How to Make Bundt Cake!

How to Make Bundt Cake!

57 thoughts on “How to Make Bundt Cake!

  1. Another amazing video! I can't wait to try this when I have some extra time on my hands. Maybe spring break. Lol love you April!

  2. Love these videos!! Looks so good. Just made no bake lemon cheese cake. So going to try and make this next

  3. That looked so yummy. I saw the pic that Justin posted on instagram and started drooling like I am right now #drooling

  4. Hy april.
    That look yummy.
    I Just wanne ask can you make more philipino food.
    I love to see more.
    Thanks for sharing.
    I am from belguim.
    I hope you anderstand my englich.

  5. Yum 🙂 april you should do the taste test too would be fun to see your reaction to what you make 🙂 loved the video

  6. Ahh i have been waiting for this recipe april! Ever since i started watching your vlog channel, it makes me even more excited for cookwithapril! 😉

  7. Oh yum!!! I love the mini bunt cake, super cute. I'm going to have to try this. I wonder if the dollar tree would have the mini bunt pan. Haha. Oh I should go see, what a great reason to go to the dollar tree, hahaha. Another great recipe, looks sooooo good! thanks April!

  8. I love April and Justin to pieces so not hating but i have really bad misophonia so when Justin makes all those sounds it drives me absolutely crazy I have to skip the taste test hahaha but despite that looks so delish.

  9. I like your videos a lot but I wish the cooking or baking part of these videos were longer. I feel these cooking videos are way too short. I would also like it if you included the ingredients in the video as well when adding them. This video felt choppier than usual. I would love to see April try her food creations as well. I know she eats them behind the camera and after filming. I don't get why April and just can't both try taste testing.

  10. I don't want to add nuts because I am allergic to it but instead of putting nuts you can add chocolate chips

  11. Hey April huge fan .. I've watched a few of your cooking videos and I love them but make sure you tell the measurements of each ingredient!

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