how to make dip and decorate cake pops How To Cook That Ann Reardon

how to make dip and decorate cake pops  How To Cook That Ann Reardon

Welcome to, the website
where you’ll find step by step instructions for recipes ranging from kids’ birthday cake
decoration through to chicken noodle soup and easy family dinners. For a printable copy
of the recipes simply go to Today we are going to look at how to make
raspberry and white chocolate cake pops. Now you’ve rolled your cake pops into nice balls,
what you do is melt a little bit of chocolate, tiny bit in the bottom of a bowl. Then grab
your stick, swirl your stick in the chocolate, and then put the stick into, not all the way
through, but about two thirds of the way through into your cake pop. And then you allow that
chocolate to set, and that acts as glue holding the cake ball to the stick so that then when
you dip it into the chocolate later, it doesn’t fall off. Get one of your cake pops, dip it in, and
make sure you don’t stir it round and round, because the cake pop will fall off. Just tilt
it from side to side to make sure it’s fully enclosed and fully covered. Gently lift it
up, hold it like this, and just tap to let the excess chocolate drip off. Once you’re
happy that it’s stopped dripping, and then pop it in your stand. This is just a piece
of wood with holes drilled in it. Decorating cake pops is limited only to your
imagination. You can add things like your silver balls individually on top if you want
to put them in a specific place, and don’t just want to dip it in, as the balls are quite
pricey. You can pipe on patterns; just a swirl is an easy one, swirl your cake pop around
while you’re holding the piping bag. You can of course do that in dark chocolate as well.
The other thing that looks quite nice is just a sort of filigree sort of pattern over the
cake pop. Just make it up as you go along. Little swirls. The other thing which can look good is just
some little dots all over the cake pop. For weddings it’s also nice to pop some hearts
all over the cake pop. I like it white on white, because it looks quite classy; but
you can of course do your dark chocolate if you want to contrast. If you need a recipe for the actual cake bit
of the cake pops, just go to; there’s a recipe there for chocolate ones
and raspberry and white chocolate ones as well.

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  1. @IluvTaylorSwift11027 who cares its way easier and cheaper to make them yourself then order from someone. And if people order from your mom thats great but people want to show their ideas so fuck off, leave videos like"these" alone.

  2. after making cake pops can u put them in the freezer/fridge for a day and take them to school the next day????

  3. Really? I have a cakepop business as well and these videos do not make or break my business…. If people wanna buy them they will. if they wanna make themselves then they should learn how to! STOP BEING SELFISH!!! thats whats wrong with this world

  4. It's really not her fault if she has knowledge she is willing to sell. While I do hope the best for your mother's business, it's important to note that she does not have a monopoly on cake or cake pops. Instead, she should be (and I assume she is) working on ways to make her products unique and worth purchasing. If you really want to be helpful, instead of running around bad-mouthing innocent people, you should be helping come up with new, marketable ideas.

    Good luck!

  5. Well that was just Rude, Unlike You people? Who the hell do you think you are! You can't just go bad mouthing people! OK We see that your mom has a business selling these but she will just have to deal with it because there are many people who know how to make cake pops and they like to share their ideas with everyone. And i think that posting these videos are pretty helpful but there are also people who don't want to make these and just want to buy them.So suck it up! 😛

  6. Not really dear – if your mom is good at her craft – no matter how good a home-baker is they will never replace a true professional 🙂 Chin-up xox

  7. Well sweetheart , i don't know to many Australians who would order cake pops from your mom all the way from seposville ( check sepo in an australian slag dictionary)
    maybe this *mum* (yes thats how we spell it over here) enjoys sharing her knowledge with others who just love to cook .
    We have a saying here in Australia it goes like this *have a teaspoon of cement and harden the [email protected]&^k up and whilst your at it get over yourself princess!

  8. wow some people are so angry with the world. I reckon this person is just a young girl … some of you keyboard warriors need to lighten up. Cooking is about making you happy, if you're not happy it's not some anonymous girl's fault! I don't see Ann (in the video) getting all defensive about it!

  9. yes definitely it would taste much better but the cream cheese frosting is moister so will not be as firm – experiment with using a little less cream cheese frosting than you normally would and add more as needed.

  10. love the video but wat type of cream can u use for these cake pops my soon is going to be 4 so its great idea fot the tabke iam houng to set up help

  11. Hi MadiJunkie, I used nestle white chocolate melts, I have also used wilton candy melts but they are over priced in Australia.

