How to Make a Fondant Baby Rattle | Cupcake Decorating

Hi, my name is Elizabeth Sutton and I am one
of the head decorators here at Amanda Oakleaf Cakes. I really enjoy working here and being a cake
decorator and more specifically, cupcake decorator. You can come visit us at our store front at
One Pauline Street in Winthrop Massachusetts and you can also visit our website at And today I’m going to be talking to you about
cupcake decorating. Baby Shower Cupcakes: How to make Baby Rattles. So I’m going to be showing you how to make
some fondant baby rattles like the one that we have right here. These are really great for baby showers or
first birthday party or anything like that. You can make them any color that you want. We have a pink one here and I’m going to be
showing you how to make a blue one as well. So you’re going to want to start with some
fondant. I have blue right here. Take a small chunk off, just roll it in your
hands to make a ball. So we make our own fondant, we make it out
of powdered sugar, marshmallow and gum tridocant (?) but you can also buy it. Most craft stores have it. So we have a little fondant ball. You going to want to take this kind of fondant
tool or anything else you have just to make a little impression in the bottom, that’s
where the handle of the rattle is going to go. So you’re going to want to take some white
fondant or whatever color that you want, and again roll it in your hands, and you’re just
going to want to roll it on the table to make it skinny and long, like a handle. You don’t want to make it too skinny or else
its going to bend and break on you. You can kinda have a feel for it in your hand. So when you have your rattle handle made,
you can just take the end of it, fold it in on itself to make a rounded edge and you want
to take any piping tip with a round tip and just cut out a circle. That kinda just gives it a more realistic
rattle look. To finish it off, you want to put the handle
of the rattle inside there. The last thing you want to do it take a very
small chunk of white, roll it out thin, long thin, using any kind of a decorative roller,
this one has crimped edges, I’m going to cut out a strip and the strip goes in the middle
of the rattle. Just tuck the sides under. It’s two pieces so you when you put it on
the cupcake you want to just put this part on first, put this piece inside the rattle
and put it on the cupcake like so. And then what you’ll have is something that
looks like this.

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