How to make a CHOCOLATE BOWL using a balloon How To Cook That by Ann Reardon

How to make a CHOCOLATE BOWL using a balloon How To Cook That by Ann Reardon

Welcome to How to Cook That .net. I’m Ann
Reardon. Today we’re looking at how to make 4 different
chocolate bowls using balloons as a mould. We’ll also have 2 other videos looking at
how to make them with ice and with a container as a mould. You can click on the channel link
above where it says to go to those. So to get started we’ll lookat how to make
a dripped balloon bowl. You need to take your balloon, wash it and dry it, and then give
it a light spray in cooking oil and then rub it in. And then for this chocolate bowl, I’m
going to use chocolate melts. You can use block chocolate. If youre gonna do that, you
need to temper your chocolate. There’s a video on how to temper chocolate. If you want to
see the other videos on this channel, just look in the top corner, click on the
button and it’ll take you to the other videos. Then you’re gonna need a small bowl. That’s
small enough to put the base of the balloon in, so that the balloon will stand upright
in the fridge, because we’re going to put chocolate over the top. Now we need to melt
our chocolate. As I said, I’m going to use chocolate melts. So I’m going to melt those
in the microwave. 30 seconds, stir, 20 seconds, stir, 10 seconds, stir, and repeat the 10
seconds, stir, until they are completely melted. You have to keep stirring or they’ll burn.
And they need to be in a bowl that doesn’t get hot. Once your chocolate is completely melted,
take a small amount on a spoon, and just feel it on your finger, and make sure it doesn’t
feel hotter that your finger. If you put it on the balloon too hot, the balloon might
pop and that will make a mess in your kitchen. Take your melted chocolate and put it in a
star shape or a cross shape across the top of the balloon so that it can start to drip
down the sides. Depending on how runny your chocolate is, you might need to give the balloon
a bit of a shake to get it to go down the sides, or if it’s very runny, it will drip
down by itself. If they’re not going in one direction, just tilt it in one direction and
shake it slightly. Allow that to set in the fridge, and then get your white chocolate
that has been melted and repeat the same thing. Put it across in a star pattern, and then
again give it a shake to get it smooth. If any of the drips go down too long, just whipe
it off to the length you want it to be, and give it a little shake to smooth it. If you
want more of a marbled effect, you can put both chocolate colours on together without
waiting for it to set in between. Once your bowl is finished, put a small amount of melted
chocolate on some baking paper, and then place the balloon upside down onto that chocolate.
And that forms then your base that going to hold it upright. Just in that very rubbery
bit at the top of the balloon, just stretch that bit out, and get some scissors and make
a very small hole in that piece. You don’t want the balloon to pop, you want it to go
down slowly. And as you stretch that little hole, it starts to go down a bit. Then you
need to go under each one of the drips and loosen them away. Any drips that are too long,
too skinny or too thin, they will snap. So don’t worry if you lose some of them. Just
try and loosen as many away from the balloon as you can. Once they’re sufficently loose,
you can let the balloon down a bit faster. You can see here that you lose a few of them
that snap off, particularly the ones that are, as I said, that are very skinny or are
too thin, they’re going to break off. If there’s one that you particularly wanted on the bowl,
you can just melt the end of the chocolate, so have a look at your bowl, see if it looks
uneven, then melt the end of the chocolate and just hold it in place until it sets back
onto the bowl. And there you have your dripped chocolate bowl. Next I’ll show you how to make a piped bowl
also using a balloon. For this one I’ve made the balloon quite a bit smaller. And then
you just want to make circles overlapping each other, going around the balloon, this
makes quite a strong shape, because you don’t have the drips that are just up the top on
their own. And then smaller circles going around underneath that, so it gives strength
to the design. Once that’s ready, just place it on some aluminium foil or baking paper
in the fridge to set. And once it’s set again, make a small slit so the balloon can go down
slowly, and just loosen it away from the chocolate. And there you have a nice little chocolate
nest looking bowl. And you can fill that with your dessert and serve it like that. This is a decorated bowl that’s be made using
a balloon also. For this one you need to completely cover your balloon, apart from the top section
with chocolate. If you have a large amount of chocolate, you could just dip it in, if
not then just use a spoon to cover the balloon over. Then what you’re going to do is give
the balloon a bit of a shake or a bit of a jiggle to smooth it over. You don’t want to
do it too much or it will get too thin around the top, but just give it a shake so that
it smooths out all those bumps and lumps. Place in on your baking paper. I’m going to
put it on a bit of an angle rather than straight, you can do it straight if you would prefer.
And then just hold it there til it sets a little bit, and pop it in the fridge. Then
do the same as before, slowly let the balloon down, and then you’re going to need to reach
in and pull the balloon out of the inside of your bowl. To make the edges look a bit
more pretty around the top of the balloon, we’re going to take a hair dryer and put it
on a hot setting, and just gently blowing to the side, and it will just melt the little
top section edge there and make it fold inward. If you blow too much, you’re going to melt
the entire thing. Next we’re going to take a piping bag with
a different colour chocolate, so we’re using the white chocolate here, and just start piping
a filigree design. You can pipe any design you like. Just practice drawing the pen on
paper first until you get something that you’re happy with and confident that you can do,
and then just do that onto your chocolate bowl to create a decorated effect. And once
you’ve finished place that in the fridge to set and then you have quite a pretty looking
bowl. The fourth one I’m gonna show you is a multi
coloured bowl. Very similar to the dripped one, but we’re gonna colour some of the chocolate
using chocolate colouring, which is an oil based colouring, so it doesn’t make the chocolate
seize. To do the design that I have shown in the picture, make a target shape on your
balloon with one colour chocolate and then generously pour the other choloured chocolate
over the top. Then using the back of a smooth knife or a spoon, something that’s not going
to spike the balloon, just run it down the side of the balloon. This helps the two colours
to run and give that sort of spider web patterned effect. Then if you’ve got any little gaps
or holes, you can put a little bit more chocolate over to cover those, and then we’re going
to do, just like we did before on the other ones, give it a bit of a shake to smooth it
over. And see here if you just give it a bit of a jiggle around, a bit of a shake, it smooths
right out. You don’t want to do it too much. Then have a look around your balloon, and
if there’s any edges where you think it needs another drip of chocolate, just using your
spoon, just give a small amount on the side, and then again give it another little shake
to smooth that off and pop it in the fridge to set. Then using the same method, make a small hole
in the top of your balloon and let the air out slowly. And loosen each of those drips
from the side of your balloon before you let the balloon down. Use the knife to push it
further away. Again you’re probably going to lose any really thin ones, they’re likely
to snap off, so you can try when you’re designing it, to not allow them to get too thin or make
them a bit thicker, or you can just be content that a few are going to break off and it’ll
still look ok. And then pull the rest of your balloon out of the inside, and you end up
with this beautiful effect having the two colours on the inside. To make the bowl stand
up, just put a small amount on some paper or some aluminium foil and put it on the top,
and allow it to set. For more intricate designs, click on the links
shown and you can find out two other ways of making chocolate bowls. Thank you to everyone
who has subscribed and left comments and clicked like. Really appreciate it.

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