How to Make a Red Velvet Cake : Icing a Red Velvet Cake

How to Make a Red Velvet Cake : Icing a Red Velvet Cake

Then we’re going to take that same piece of
foil, put it back on top. Put your hand right underneath, and flip it over. Okay, so now
we’re going to start with the icing. So let’s take our icing. It’s been cooling in the refrigerator.
I’m just going to take this and put it right on top. And we’re just going to spread it.
And this icing, depending on how much you want in the middle, I really like a lot of
icing. So I tend to pour it on. Just put it on, just going to go in a circular motion.
Grab a little bit more. Turn your cake plate around if it’s easier for you. Just going
to take the cake, and because it’s cooled you, it’s so easy to transfer. Just going
to go right under the bottom. Be really careful. And you’re going to center the second layer
right on top. So again, we’re just spreading it on top. And I really like a lot of icing.
So I’m being really liberal here. But you don’t have to add as much as I do. So we’re
going to start with the sides. And the trick to doing the icing on the sides, you just
kind of lay it on top and take it around. And you can come back and fill in those spaces
later. But you really just want to kind of get a good base. So let’s go back now and
clean off the rim of the cake plate. Here’s how I do it. Just take a paper towel, I’ve
got some water handy. And I just lightly dip the paper towel, fold it over into the dry
part, and I just take my index finger and just kind of go around and rub the rim of
the cake. Get all of your icing off the ridges. Clean it up so that when you take your cake
plate out to your dinner table, it looks picture perfect.

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  1. red velvet cake is basically a red chocolate cake but there is an easier way to decorate it without all that foil and everything but it was a beautiful video

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