the bit more
thicker right and then they saw the finish
so let’s shape to the head first right best amount there’s the notes and there’s the ice that’s it so what I have to have I want
to have our scales on the top all right and I want to him as like a flat pieces
on the bottom so that’s why I’m going to give now place my snake here make sure
the shape is right okay press my snake over here like this upside down and then
give a little bit of texture on one side continue here one more time and here
keep it upside down the shape and then here a little bit more all right and
after that without losing too much time keep it still upside down use that use
that thing flat metal art and then do this we’ll take a few minutes that’s no turn upside down let’s make
this right and after that I won’t have the snake goes like that
all right and spying like this and looking back to me like this maybe this
is like that or something like that all right so this is the position but I
want to have at this one dry like this all right so I bring that one here and
place that snake at the base yeah and then shape the tail at a bit what I’m
looking for and then living like this and I’m filling up with the starch and reach in and lift up the body so the
starch goes underneath the body I’m turning alright and then already
start holding a little bit more lots of thunder oxide okay
it’s already happening as you see that alright and after that put more then lift up the rest of the body up
into the shape without Mikey looking for maybe just like this is
returning like this alright and open the mouth again slightly that’s it actually
this is exactly what I’m looking for I’m sorry done what I have to do now
they wash my hands and then bring the other one which I did yesterday
so this is the one I made this yesterday morning today is or the late afternoon
so it is past more than 24 hours having said that I don’t know your own
condition so is your country maybe is too humid and then your start is not dry
enough your posture – is not maybe well done and etc may have a lot of different
conditions that it affects the time that how much you need so don’t believe
everything when I say keep it for a couple of days just to be in the safe
side so if I reach this one now inside with my hand try to take it out there is
a resistance of the starch so it may just have a kind of damage all right
that’s why I like to be in the safe side I like to remove the starch as much as I
can around the snake so there will be less resistance when I pick it up
alright so this is what I do first just reach in carefully and then you can feel
it very varied where the sugar is it touching with the small spoon like this
tablespoon it will be okay alright okay I almost there so I just removed as much
as I can carefully without breaking anything here this for the good and
loose enough so I reach in and encrypted different parts together not only one
part just I’m not gonna just hold them all the head and cried for that I just
hold it together everything together so it just comes out like this alright so
next thing is of course they keep it on the starch right on the starch so if
this fall off it will fall in the starch doesn’t break right now I give it I hold
it from the right place not from the tail not from the head so I will hold it
from the center and the balance in the string
is divided around okay and then give my soft brush all everything starch on it
very carefully and slowly remove it all right so I’ll take my time now to go
very carefully remove all the starch from every little indentation the mouth
eyes and then all the scales everything so most of this touch I took it off over
this touch and now I bring a flat sponge piece on it just the resting on it on a
hard surface so I’m just continue to take all the starch off because when we
airbrush it it will be not so good if there is some starch left on the surface
so I will continue for a while and get back to you after I clean the table okay
our snake is already standing so my aim was today to concentrate on this dodge
bit and show you this technique but I think if we apply some colors on it on
that snake it will make a lot more sense so let’s start doing something that I
liked we put some dark shade inside the eye and clean it up first so you have
this like a frame darker frame around so we can apply the other colors around of
it after that okay so I have here like a brownish sort of
dirty color to to to work with so I just go inside the eye and then fill up that
gaps inside so that deep areas alright that’s the first thing to do
and also the same color I will use inside the mouth also inside the nose okay then and what I do I’ll take this
wet sponge and clean this up okay this is a very good thing very good technique
if you work with pastillage and you have colors on it because pastor Yash can be
easily clean with the wet sponge and you have this natural kind of shades that in
darker areas I’m sure you have seen that when I’m doing the wooden texture or
something they’ll be quite good all right next thing is apply a little bit
of a light yellow color at the lower part of the snake always try somewhere
else okay and then I’m just gonna turn this one upside down like this very
carefully what light this will be a grass snake
white green from the other side okay yellow is out do anything hopefully just document much better
I think I should add a bit more green after that one one codfish yeah needs a
bit more green so I’ll do that now yeah it is much better little bit more
greener okay keep the lower part yellowish not everywhere green okay that’s enough so what I like to do
I like to clean this eye again the eyes again I just have a bit of cotton buds
here and some water turn this money to Waitangi and give stronger yellow on the I just got yellow ice all right now next thing to do is a bit
of moisture inside the mouth and place that’s real time that I did it
before okay it won’t stay like this alright
last thing to do is I have just a little bit of black color black gel color so
I’m going to put two lines on both side so it is finished that’s it gasps starts bet and some
ideas of what you can do with that was my tip of this video so next week you
will see me doing something else maybe with a little surprising factor if you
like to see some other tutorials like larger and longer and more detailed
tools using the same technique please call CNS VidCon I have cowboy hat I have
a galleon ship which with the plenty of sails that which has been done with the
same technique alright so please do that thank you for being with me today please
like share and subscribe to stay tuned with us until next tutorial bye for now you

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