How to Make a Gingerbread House : How to Make Icing

How to Make a Gingerbread House : How to Make Icing

While you are waiting for your dough you can
make the icing on the top for the decoration. So, let’s take some spoonful of sugar. It
can be crystal sugar or powdered sugar. Okay, and now let’s mix it together with some hot
water. You need to see the texture. You can also use some chocolate for it, and so it
doesn’t necessarily have to be white, it, you can put some powder, chocolate powder
in it or maybe, maybe you can use some colors as well to, to make, make it a little bit
more colorful. So, mix it all together. Okay. If you feel that it’s not, the texture is
not good enough and this is a bit too juicy, so let’s put some more sugar in it and mix
it together. Shouldn’t be too hard, shouldn’t be too liquidized. So, it’s somewhere between
the two. Okay. Also, make sure that you, that the crystal sugar melts. You only need a few spoonful of sugar, and
a few drops of water with it, and the texture should be something like that. So, it’s not
too liquidized, not too hard, but it shouldn’t fall off the spoon straight away, and then
you let it cool a bit. Okay. Now, let’s put this aside. Let’s check the dough.

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  1. I moved to Germany from the USA. I was also a little shocked when I first learned that their "icing" is actually our recipe for our glaze, like with glazed donuts. It is the icing that Germans will use for their bakery goods as well as the typical German Kuchen like with a birthday kuchen. You're wanting whipped or butter cream icing and not glaze, mizzlesizz6.

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