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Welcome to How To Cook That I am Ann Reardon Today we are going to make some creative home
made easter eggs, I’ve got lots of ideas for you and I’ve even got some easy options for
those of you who don’t have an easter egg mold at home. The first thing you need to do of course is
choose your chocolate. Good quality chocolate containing cocoa butter tastes the best but
you will need to temper it so that it stays crisp at room temperature. Watch my tempering
video at the end of this one if you are not sure what that means. Lets start with an easy one solid mini eggs,
fill the mold, scrape chocolate off the the top. Let them set then tip the excess out.
Warm a plate in the oven and use it to melt the middle and then join the two halves together.
Easy Now one for people who don’t like plain chocolate.
Choose an egg mold and fill it up with chocolate Then tip out the excess and you’ll be left
with a smooth layer over the egg. Scrape off the messy bits around the edges. This one I am going to give to my husband
and he loves fruit and nuts and ginger and all of that so I am adding that to the inside
of the egg before the chocolate sets. Get creative and add whatever you think the person
you are giving it to will like. So that the top edges are not too thin turn it upside
down to set. So that the chocolate drains down rather than away from the edge. Once it is set pull the mold away from the
egg then tip it out. Place a plate in the oven until it is warm like we did before and
use it to join the two halves together. One advantage of making your own eggs is you
can hide gifts inside. If it is a non-food gift wrap it in a protective bag first then
add your lollies and seal it with the other half of the egg. If you are making one of
these for a younger child then put non-edible things inside a plastic egg that is too big
to swallow and put that inside the egg. Wrap it in cellophane and tie it with a ribbon
around the top. I thought was weird when I found out that kinder surprise eggs were illegal
in the USA… my kids love them, you can see them un-package some on their cute channel.
I’ll link you to that one as well. You can make lacey eggs so that you can see
what’s inside them. To do that place the chocolate into a ziplock bag and cut the corner off
it. Zig zag across the mold. Then turn the egg and zig zag across the other way and then
turn again and zigzag across the middle. Making lots of tiny triangles by going in three directions
like this it gives a good amount of strength to the egg so it will stay together when you
tip it out. Once it is set pull on the edges of the mold
and release the egg. Place whatever you like inside then then join the two halves together
just like we did before. Now lets have some fun and make an
EGG INSIDE AN EGG inside an egg. Make three basic eggs but don’t join them
together yet. I am making two dark and a white chocolate one. White chocolate is the hardest
to temper, so make sure the chocolate that you buy has a good amount of cocoa butter
in it and is crisp with a good shine to it. If you don’t have enough to fill the mold
you can spread it thickly, and then tip out the excess to make it smooth.
Once it is set pull away the edges of the mold to release the egg. So that we can see the eggs nesting inside
each other use a hot piping tip to cut holes in each egg. I am using a couple of different
sized tips to give different sized holes. Write a note to go inside the middle egg.
Roll it up and tie it with a ribbon. Place it in the tiny egg and seal it up using
either a hot plate or a saucepan saucepan. Put that egg inside the white egg and seal
it up. Then place the middle egg inside the big one and close that egg too. Then wrap
the whole thing in cellophane. You want to be sure the person doesn’t re-gift
the egg. Particularly if it has an engagement ring and will you marry note or something
personal inside. Your super easy option if you don’t have an
egg mold is to buy an egg from the shop. Heat a metal piping tip and use it to cut a hole
in the top. Shake out the circle of chocolate so that you’ve got that. Then fill it up with
lollies of your choice. To seal up the hole place some melted chocolate
on one side and let that stick firm, I’ve just placed some of the foil under the other
side to hold it in place while it sets. Then once that’s firm fill the gap on the other
side. And wrap the egg up again. Think about who you are giving the egg to
and put their favourite lollies inside. If you want to put something larger inside
the egg you will of course need a bigger egg from the shop. In this one I am putting a
the message bible because it’s easter.. you can read about the Easter story in Matthew
27 or go to to download a great free bible app from there. I am also adding
a movie ticket, an itunes voucher and a mascara. What would you like to find inside an egg?
What would be the best thing you could find inside it? Wrap it all up with a bow.
Now obviously that is not going to fit into a small hole on the top. Put some foil under
your egg to stop it rolling around. Then heat up a knife either using a brulee torch or
hot water and melt out a section of the egg. Carefully post the gift inside.
Now the hole will be bigger than the piece because we melted some, so you need to pipe
melted chocolate around the edge on the egg and on the edge of the slice of chocolate
. Then carefully put it into place and use your knife to neaten it up.
Now rewrap it in the foil and use smooth part of your finger nail to flatten that foil back
into place. To make filled eggs make the shell just like
we did before then once it is set fill it up, I am using dulce de leche you could use
any of the fillings I showed you how to make in the 10 best chocolate truffles video. Then
top each one up with chocolate and once they are set join them together just like we sis
with the solid eggs. DECORATE THE OUTSIDE
You can of course decorate the outside by piping patterns or words onto your egg in
the same or a contrasting colour. Or you could use the surprise cakes app and
put a dragon inside your egg. Take a photo of the eggs you make and share
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