How to Make a Gum Paste Stargazer Lily

How to Make a Gum Paste Stargazer Lily

Hello, everyone. I’m Emily from the decorating room here at Wilton and today I’m going to show you guys how to make a gum paste stargazer lily now these beautiful flowers are really popular So it’s no wonder you guys have been asking for this video Now remember if you guys like this video and want to see more make sure you subscribe to our channel So you can see all of our videos now We’re going to start with our Wilton ready to use gum paste, and we’re going to need it until it’s nice and pliable So I’ve got my flower impression mat here and on the back. You’ll see a nice little groove We are going to dust this with some corn starch just You want a little corn starch down in the grooves or it’ll get sucked now. I’m going to take our gum paste You don’t need all of it, and I’m going to roll it into a ball and then into a log No measurement here it’s just a log and we’ll stick it on the groove and we’re going to press down and make sure that gum paste Gets down into the groove now. We’re going to roll it. So I’ve got my rolling pin with my pink guide rings, which is 1/16 of an inch and then we’re going to roll from the middle out and in the other way This is really making sure that the gum paste goes down into that groove. I cannot stress needs to be in the groove so now that I’ve got the gum paste to 1/16 of an inch I’m going to take the guide rings off because I want it to be a little thinner and we’re going to roll it a little bit more So next we’re going to be using our succulent cutters there are two cutters in that set that we’ll be using will be using cutter H and cutter I We’re going to start with cutter eye. You can kind of see that groove in the middle. We’re going to have a slightly off-center Now we’re going to press down the cut And I like to peel away The gum paste and now we’re going to peel this off So now I’m going to brush some gum glue into the flap I like using these cheap food safe paintbrushes, so I don’t gunk up my nice dusting brushes. So now I’m going to insert the wire I’ve got some 26 gauge wire Put it right in here with the lap and the glue and we’ll fold the flap over the wire Secure it. So now we’re going to flip over our impression mat and here We’ve got two vayner sections this one is for leaves and this one’s for petals. So we’re going to put it flat side down, so The Groove is up On there, I’m going to use our purple flower shaping foam place it on top or in a push don’t be afraid To push and roll up the sleeves and push Then nice and gentle pick it up sometimes it might stick a little that’s fine. Now. I’m using my ball tool We’ve got a small end and a large end I’m going to use the large end because I don’t want it to be too ruffly, so the smaller the ball the more ruffly the petals So now we’re going to take our petal and place it on our waveformer to dry We’re going to put a little cornstarch on there to make sure it doesn’t stick okay, I Like to give it a little bit of that curve beforehand Real gentle to make sure the wire doesn’t come poking out there, and I’m going to bend this part of the wire up Just place it on they’re all Going to let this dry overnight And you’re going to make three of these I pedals and three of the h petals so now we’re going to make the pistol I’ve got a half inch ball of gum paste and So we’re going to roll this into the log That’s about two and a half inches long by about a quarter of an inch wide and if it’s kind of lumpy. That’s okay We can fix that in a minute So now I’ve got my twenty gauge wire which is a little bit thicker I’m going to put a little gum glue on it, and when I put this in the narrow end. I like the twist You want it to go about 3/4 of the way up and you see how it’s kind of lumpy We’re going to fix that just kind of give it a little roll Now we’re going to flatten the end. I just push it on the table a little bit and now I’ve got my knife tool. This isn’t that sharp. You’re not going to hurt yourself. You want to make three little scores. There’s one two three and again I like to do the little pinchy things down at the bottom and then we’re going to let this dry overnight as well I like to let it dry and like a styrofoam block and next we’re going to make the stamen So I’ve got some brown gum paste. I’m going to roll it into a teeny-weeny little log nice and nice and thin So now we’re going to put in the little wire So we’re using our 26 Gauge wire again And I’ve got a little pair of needle nose pliers, and what I’m going to do is I’m going to bend the end At a right angle like it’s an upSide-Down. L just a little I’m going to take this just dip it in the in the gum glue get all the excess off and Then we’re going to kind of sneak this into the middle there Let is dry along with your pistol now that everything is dry. We’re going to dust them and make them pretty So I’ve got some color dust in custom deep pink Stargazer Lilies are usually pink with some dark spots I’m going to soften this pink with a little white And we’re also going to use a little bit of lime green and I like to use these nice fluffy brushes So we’re going to start with our line green. It’s a little bit down here at the bottom go right down the middle, so Now we’re going to dust the pistol And start again with that same green down the bottom half get this lighter shade of pink here And we’ll do this on the top I’m going to take my brown extra-fine Food Writer and put some spots on these petals Now We’re going to tape it all together and make our flower, so I’ve got my pistol Stamen and some floral tape and now the petals I’m going to start with the three wider petals first So now our I petals are going to sit in between our h panels then you can position Your petals how you like it l that’s it now I’m going to show you how to put it in a cake So I’m going to use this flower spike to insert my flower into the cake Since the wire is a little thin and it’s a little fits in there Put the cap back on and I put this and about here stick it in there and there is your friends are going to be really impressed with this realistic flower that you guys created and If you just change the colors up a little bit and use orange instead of white you can make Tigerlily all those techniques are still the same Now remember if you like this video be sure to give us a thumbs up and leave some comments below of which flower you would Like to see next I’m emily. Thanks for watching

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  1. You are so talented along with all of the other wilton workers I wish one day to meet you guys,love you soooo much!!!❤️

  2. This was a fun video! I'm working on up to gumpaste, so I certainly appreciate these videos. Presented very well and I appreciate the humor from Emily. 🙂

  3. Hi Emily, this has to be your best video yet. Your personality truly shines through. No more meek EMily 🙂 Ay!!!!! You were engaging and funny, clear, concise and the steps were clearly detailed. Looking forward more videos. 💜

  4. your guide rings weren't within the area of your impression mat, and so they didn't actually do anything for you…

  5. I like your personality. It's cute. Maybe instead of cutting on the mat, I teach my students to take the gum paste off the may so there is less of a chance for the petal to test. Then I have them off-center the cutter and continue. Just to eleviate any misjudgement of where the flat may be

  6. When adding more flowers to a cake like the one with the Tiger Lilies, do you use one flower spike for each flower or do you put multiple flowers in one spike?

  7. Hi Emily, i loved your easy-to-follow tutorial of the Stargazer Lily. It was well-received. Thank you and the staff at Wilton very much. Will you be doing any tutorials of the Bird/s of Paradise, Hibiscus, Anthurium or Woodgrain effects. If you have already posted, please disregard my question. Thanks again.

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  10. Love how it's explained.. just wish I could get hold of some wire easier.. without traveling miles to get what I need.

  11. Thank you Emily your a good teacher! Taking the Wilton Gumpaste course right now really enjoying it love using gumpaste for flower making! We have a very good teacher though she Awesome! Love Wilton videos! Thank you for sharing x

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