Howdy folks how is it going welcome to my
virgin kitchen now todays recipe is naughty, I am not going to lie, it is a five storey
high pizza cake. Yes you heard me right a pizza cake. So basically today I was planning
on doing an apple and blackberry pie but in the last week I got absolutely bombarded by
you guys of either making a skillet cookie or a pizza cake so I put it out onto a poll
on my website and the pizza cake won by a complete landslide and do you know what after
making it and tasting it it is actually really really good so the recipe I found was not
actually my own I will put the link in the ingredients right here so hit pause now, write
down the ingredients and um yeah, it is actually really easy to make, some may say a pizza
cake, get it like piece of cake � this is how I did it.
Start off by getting one of those cake tins with a loose bottom and with your ready made
pizza dough cut out circular shapes in fact this was the tin that I actually used so cut
that shape out in your pizza dough whack it on a baking tray and bake for around 8 minutes
just to firm up, do not get it to golden brown or crispy anything like that you want it nice
and soft through there oh yeah baby, so do that to all of your bases that is probably
the bit out of everything that takes the most time with this recipe, get about 5 bases there
and then you are ready to build the rest of your cake. Then it was just a case of lining
our cake tin with some baking parchment, then lining that again with some pizza dough just
to form the outside, I am doing lots of hand motions kind of like an air hostess here,
here and here or swimming that is completely optional hand actions unnecessary but that
will form the outside of our pizza cake so get your base in there put your first base
in, first base baby, tomato sauce, mozzarella on top, peppers and pepperoni but that was
of course what I did, just keep building those layers up til you get to the top, but you
could put on whatever you want you could do a BBQ chicken pizza or a pulled pork duck
thing whatever you wanna do, in fact let me know down below what you would do with it
all there shove it in the oven for a good 25 minutes now for me it did not really burn
on the top but if it does you can put foil around the crust apparently that�s what
the instructions said, so do that if it starts to catch, and after 25 minutes you take it
out and wow it is looking good. And when I first got it out of the casing
so it was sat on the base it kind of turned into a DJ turntable, I am a pizza DJ look,
ok let it cool down a bit. Pretty cool right so with it nice and cooled but still warm
enough so you have that fresh pizza vibe freshly baked cut a wedge out of it and you will get
that amazing 5 layer look on that pizza and it tastes, so so good. You know what guys
it is actually super super good and cut into thin slices it could be amazing for a birthday
party so give that a go. If you do have a go send me a picture @myvirginkitchen
I really like the whole idea of jumping onto this whole trend thing too so if you see anything
cool that is out there like I want to see Barry try it to see if the average Joe or
average Barry can do it, let me know and I will jump on it straight away so if you enjoyed
this video do not forget to give it a thumbs up share subscribe and comment, let me know
what you want to see next and thanks for all the love and support in growing this channel,
I am getting emotional, see you next time.

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