How to Make a Camouflage Cake – For Icing Smiles

How to Make a Camouflage Cake – For Icing Smiles

In this cake tutorial I’m sharing how to
create a camouflage effect using fondant and buttercream. Also included in
this video is how to make soldiers using modeling paste and some cool molds that
you can get online. I’ll link to that below the video for you. Press together
various sized balls of fondant until you have formed a log shape. Roll it out to a
thin layer. For a 6-inch cake you’ll need 19 inches in length and four to five
inches in height depending on your cake. Now I chose black brown and green, but
you can mix in beige or various shades of these colors. Trim the sides and
incorporate those pieces into the strip by pressing with the roller. Lift the
piece and quickly press that onto the cake sides. You can then turn the top and
the seam. Now for the bottom tier, which will be
buttercream. For this green add a good amount of juniper, a touch of black, and
moss green. Spread that on top and using a grass tip #233 cover the entire top of the
cake. Mix some tylose powder into a piece of
fondant. This will be used for the lettering and a backdrop for the
soldiers. Set it aside to activate the tylose which will strengthen the fondant. with the leftover pieces of the camo
color you can create a free-form strip of ribbon to tie in the bottom tier and
the top tier. This will be the backdrop on the top of
the cake. You can create a rough edging by pulling lightly on the edges. To give
the backdrop a curve just place it onto a pan that is the size of your cake.
Let that dry at least 24 hours. For the lettering I used simple cutters for this
cake. This is an army themed cake and I wanted basic letters not the usual
whimsical or script. The number 10 is made using tappits I have a tutorial on
using tappits and I will link to it below the video and at the end of the
video for you. Candy clay or chocolate modeling paste
works beautifully for the soldiers. Simply press it into the mold, scrape off
as much excess as possible stick it into the freezer for five minutes, and then
remove it from the mold. To make a dog tag use candy clay or gum paste. Stick
the lettering on with a dab of water and then trim it to size. Store it on the
curve of the pan until it’s ready for the gold paint. Mix the gold powder with
a small amount of almond extract and then paint your pieces. Use a bit of
fresh buttercream to glue it onto the sides of your cake. Use a mold to make a chain and then
paint it gold as well. I use the Wilton mold and I will put a link to that below
underneath the video for you. The soldiers also get painted with gold. And finally the letters are placed using
a dab of water. Be careful not to use too much water though. Just a tiny little bit. We made this cake via icing styles for a
very special little boy. And here he is receiving his cake. And as you can see
he’s all smiles. If you want to know more about icing smiles
I left a link for you below the video. Wedding Cakes For You website books and
video provide aspiring bakers with the recipes and steps for building skills
and confidence to create beautiful cakes and cherished memories. Thanks so much for
watching and I’ll see you in the next video.

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  1. Aw, what a sweet little guy! Love the cake! It's perfect for GI Joe kind of party. Icing Smiles isn't in my area yet, but I suspect I'll be the first icing angel when it finally gets set up here. 😊

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