  12. hi, how to make the chocolate last cuz I made them and was going to give it to friends as a gift but by the time i give it to them, the chocolate on the outside got soft and kind of melted alittle.Doesn't help that I live in a tropical any tips on that ? thank you

  13. Hi Sharon Loi, Make sure you watch the videos on how to temper chocolate and what chocolate to use… you will find them in the 'chocolate tutorials' videos, click on 'show more' below this video and there is a link. Having said that even tempered chocolate has a melting point of 34 degrees (lower than body temp so that it will melt in your mouth)

  14. I must do a video on this it is a common question. I melt them in a bowl in the microwave 30sec stir, 20 sec stir, 10 sec stir and repeat the 10 sec until melted.

  15. I think making another video of how to melt the chocolate would be a good idea because this one did not really show HOW to make the dip just how to do it.

  16. I have posted a video on how to melt real chocolate and keep it in temper, but not how to do the melts, added to the list of requests

  17. Hi Candy Pops, it is just a ziplock bag with the ziplock bit cut off. Push the chocolate to one corner and twist so it does not come back up when you are piping then cut off one tiny corner of the bag.

  18. Your comment could easily be reversed around to – Your mom having a cake/cake pop business makes it harder for people like "howtocookthat".

    Unfortunately everything's a viscous cycle that we have to live with.

  19. Thank you for posting instructions on how to do this. I am making these for my wedding! 🙂 Many thanks and much love 🙂

  20. you make the 'dipping' look so easy! I tried to make cakepops last Christmas…never again! no matter how much/long I 'tapped' the chocolate off it still dripped down the sticks 🙁 I'm yet to find a a solution online…I google 'how to stop cakepops dripping' and none of the 'tips' are helpful

  21. unless your mum was the one who 1st came up with the cake pop idea ever, your statement is unfair…it's not an origainal idea and can't be trademarked. It's like saying to everyone who shows you how to make cupcakes "my mum has a cupcake business and you're making it hard for her" sure cakepops haven't been arround as long as cupcakes, but MANY people bake them at home! whether you like it or not

  22. Hi cottoncandydiva1,, if you freeze your balls of cake they will make the chocolate set quickly. Also make sure you have not added anything to the melts. (if using real chocolate then you'd need to temper it – see chocolate tutorials playlist in the description below the video to find a video on that)

  23. thank you! I will definitely do that next time…I didn't temper my chocolate…I used cooking 'melts' (baking chocolate)

  24. hi ann,

    i've tried making cake pops, but occasionally when i dip the cake pop into the chocolate and gently pull it out, the cake pops gotten loose and came off in the chocolate dipping… is it b/c the chocolate is too thick? pls advise..thank you!

  25. Hi Summer, candy melts are compound chocolate with vegetable oil so it doesnt need to be tempered. Sorry, we don't get white chocolate mini here.

  26. Hi, just wondering how long you can store these for? If I put them in the fridge (using milk chocolate) would it not go all white on the outside? Or is there a way to avoid this?

  27. Thank you for the tips!  I have a heck of a time the first time I tried to make these and now I know why.  🙂

  28. Can you add decorations immediately after dipping them in the coating or do you wait for them to cool?

  29. How could even a Single Person Dis-like Any of your Videos?!?!?!?!?!? Well since you now have ohhhh idk 1.5 MILLION + FAN'S AHHHHH GUESS THEY ARE WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!! YOUR AMAZING, FUNNY, SMART, STRONG, BEAUTIFUL, CREATIVE, ARTISTIC AND BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There's Always Going to be FOOL'S!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE LOVED!!!!!!!!!!! WE LOVE YOU & YOUR BEAUTIFUL FAMILY!!!!!!!!!! ♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥ ♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥

  30. u r just awesome…. u can make ur own chocolate world…haha… 😀 where evrythng would b made of chocolates n chocolates…in luv wid ur videos… i just cant take my eyes off it… m from india n this is so uncommon in india… i only wish 1 that u would have shared vegetarian substitutes in cakes where u use eggs n gelatin sometimes…. it would be a dream come true for a vegetarian like me… nevertheless m still loving it… :-*

  31. Do you use tempered chocolate to dip the cake pops or can you just melt the chocolate in the microwave and use as is?

  32. Can you do a how to for cookie dough and birthday cake cake pops from starbucks !! please please please

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