How To Make a Rustic Wedding Cake ~ Pistachio Vanilla Bean Cake from Scratch

How To Make a Rustic Wedding Cake ~ Pistachio Vanilla Bean Cake from Scratch

hello everyone this is a Veronica from and today I’m going to show you how to decorate an easy cake that
you can use either for a wedding or for an anniversary and this is the
easiest cake that you can decorate. We’re going to be using a pistachio cake. So for this recipe we’re going to need
flour, sugar, milk, egg, egg white, butter, salt, baking soda, baking powder, pistachios and some cream of tartar. Let’s get started. I’m going to put the
butter, mm-hmm we’re going to help this now we’re going to
put the sugar okay there we go and we’re going to put this to mix In the meantime I’m gonna put the flower, two pinches of salt, the baking soda, baking powder We are going to peel the pistachios and put them in the food processor, we are going to grind t hem. Lets grind the pistachios for about 30 sec to a
minute and we’re gonna add just a couple spoons to the dry ingredients and
we’re going to continue grinding our pistachios until we get a very fine grain. Now that the pistachios are grind
into very small pieces we’re going to add them to the dry ingredients mix.
The vanilla is creamed with the sugar and we’re going to add the eggs in the
vanilla and we’re going to mix them together until they’re well incorporated.
We’re going to follow with the dry ingredients we’re gonna add them in like in
three parts. It is a part of dry ingredients, then the milk once again, dry
ingredients, milk, dry ingredients and we’re going to finish with the milk. On a separate bowl we are going to whip the egg whites with the cream of tartar egg whites with a cream of tartar until
we get soft peaks and we’re going to fold it into our
batter. Divide it in 3 and bake it at 350 degrees for around 40 minutes.
Let’s start decorating. I am going to start by applying some buttercream on at the bottom. This is just so my cake has something to stick to. And I am going to put the first
layer. When you cut the top of your cake you need to do it straight so you have a flat surface so you don’t have a hard time leveling the cake later. I am using the offset spatula to spread the buttercream. In this case it’s okay if
you push the icing outside the circumference of the cake because we’re
going to be covering the whole K with the same buttercream. You just go around
and try to smooth it out. Right there I’m going to add the second layer of bread
you’re going to center it and we are going to apply the second layer of frosting. Now I’m going to add that third layer A trick so you don’t get the crumbs of
the cake you put the spatula you push forward and then back and you lift up Take a look at this and it is leveled. okay so now
I’m going to start working on the sides and what I’m going to do is just apply a
small layer of buttercream, just to make just to make sure that all the crumbs
stick to this first layer of buttercream and I don’t get the crumbs on the final
coat which is the one that you see at the end of the you see if when the
cake is done, all I’m doing here is just like I said push forward and back,
forward and back. so right now what I’m going to do is I’m
going to take this cake to the fridge and put it there for about 15
minutes and one thing I am going to recommend is that if you get crumbs in
your buttercream, don’t put it back in your bowl because if you do that, the
whole buttercream is going to get those crumbs and you’re not going to be able to
use it or if you use it you can I get the crumbs on the final coat so don’t
do that. I’ll be back. OK, so I’m back with a
cake it’s already chilled like for 15 minutes and if you touch it you can
actually put your your finger and nothing comes off. Apply the second and
last layer of buttercream all around the cake. For this cake it doesn’t have to super
smooth the icing, so we are going to start adding the decoration. I am gonna grab the buttercream and I am gonna go up and down. Down. Up And you can add more buttercream to get the texture. Once you finish let’s clean the board, you can use the spatula and a piece of paper In the mean time if you
want what you can do is start bringing in the excess towards the center. OK,
I’m going to put it on the fridge and I’ll come back. OK, in the meantime I’m
going to prepare the fresh flowers to put it on top of the cake. So we have the
flower, we cut the stem. We’re going to insert the wire in the middle of the flower, like so. you fold it and twist it around. Once you have it like this, we’re
going to be covering the wire with the floral tape There you have it. Put two of them together and I’m going to hold them with a wire again. Well it was in the fridge for about 10 minutes and it’s hard already. So, what I’m going to do I’m just
going to smooth out the top. If I would have some excess right here I will use the spatula and bring it over or just go around the cake like so and just
cutting the excess. As you can see I get buttercream. And if you have
any gaps well you can use the same buttercream and smooth it out. So now I’m going
to start adding the flowers and I’m going to use this is a bubble straw.
Wherever I decide to put the flower that’s where I’m going to push the
straw in, and I’m going to cut it. Just push it in all the way, if the wire
is too long just cut. That is perfectly fine. bend the wire. Once again, bend the wire to place the flower. Put this one in there. And then fold this one, bend it a little bit and put it in there like so. If you see any spots where you can add more flower, just
go ahead and add them. And there you have it! It is ready. Thank you for watching if you like this video please give it a thumbs up share with
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  1. I love to eat pistachios and this cake looks delish. One of these days I'm going to try a pistachio flavored cake and icecream.

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