51 thoughts on “How to Make Funnel Cake!

  1. Mrs Moore I'm so glad your back can't wait to try this it looks delicious😋😍and I have a question can u please make Thanksgiving ideas so I can be ready for it I don't want Thanksgiving to win I want to win lol….and may be do Christmas ideas too if u can😊 and one more question sorry on one of your blogs can u please give my kids a birthday shout out they love to watch you and the boys… their birthday is October and November…(kitana, c.j , kenzie ) that will make their day it's OK if u do early…. Thank u and love u💙

  2. OMG!! I am able to comment yay!! Lol love all your channels, videos, your personality is amazeballs. Love the realness on the family vlogs and yes I AM so happy you guys are back to making yummy cooking videos and I don't miss any of the family vlogs. You already know(in April's voice) lol love you guys❤

  3. "I was busting a sweat" 😂 You're cracking me up. You'll always be Ms Betty April Crocker 😆 This looks delicious! So glad to see you upload on here again 😊💜💜💜

  4. Gurrl you had me (lol) all thru this vlog!!!!….I will be trying it some time soon but you got a girl want to try it now!!!!….hehehehehehe…Have a Great Day you guys!!!!

  5. I’ve been missing these vlogs looks delicious 😋 lactose intolerant tho but would definitely try this. Love these two on camera 🥰great chemistry!

  6. Yay!!! So excited to have you back April can’t wait for the weekend to try this recipe. Girl you had me cracking up 😂 ❤️

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