How to Make a Wedding Cake For Beginners – Part 1

I’m gonna do a little mini wedding cake
series for you. We’re gonna start with filling and crumb coating because I’ve
already baked the cakes. That part’s not going to be included, but I am going to
show you how to fill them how to crumb coat them. And then the second video will
be of doweling and frosting, and a little bit of decoration, and then the third
video is my favorite. That’s actually getting the cakes to the venue safely. So
that’s gonna be fun, I can’t wait for that one. And I’ll show you how to box up
the cakes, how to get them in the car safely, how to get them there and set
them up, and all that stuff. So you don’t have to worry. I mean it is a little
stressful no matter what. I think it’s really important to remember that this
is a really really special cake and you can’t replace this cake. You can’t
duplicate it so you do have to be extra careful, and you should be a little
worried that you’re gonna drop it. You know you have to really put an extra
effort into being careful, be really really careful. You can’t be too careful
with a wedding cake. So having said that I hope you enjoy the videos and I’ll
see you soon. Thanks so much for being here and please continue letting me know
what you want to see. It was really helpful that you guys told me that you
wanted to see this and I’m really excited about these videos. Alright
thanks again. Start with your cardboard round. I’ve got my cakes here and they
are frozen. So that’s number one, I start with frozen or very cold cakes.
Now I baked these yesterday and I just stuck them in the fridge till they cool
down enough to wrap them, and then I stuck them in the freezer, just for
overnight, so they’re not like super solid but they’re very nice and chilled.
And the reason I do that is because they’re easier to work with. You can just
pick them up, and you can also when you put the chocolate
mousse which in this case is very kind of soft it will harden quickly, so it’ll
set the whole cake. Now you do have to work a little faster when the cakes are
cold because you don’t want things to set too quickly. And then also remember
that you want to start with sticky side down so that it sticks to the cardboard.
You should have a sticky side to your cake. That would be the top of the cake.
Sorry about all that noise. Then you just center that on to your cardboard round. And this is your bottom layer.
Next take your buttercream which you will have in a pastry bag and pipe a
nice thick dam. So what this does… actually with with the mousse you don’t
really have to do the dam, because once the mousse sets it’s very firm, but just
for illustration purposes you normally would make a dam. Like let’s say you were
doing a whipped cream with strawberries or a lemon curved filling or something
that’s going to be a little on the slippery side and it looked kind of
loose and you definitely want to make your dam and what that does besides
holding the filling in is it also acts as a glue so when you put the top layer
on and that hardens it will become like a glue, Holding layers together so there
have my dam. I’ve got a giant batch of chocolate
mousse. You want to use this pretty quickly too because it sets, it’s got
butter in it, and it sets up fairly quickly. I do a very thick layer I
usually for wedding cakes do two layer cake with a filling. Occasionally I’ll do
a three it depends on the cake. And then just get that evened out a little bit. We’re just gonna put the top layer right
on there. You can go either way with this, you can do the sticky side down or up
depending on what your layer looks like. Take a good look at your layer, and you
know like in this case it’s a little higher on this side a little lower on
this side. So what I usually do is I look for a similar situation on the lower
layer. So this is a little thinner over here, I’m going to put the thicker part
here, and then just press gently down. now that one I would put aside and I
would move on to the next. This cake is going to be a three-tiered
cake with a 14 a 10 and a 6. And then an extra cake on the side, so a lot of times
what I’ll do is I’ll suggest to the bride instead of a four tier cake to go
with the three tier and a cake on the side. They could save a little bit of
money that way, it’s so much easier to deliver although I’ve delivered
many four tier cakes, it’s not that much of a big deal, but it’s just a little
easier with the three tier. Now in this case I’m going to put a little piece of,
what do you call this shelf liner, because it’s a little sticky and it kind
of holds the cake in place because this cake is not that heavy. And this is my
butter cake with orange and it really goes really nicely with the chocolate
mousse. So we’re going to go ahead and repeat that whole thing. The chocolate mousse I did times four.
