How to Make a Fondant Ribbon & Bow | Cake Decorations

How to Make a Fondant Ribbon & Bow | Cake Decorations

Hi, my name is Amanda Oakleaf. I am owner, head baker, decorator of Amanda
Oakleaf Cakes in Winthrop, Massachusetts where we do custom cakes of all kinds — wedding
cakes, birthday cakes, sculpted cakes. Anything you can think of we can make it into
a cake. And today I will be talking to you about cake
decorating. So we have our airbrushed cake and now we’re
going to add a ribbon around the base and a little bow in the front. So we have our color. We’re going to give it a little bit of a knead
and we want to sprinkle a little corn starch. That’ll keep it from sticking to the table,
and we’re going to roll out a long strip so start with the shape that we want. We want a long ribbon. So that should be long enough to wrap around
the cake. We have this fancy tool, it’s a scissoring
roller cutter and it allows you to cut a strip very easily. To make it look like fabric we have another
roller that has a zigzag edge that will add stitch marks. You could also add polka dots. You could also have a texturing mat to give
different looks to your ribbon. To glue it onto the side we have a mixture
of water and meringue powder. We’ll start with a flat edge, and you can
cradle the ribbon so it doesn’t stretch with your other arm and just apply it with your
other arm as you spin it around. When you get to the end you can use your exacto
tool and cut along right where it meets. There’ll be a little seam but we can cover
that up with the bow. So that’s our ribbon, and then to make the
bow you want to cut out a shape where it’s skinnier in the middle and wider where the
bow edges will be and then a little skinnier towards the middle again. So it’s kind of like an untied bow tie. That looks how I like it. We want a little bit of glue in the middle
here because that’s where the two ends are going to stick together, and then I also like
to glue a little bit on the outside of these because that’s where they’re going to scrunch
up into a bow. So put that in the middle, and the other one. A little bit of glue, and then you want to
scrunch it up as if it was tied and you can create a couple folds to make it look like
it is fabric. Give it a good pinch. So that’s the basic bow. I like to put it on a foam. That allows it to dry a little faster and
keep it from drying too flat. Then we want a strip to cover the middle so
on your extra, cut a little piece that’s wide enough and you want it to extend and wrap
around the back as well. Flip it over, a little glue on the back. Flip it over, with your exacto tool cut off
the extras. Then you want to just let it dry half an hour
to an hour. That will stiffen up and we’ll be able to
place it right on the side of our cake.

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  1. My BFF is having a cake decorating competition for her birthday, and I'm happy to say I will be using this strategy of the bow

  2. I like it, but you need a lot of things I don´t have. I don´t have a strip cutter, I don´t have eatable glue and I don´t have a spinning cake platua.;

  3. I'm going to practice with clay first before decorating a real cake 😂👌 cause practice makes perfect

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