How to make butterfly cake – Easy birthday cake project

opening music here is my template this is my cake pan that’s a five petal pan
and I drew my butterfly and now I’m going to with each section here I’m making some
royal icing transfers for my butterfly and I’m working in white and I will be airbrushing them fill that up like so and then I’ve got this needle tool here and that heel’s to the ripples in my little bubble and just run through all of them I’m opting for yellow pink and purple
for my wings start off with the yellow now my pink the next colour hit right next to the yellow like so and so the area that overlaps
onto the yellow will be somewhat orangish as will towards the other side where the
purples going to be it’s just gonna make it a little bit of a different shade of
purple which is nice try to match the two sides so they look
the same that looks about right last colour purple I’m gonna hit the
outside of the wing here overlap onto the pink the same on the other side and that’s gonna be my butterfly colours working on the butterflies body I have some black sanding sugar and I have some white six lits but this is some other brand dazzle dots and
I’m gonna use that for the eyes right here’s a piece of parchment
paper that I’m going to position over the body as my guide and I’m just piping the body its just dots all the way down and then the last one there we go and you pick up this whole whole thing it’s
wet I’m transferring it to a bead tray I’m taking two of the white pearls I’m positioning them where I’d like the
eyes to be push them in so that their secured immediately take the sanding sugar and
poor that all over the wet royal icing now you see the eyes it’s not sticking to the eyes I’m just gently pressing the sanding sugar so that it sticks to our body and then we can pick it up and the excess will fall off and there’s our body that we’re
gonna lay flat to dry I have my two sections this is the upper
wings this is the lower wings and then I have over here my little body now these things can be made a couple of
weeks in advance just set them aside on a surface where
they won’t get broken won’t crack and where their I don’t think their going to be
impacted by light but dust obviously cover them so they don’t
get dusty we’re gonna be working with already made frosting today I’ve got my
cakes baked I have a vanilla and chocolate because
it was not thick enough so I just with the
leftover batter and I’ve sliced the cake to be able to fill the inside of the cake when using ready-made frosting I prefer to put it in a bowl and whip it mix it it’s been sitting around in these tubs and it says on it that you can just use it
but I prefer to to actually mix it up here is that pre-made frosting it’s very different than butter cream if
I had to compare it it’s a little bit like a mix between cake batter and
marshmallows so it’s very different I didn’t like the
consistency of this store bought frosting so I added a half a cup of butter and then I kind of added powdered sugar
until it was a little bit fluffier and this is
what it’s looking like you see there’s peaks to it if you were to use this on a cupcake it would
do a nice swirl the other stuff is a little bit too I don’t know it has no backbone to it doesn’t hold up you
see this that will work a little bit better here’s the
cake I’m going to go around the surface with my piping bag and just put a layer of this icing here’s a little tip you might have already seen
on YouTube its parchment paper around the edge of your cake this keeps your plate clean and so when you actually finish everything your plate isn’t going to be covered in icing it’s gonna look more professional and you can just pull it right off its not nice if your plates all gooped up with frosting and yeah you could wipe it off
but then you could mess up your cake so just add this little bit of parchment
paper ever hear the term crumb coat that is a
layer of icing that you put before you put your final layer
and this kinda holes the crumbs into the cake so that when you frost the
decorative portion that you don’t have these black
or whatever color crumbs in your finished product ready to go I’m going to cover the surface of the cake here is the cake its all frosted I’m going to put it in the
freezer so that I can work on the surface of the cake and I’m just removing my parchment paper
from the bottom we’re gonna start decorating the cake and
here is some chocolate frosting I wanted it to be black so I’m starting with some brown to get
a good base so I won’t have to add as much black gel to it as if I was using vanilla here’s that
chocolate frosting and I’m adding some black gel
to it and that’s it I’ve already got a pretty good black does not have to be jet
black here we go it’s good I didn’t have to add too much
here’s my cake it’s not perfectly levelled out I had some trouble with this
frosting but it’s good enough now I’ve it’s been in the freezer and you see I can touch it and the surface doesn’t get damaged and
now I’m placing my template on top of the cake and with a
toothpick I’m tracing it out and there is the cake now I’ve got my black frosting in a piping bag with a number four tip
and I’m going to outline the cake the butterfly I should say and there we go now I’m gonna do oh I got a little air bubble there now I put what I had leftover of the
frosting in the microwave and I melted it it’s not hot but its more liquid it’s like flow royal icing and now I’m going to
actually fill the butterfly area with this
icing put my melted icing back in my piping bag just for to facilitate working and now I’m gonna flood
one side of the butterfly see now that’s the liquid and because my icing my cake is chilled it’s not gonna move too too fast it’s being kind of stopped in
its tracks by the temperature of the cake take a shake like we do the cookies there we go that looks pretty good now let’s flood the
body the body’s gonna be hidden by a the
sanding sugar body that we made and now the other side you can use the back of a spoon just to coax your icing to where you want it but you see because it was in the
microwave its really similar to to royal icing all right let’s give
our cake a little shake now here I have a little mess we’re gonna clean it
up once it has time to set because right now if I touch it will just smear
now you can get all your parts out they’ve dried here’s my body and I will place that in the center of
the butterfly like so and now we’re going to work on
lets work on the upper wing position have your template there so you can kinda look at it this one here goes about there we’ll do the other side like so now this I’ve got some icing that was left over from frosting the cake so I coloured it pink and put a star tip on and now I’m just going to go around the
cake just to create a decorative border and all it is see it’s a dot that I’m pulling it’s called a
shell a dot and you pull and as you get better at it you can just
do it all in one movement you see these tips are not expensive
you can wash them and reuse them and they really make a nice professional
finishing look on the cakes while the frosting’s wet you can add a few little confetti sprinkles kids
love sprinkles they just do and you can add a bit to the bottom layer and if it falls on the plate just adds to
the decoration and here is I think it turned out pretty
nice let me know what you think and if you’d
like to see something in particular in the future let me know in the comments and I’ll see you next time closing music

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