You cansee the recipe I do have it on YouTube and on my website. So I do use a convection oven and it
does tend to kind of blow the cake a little bit. So you can see the cake is a
little higher on one side, and that happens pretty much every time I bake,
but it works out because you could always, like I said with the last layer
or the last tier, you can find the opposite side, the lower end of this one
I put the higher end of the other cake, or you can trim your cakes down if you
have to. So in this case I am going to actually put the sticky side up which I
did with the bottom tier too. Press. Okay now once I put the crumb coat on
here it’ll fill in all the gaps. So I’m gonna put that one aside and go right to
the top tier. Now the top tier, sometimes I will do a three layer which I’m going
to do today, because I really want… I like the way it looks when the top tier is
taller versus shorter. And even taller than the other two tiers. So I’ve got
three of these, which I actually might trim down a little bit. because you can
see they’re kind of rounded and I don’t want that. I want them to be flat. So I’m
gonna make these a little thinner. Be really careful when you’re doing this. I
have a really really sharp knife, and when they’re frozen like this it’s
actually kind of dangerous. So I’m gonna let them to sit for a little bit. I’ll be
back. So for the six-inch tier, again I put the sticky stuff down the shelf
liner, and I trimmed my cakes a little bit. And check to make sure they’re nice and
even and straight. And then since I like how straight it is I’m I want to make
sure to put a little notch in there, you can do this with all the tiers, I didn’t
feel I needed to with the other two. And that way you’ll know which
side goes where.So we’re gonna start with same exact thing. You’re gonna do,
actually yeah, go ahead and put your dam on there. You also want to be careful not to
overfill, which I have a tendency to want to do because you don’t want to take any
chances of the filling popping out the side, which wouldn’t really happen with
chocolate mousse. And the bride and groom will eat this most likely a year from
now. And from what I’ve heard from all of my brides the cake is still very
delicious a year in the freezer. Okay that’s good. I have some chocolate mousse
left over so when that happens I will actually use it to fill in here on the
sides, because it adds some extra flavor and it works beautifully as a crumb coat
as well. It’s important when you’re doing wedding
cakes, to take a moment to clean up, reorganize before going on to like step
number two or three and just a regroup. Because it can be quite stressful if you
let it get really messy and then you start like losing things and not being
able to get to deal. So I’m gonna take a little break right now I’m gonna clean
up and I’ll be right back. Okay so I’m gonna leave this one as is it’s got
chocolate mousse on it as a crumb coat and I’m gonna put that aside. The cakes
are still sitting out as I’m doing this so I don’t I haven’t put them back in
the fridge yet. And I’m gonna go ahead and crumb coat
the next tier. I use Italian meringue buttercream
almost exclusively now and if it sometimes ends up a little bit
airy and kind of like it doesn’t want to incorporate and be smooth, I just stick
it in the microwavem and that’s what I did with this. I put it in the microwave
for I think it was 20 seconds. 10 seconds and then 10 seconds you might
need to do more, and then just get some of those air bubbles out with your
spatula. Now you just need a little bit of a coat here, you don’t need a big huge
amout, just enough to seal in the crumbs. This part goes pretty quick, you don’t
really have to worry too much about making it look good. One thing to
remember when you’re doing the crumb coat though is to have a separate bowl
or something that you can scrape off the excess, actually I’m going to use this. So
if you have crumbs on your spatula you don’t want to put it back into the bowl
with your fresh buttercream, or you can just use a spatula and kind of put some
on there. There’s really no set rules I mean some
people do their frosting up and down like this, some people use a piping bag,
this is just the way I’ve always done it. And just smooth that out, doesn’t even
have to be even that smooth. Take down the edges. And that’s it. Okay put this one aside. Now at this point you can either put
them in the fridge, you can cover them or not cover them, however you want to do it.
The buttercream will pretty much keep it fresh. I probably would want to cover
this because there’s some exposure right there. Cover it with plastic, put it in
the fridge, or you can just go right ahead and foster cakes now and have them already frosted, stick them in the fridge and then the following day put them all
together. I hope that wasn’t too confusing. On to my third tier. That’s a
problem so this is not sticking, what I’m gonna do is just put a little
bit of buttercream on there, see I didn’t put the sticky side down on this cake.
Well now it will stick, it’ll get hard in the fridge and stick to the cardboard. Weare done. We’re done with the filling and the crumb coating and I’m gonna put the cakes in the fridge. so the next video
stay tuned because I’m going to be doing the frosting and the doweling of the cakes.

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