How to make a Train cake topper

In this weeks video I am going to share with
you how to make a train cake topper perfect for a christening or baptism thats coming
right up Hi guys thanks so much for coming back and watching another video of mine if
your new here Im Amanda and I create loads of videos just like this one sharing with
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to make this little christening train for a customer of mine and I thought it would
be a cute little cake topper for you guys to come along and see how I made it I made
this using fondant though you can use gumpaste modelling paste sugarpaste rice krispie treats
or even fimo polymer clay its so easy to make so lets get started So I am making this train
using fondant icing and I have taken out a large piece of it Ive rolled it into a giant
sausage shape cut it into a rectangle this is going to be the main part of the train
cut off the front part of the train at an angle use some baby blue food colouring gel
to colour our fondant blue mix that through your icing roll out a giant thick piece into
a rectangle this will be the back of the train measure a skewer and insert it into the bottom
of the cake topper and slide that down push it in using a ruler to keep your edges sharp
create the round piece of the train using baby blue as well roll into a cylinder shape
use a ruler to sharpen out the edges I really need to get more cake decorating tools but
I am running out of space cut out another piece at an angle for the front of the train
cut the sides into an angle create some lines using a ruler if your enjoying this tutorial
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cake decorating stick on to the front part of your train create
wheels by rolling out blue fondant cut out some circles using a circle cutter use a smaller
circle cutter to create a smaller circle on the inside use a knife tool to create some
lines on the inside do this with all of your wheels and set them to the side to dry create
some strips by rolling out some white fondant use a star plunger cutter to create some star
designs stick the three strips on to the train cake topper create a large circle piece for
the front of the train roll out another snake piece of fondant for the funnel use some edible
glue and a cocktail stick for support create a trim for around the funnel and the top part
of the train cut two strips of fondant one white and one blue and stick on make some
white fluffy steam clouds cut some fondant into different sized squares roll these into
fondant balls and stick these onto your funnel once you have 5 or 6 pieces into your base
cut some wire to size and insert the wire into your funnel leaving two inches sitting
out add some more fondant balls now stick the wheels on use your star plunger cutter
to create some fondant stars in the centre of the wheels create some train trailers or
tenders and my little boy calls them hes choo choo train crazy and you can see my thomas
the tank engine cake topper tutorial by clicking on the link above roll out four equal pieces
of fondant use a ruler to straighten the edges use glue to create a trim add the wheel the
star and the fluffy clouds now i am going to make all the small details of this train
really stand out by using some light blue edible dust take a small brush and dust the
powder on to all the details that you have created around the funnel the stars and you
can see it makes all the little pieces stand out if you enjoyed this video and you want
to see more from me…well guys thats it from me for this week I hope you enjoyed this video
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