How to make a Galaxy Unicorn Cake Decorating Tutorial

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and let’s get started. (vibrant music) The first thing that we’re gonna do is to make the horn and the ears, so that they have time to dry. Now you can make this out of fondant or gum paste
or modeling chocolate, whatever you have at hand. And because our unicorn is black, I’m actually also gonna be making the ears and the horn out of black as well. Now because we’re painting it with gold, you might think, why not
just make it in white? Well actually the gold paint
looks slightly different to over black than it does over white. For white, it’ll be a much
brighter more yellowy gold and over the black, it’ll
have a different depth, and because we’re going for
this whole dark look thing, I’m gonna stick with the black. And I’m going to use modeling chocolate ’cause I have a bunch of
modeling chocolate left over from Lego Batman! So you can go check that
video out over there. So first thing we wanna do
is warm it up and knead it. There’s a couple different
ways you can make this horn. The way is just to make a horn shape, put it on your dowel rod and then take some fondant
tools and put your lines in it. Totally great way. The other way is to do one long strand. I’m gonna try to keep it evenly tapering. You start wrapping… And then you just keep
wrapping around your dowel rod. And as you can see then, these are actually a much
tighter sharper angle, so they’re being angled
like this along the horn, not angled more like this. And it’s kinda hard to get
that nice fat end with this. You totally can, just might
take a little bit of practicing, make sure you don’t roll it
up quite as much on one end. But you tend to get a
longer narrow horn that way. So, and then the final way is
to actually take two parts, and I’ll roll both of those
into tapered logs, wrap those. And because there’s two strands, these angles are actually
much more angled than one strand is going to
be, I really like that. Remember one of the great
things about modeling chocolate is how well you can smooth it. We can gather all the fingerprints. Then you wanna take your horn, and you wanna shove it
through either one big block or a couple smaller blocks of styrofoam, so that it doesn’t slide down your wooden skewer as it dries. All right, now for the ears. So I’m taking some rose
petal cookie cutters, and I’m gonna cut two big ones. And then two more medium-sized ones, painting the back of the smaller ones. Now depending on what you’re using, if you’re using fondant or gum paste, I’d recommend using some
sort of clear alcohol. If you are using, like I am
here, modeling chocolate, you can just use water. Take some smaller skewers, have
some little five inch ones, and press that down in. You wanna make sure that whatever you roll out is thick enough that it can handle having
a skewer in the middle. That’s how we’re gonna attach it later. And then I’m gonna pinch that together. Now we’re going to level, stack and frost our actual cake parts. Now you can just use white
cake, chocolate cake, whatever, or you can have some fun with it. So I made actually four different colors, which are the colors of our party at navy, purple, pink and turquoise. Now I always start by cutting off the top ’cause the top is often
domed or misshapen. And the base should be,
you know, nice and flat since it was in the nice flat cake stand. And then once I had the
top flat, I flip it over, and then I actually am going to cut off just the thinnest little
bit from the bottom, so that as you slice open the cake, you’re not gonna have that
brown little bit showing. See, really it’s not very much at all. And now I’m going to trim
each one of these in half. Put a little bit of
ganache on your cake stand. Put whatever color you
wanna put first down, if you’re doing colors, of course. And then do another layer of ganache. Now my cake is still partially frozen, which means my ganache is actually getting hard fairly quickly, so you wanna work fast, or you
wanna work with thawed cake. I just, I like working
with partially frozen cake because the ganache is
gonna set so quickly, it’s gonna help the layers stick together really nicely and really
quickly so I can move on. All right, so now we’re all
stacked and put together. Now you need to decide if you want to carve away
the side of the cake. Now I’m gonna choose not
to do that this time. By taking away that outer structure, I would leave it a much weaker cake and I don’t wanna do that, so now I’m just going to frost the sides. So I’ve rolled out a really big sheet of some dark navy fondant, I just mix a little bit of
blue in with a lot of black. So now I’m going to trim the bottom and grab your fondant and we’re gonna wrap it around. Take some fondant smoothers
and smooth to the back. And now because the top
is just gonna be covered with frosting and horns, I honestly just folded it back and then cut away what didn’t matter and just kinda pressed it down into place. And then gave it a nice little
smoothing at the corners. Now all the dark unicorn
cakes that I’ve seen have a bright colored
mane, which we’re gonna do, and the goal, the ears and
horn, which we’re gonna do. But then they’ve left
everything else really plain, but we kinda want to keep
this whole, you know, galaxy unicorn thing going, so we’re gonna kinda galaxy
this up a little bit. I’ve taken some white
soft paste food coloring, and I’ve added it to some of the colors that we’ve already been
using for the party. The fuchsia, the navy blue, the violet and, of course, the turquoise. We’re gonna stir in some
of the white in the colors. And then I have some sponges. What we’re gonna do is take some of the white
ink colored on a sponge. And then kind of bring it into the design. Now this right here are
where her eyes are gonna be. This is where her mane’s gonna come down. We wanna be aware of things like that as we start bringing in this color. ’cause we wanna more frame the face than like cover the whole face, right? And then if you really wanna bring in a little bit more depth and darkness, grab onto your sponge some
of the pure color as well. And then I’m bringing in
two little blush spots and her eyes are gonna go right there. Now it’s time to add the mane to the cake. So I have made four different colors, the same fuchsia, navy,
purple and turquoise that we’ve been working with for everything else for the party. And I’ve made it into some buttercream. Now I’ve done one big tip,
a big huge nice star tip, and I’ve done that for every single color. And then I’ve used a bunch of other various small flower tips, a french tip, a closed flower, a bunch of other stuff that
we’re gonna kinda fill in with. Start by making a rosette right in the center of the forehead, and then just keep adding and building on, switching colors between every rosette. You wanna do that across the top and then, of course, down
the back for the mane. So I have my Rolkem Super Gold and I just have a little hole
in the top of the plastic, and I just squeeze out
a little bit at a time. And then I just add a couple drops of some kind of clear alcohol. You can use almond extract
or clear vanilla or vodka, whatever, whatever you
feel comfortable with. First thing that we’re gonna do is paint the inside of our ear. Then you’re gonna wanna
paint the unicorn horn. Make sure to give it a nice thick layer. Now that we’ve painted our horn, it’s time to add it to our cake. Now I like to add it closer to the front, not right in the center, and then go ahead and add both ears onto each side of the horn. Touch up anywhere where you
might have touched on your horn. Time to add our eyes now. Roll out a small snake of fondant. I taper each end and then
I added an extra eyelash. Then I went ahead and painted
it with that same gold paint. And finally, I filled in the mane using all of my buttercream colors and changing up a bunch of smaller tips. A couple little rosettes,
couple little stars. And just like that, it’s done. Have you made one of
the unicorn cakes yet? Would you consider making
a Galaxy Unicorn Cake instead of the classic white? In the comment box down below, let me know if there’s a cake
craze that you’re crazy about, you would like to see me recreate. Don’t forget to subscribe
so you don’t miss anything. Don’t forget to check out for the entire party. All the other unicorn galaxy games and crafts and food, of course. And thanks for watching.

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