How to Make Christmas Plum Cake at Home

How to Make Christmas Plum Cake at Home

Santa is coming to town and we’ve got the
perfect plum cake recipe you need to make your Christmas a merry one. For an easy hack that avoids days of soaking,
we’re going to boil our dry fruits in rum. We’ve used blackcurrants, raisins, cranberries figs and of course, plums, which are also called prunes. Pour in your rum and simmer on medium heat. Once boiled, You can leave this to soak. People often let them soak for days to maximize
flavour but with this hack a couple of hours of soaking is enough. Next, to ace the art of baking, always mix
your dry and wet ingredients separately. For the dry, in a bowl, mix one cup of flour
with baking powder and some almond powder, which adds texture to the cake. For it’s distinctive rich flavour, we’ll
use spices. Some heaty cinnamon powder, some strong clove
powder and some ginger powder for warmth. Also add a pinch of salt. We’ll whisk it all together which means
that you can skip the sifting step. In a different bowl, cream some butter with
some dark brown sugar until it turns a light brown colour. Add 4 eggs into this mixture. Whisk gently after each addition. We don’t want to overmix but if your batter
doesn’t look super smooth, don’t worry, it’ll come together soon. Now add your dry ingredients into the wet
mixture followed by the rum-soaked fruits Next, add the zest of a whole orange and lemon which pack a whole lot of flavour along with some tutti frutti We’ll also add in about a cup of orange
juice. Fold this mixture until everything is combined. This batter won’t be very runny. Now on to the baking. Grease the tin and line it properly with baking
paper. We’re using a spring foam tin but if you
don’t have one, line the sides as well. And transfer the final mixture into it. Smooth out the top and you’re ready to bake. You’ll know the cake is done once the smell
of Christmas wafts through your home and the top is browned. We’ll check the doneness by inserting a
skewer and making sure it comes out clean. Now we’re going to puncture the cake and
pour over some rum to really enhance that toasty flavour. Once cooled, sprinkle the top with some snowy
icing sugar and enjoy it with your favourite people. Christmas seems incomplete without a little
something sweet and this fruity dessert is perfect to bring in the festive cheer. Wish you all a Merry Christmas and thanks
for watching!

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