How To Make Cake In Pressure Cooker | Recipe by Archana in Marathi | Eggless Cake without Oven

How To Make Cake In Pressure Cooker | Recipe by Archana in Marathi | Eggless Cake without Oven

Namaste! Till now, I have taught you to make
different types of cakes.. ..but almost every video has this
comment,.. ..”Chef, please show us how to make
cooker cake as we do not know it.” So, today I thought of making your
wish come true! So, today I will show you ‘Eggless Cooker Cake’! I have kept the cooker for preheating,. you should preheat it for at least 10 minutes. Also, I have removed the whistle
and the (rubber) ring of the cooker. Let’s begin with making the batter. This is 200 grams of condensed milk. 3 tbsp butter. If you want, use oil instead of butter. And, 1 tsp pineapple essence. You can use any flavor of your choice. If you are making mawa cake, use 100 grams
grated mawa and 1 spoon cardamom powder. Now, let’s beat it. Beat it for around 2 minutes. Now, let’s add a cup of all purpose flour (maida).. ..and 1 tsp baking soda. Next, add 5 tbsp milk. Mix it well using a spatula. We have to beat it once again. This is done, now let’s remove it
in a container or tin. I have greased the tin with some oil
and then sprinkled some all purpose flour. The process is known as dusting. And now, we have to tap the tin, like this. Pressure cooker is hot enough.. ..and I have placed the cooker rack in it,
now let’s keep the cake tin in the cooker. Let’s place the lid on top. Make sure that you remove the
rubber ring and avoid putting the whistle. Now, we have to wait for 30 to 35 minutes,
don’t exceed. Later, poke the cake with a knife
and check if it’s ready. If the cake does not stick
the knife, it indicates cake is ready. Now, let’s wait. 35 minutes later. Let’s see if the cake is ready. Let’s check if it’s done. It’s nicely done, cake didn’t stick
to the knife, let’s switch the stove off. Time to remove it from the cooker. It’s nice and fluffy. Let’s demould it. Our Cooker Cake is ready! It’s quite easy to make, isn’t it? So now, there’s no need to wait for an oven,
straightaway make the cake in a cooker.. ..and keep watching ‘Ruchkar Mejwani’!

99 thoughts on “How To Make Cake In Pressure Cooker | Recipe by Archana in Marathi | Eggless Cake without Oven

  1. Hi mam I tried the cooker cake it was good one small issue top and bottom layer was hard tell me a solution

  2. ताई नाॕनस्टिकट कुकर केक केलेल्या वर खराब होतो का.

  3. aapka har receipe try kiya hai sab ekdam mast banta hai.. pls tai rava cake kaisa banate hai cooker me….pls pls pls…

  4. khup masta cake jhala ekdum perfect .thanks a lot archana kaki …chocolate cake pan ekda dakhva if possible its a request

  5. khup chhan zala tai maza cake pan fugir nahi zala, sponji zala. thanks Tai. tumche sarv vedio's khup chhan astat. khup sope astat.

  6. Kaku Mi ha cake tumhi sangitlya pramane try kela but covering kadak zalta.
    Kashamule zala asel sangal ka pls?

  7. Archana Ma'am… I tried your recipe. The cake turned out very well. Thankyou so much. It was soft and fluffy. I loved it. Faar kami vastu madhe evda simple cake khupach great recipe aahe. Mi dudh consistency baghun andazapramane mix kela. Jast navhe fakt half cup milk add kela asel pann sarva vyavastit zhala. Thankyou once again. 😊

  8. One suggestion to all…Pls don't try in cooker. My cooker turned black within 15 mins. NO doubt the vessel gets spoiled.

  9. कंडेन्स्ड मिल्क नसेल तर साखरे च प्रमाण सांगा

  10. Mam jur aplya kade cake tin nasel tur apun cake batter patilya madhy takun cake banau shakato ka& cream biting sathi bitter Shiva dusara kakhi option ahe ka

  11. Archana Tai, please condensed milk aivaji dahi va butter/tup aivaji tel ghalun Eggless cake chi recipe dakhva na. Majhyakade fridge nahiye tyamule condensed milk ni baking powder far kal thevta yet nahi, mhanun varti suchvalyapramane recipe sanga na. Kahi thikani ashya recipe vachlya aahet, pan mala pratyakshat kasa hoto te baghayach aahe. Tyat tumhi atyant sopya paddhatine, mrudu premal awajat sangata, hech tumchya yashach gamat aahe.

  12. archana tai we like your video we watch your video but I have a question on cooker cake that we have to keep cooker's gas low or high

  13. हाऊ तो मके काँडनेड मिल्क प्लीज शो थांकव्योऊ

  14. HELLO madam mast cake recipe! PLEASE sanga ki hya cake madhye fakt baking soda gheun karayche ki baking powder ghetali tar donhi vastu ghechya ka

  15. Madam me cake banvun pahila Ani cake khupach Chan Ani tasty pan jhala but problem asa jhala ki cake thand jhalyavar Khali basla jast fula nahi .plz sanga ki as ka jhale Ani changla fulun rahnya sathi Kay karave

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