How to make a flamingo | Valetines day cake decorating πŸ’“

How to make a flamingo | Valetines day cake decorating πŸ’“

Hey happy bees its Amanda and today we are
going to make these flamingo bird cake toppers together perfect for valentines day I made
these using modelling paste and I would recommend using modelling paste to make these little
guys because its a lot stronger than fondant and as usual you can find links in the description
for everything that Im using in this tutorial so you can create these birds at home so Ive
taken a large ball of my modelling paste and Ive dyed it a light pink colour ive rolled
it into a teardrop shape and now im taking the fatter end of that teardrop and Im creating
a sausage type shape for a neck this can take a wee bit of time ad it can be quite tricky
but you have just got to work with it until you have that log neck shape pinch the narrow
side down and create a tail shape the neck into a heart shape you are going to try and
image the other bird that you are going to make beside this bird flatten down the top
part this is going to be part of the face and I decided to take a little bit off the
bottom half of our bird use a knife to create a feather effect use some white modelling
paste and roll into a teardrop shape as well add some black fondant to the end of that
to create a beak trim the beak and use a ball tool to create a little hole so that the top
part of the face can fit in nice and neat roll more of your pink modelling paste into
a teardrop shape and add to the top and my camera dies when I was creating eye sockets
so you are just creating a hole with a ball tool and placing some blue fondant inside going to go in with some coral pink edible
dust now to create some dimension and shading going to put some of that in the beak area
and in and around the feathers its amazing the difference the edible dust can make they
really make your topper come to life! So now we are going to go in with a bbq skewer and
I have cut this one to about 5 inches we are going to insert that where the leg is going
to go and then we are going to leave our little flamingo to dry overnight so this is the next
morning as you can see its firmed up a lot and its nice and hard so what we are going
to do now is take some white modelling paste roll into a snake shape press down that skewer
inside it use some water on your skewer this will help your modelling paste to stick just
keep rolling ad rolling it can be a bit tricky you want it to be really thin trim off both
ends of your skewer as about an inch of it will go inside the cake and the other inside
the flamingo cake topper pull out this little part in the middle take some more modelling
paste and roll out the same thickness as our bbq skewer cut to size and fold into a v shape
and it was at this point I realised it only had one hole so I had to create another hole
brush water on both sides of the flamingo leg isert one side intot he new hole and stick
the other side onto the leg making some additional feathers now for flamingos bottom half if
you like valentines day cake decorating or you are stuck for vallentine or bird cake
ideas click on the link above and you will find lots of ideas for valentines day I hope
you enjoyed this tutorial if you do recreate anything of mine I would love to see your
creations so you can tag me on instagram @happybeecakes dont forget to subscribe and become part of
the happy bee cakes community ill see you next week bye guys!

19 thoughts on “How to make a flamingo | Valetines day cake decorating πŸ’“

  1. Hi, Amanda. Your flamingos look simply beautiful, just you and your accent. What do you love about flamingos? Have a good day, Amanda. <3

  2. So cool 😎 I subscribed hope you can subscribe back O So Cute Toys πŸ€™πŸ€™πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸͺπŸΉπŸŽ€πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ€πŸΉπŸͺ😍😎

  3. how far in advance can you make this flamingo? i dont want it to dry and crack…at the same time it needs to be dry enough to stand. * you say modeling clay….are you talking gum paste or modeling chocolate??

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