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Welcome to For a printable
copy of the recipes simply go to Today we are going to put the chocolate glacage
over ourentremet. So we’ve already made the chocolate mousse, got a chocolate brownie
base and it’s got orange creme-brulee in the middle. And we’ve made the chocolate glacage
with the recipe on this page, and left it overnight to set, so it’s set like a jelly. Now take the Glad wrap off the top. We need
to put it in the microwave, and heat it up to 28 to 33 degrees C, which is just a bit
cooler than body temperature. So just do it a little bit at a time. As microwaves heat
quite unevenly you want to make sure to stir. So this has only been in 20 seconds. Okay, so that took 40 seconds all up doing
it in 10 second bursts. We still got a few little lumps; we’ll just leave it for a minute
for those ones to melt out. Okay, then we’ve got this set up like this, on a glass on a
tray; so that any extra that drips off we can then catch and reuse. Now put it over
a frozen entremet, pour it over it in circles. And I leave it sitting on a stand until all
of the chocolate has stopped dripping. So basically once it’s set….take your palette
knife and just fold in those drips. Then lift up the entremet and pop it onto your cake
board, or your plate or whatever you’re serving it on.

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