How to Make Fluffy Buttermilk Pancakes from Scratch | Recipe on the Blaze Griddle |

hi i’m chef tony matassa with and today i’ll be showing you how to make my favorite real deal
ultimate buttermilk pancakes to make the batter I have small purpose flour in a mixing
bowl and to that we’ll add a little kosher salt, some baking powder, baking
soda, and granulated sugar. Whisk the dry ingredients together to blend, and set
aside. Now in a separate container I have some buttermilk and to that we’ll add a little
vanilla extract, some butter that I have melted and slightly cooled, two egg yolks
and about 2 tablespoons of honey was called the wet ingredients together well
to combine and now we can add them to the dry ingredients, you only want to
blend this to incorporate don’t overwork and don’t worry about any little lumps
that are left, now finish the batter off by folding into whipped egg whites, the
air held in the egg whites. The air held in egg whites will make the pancakes nice and fluffy as they cook. I
have my blaze griddle preheated on low and I’ve melted a couple pieces of
butter across the surface it’s time to cook some pancakes I like to use about three fourths of a
cup per pancake allow your pancakes to cook for a couple of minutes on the
first side, they’re ready to flip when they start to form some bubbles on the
top and the edges begin to slightly Brown up or dry up. These look awesome While the other side cooks this is a
great time to put a little pat of butter on top, it will help them to keep
moisture in as well as add a little extra butter flavor. After cooking on the
second side for a couple minutes it’s time to assemble the pancake stack
all we have left to do is drizzle with a little syrup and dig in wow I’m truly speechless thank you for
watching hope you enjoyed it i’m chef Tony Matassa, remember at we smoke the competition

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