how to make a 3D fondant teddy bear cake decorating tutorial how to cook that ann reardon

how to make a 3D fondant teddy bear cake decorating tutorial how to cook that ann reardon

Welcome to Today we are
looking at how to make a fondant teddy bear for a cake topper. First of all you to need to color your fondant.
If you are not sure how to do that, click on the link and go to the video on fondant
basics. Then we are going to split the fondant into basic sections for the amount we are
going to need for the body, the legs, the arms and the head. Starting with the piece for the body roll
it into a circle, oval-type shape and then we are just going to squash it a little bit
narrower at the top and then we are going to make it a bit taller than it needs to be.
The reason for that is the fondant tends to squash down a bit, so if we make it a bit
taller as it sags down, it will be the right shape. Gum paste doesnít do that, but gum
paste is a lot more expensive, so if we can make it out of fondant, that just makes it
a little bit cheaper. Next we are going to do the legs. So we take
a piece of fondant, roll it into a ball and cut it in two. The reason I do it that way
is I know they are both even. Roll it into a sausage-type shape and then flatten the
bottom for the bottom of the foot and then squish down the bit where the leg is going
to join the body. We are actually not going to join the legs on right now; we will set
him up once he is dried. Then the legs will just sit under the body so we will need to
make it completely flat. Next, take the piece for the arms, again roll
a circle and cut in two so youíve got two even pieces and then roll again a similar
sort of sausage-type shape. Now where we are going to attach it to the body, we are just
going to take the knife and cross-hatch and then just get a little bit of water and pop
that on to join. That just helps it to stick the two pieces of fondant together. Take your
other arm, again just roll it into a sausage shape, shape it how you want it and then take
a piece of spaghetti and place it through the arm and then place that into the body.
This is going to need some support while it is drying, so to do that you just rip off
some of your baking paper and place that underneath the arm. Next take the piece for the head, roll it
into a circle shape to start again and then just looking at the bear that you are making
just shape it down how it is. Put the baking paper underneath the head because you want
the head to sit a bit forward, we donít want it sitting flat. Take two pieces of spaghetti,
poke them into the head to support it and then put that into the body. Next, we are going to make the ears. Take
a small piece of fondant and cut in two, little bit of water on the join and then just pop
it into place. And then you repeat that for the other ear. Next we will do the line down the face. (If
you look there is a line going down the middle.) So just take a knife and not pressing hard
just gently make the indentation down the middle. There is a little bit of line that
you can see on his body, so using the knife again just do a little indentation again in
the middle of his body. And they are just the stitching seams, but it is just those
details that take it from looking ordinary to looking great. So do the same on the legs
and around the arms as well. Once you have done that, take something that is rounded
on the end, I am just using the end of a paintbrush here; you can use whatever you have, and then
just push down in the middle of the ears just to give that rounded indent where the ears
are. Next we are going to make the pads to go on
the bottom of his feet so you need some light pink fondant. Just roll it out fairly thinly
and then using a piping tip to take the circles out of it, cut out two circles and place one
on the bottom of each foot. Grab a spare piece of fondant and just using the end of a piece
of spaghetti give a bit of a fur-type texture, just have a practice on the spare bit first
and then do that a little bit on his chest just under his chin and then on the end of
his feet. Then take some light cream-colored fondant and shape it into a round shape for
his nose, then cut it in half and then as it is in that shape just stick that right
where his nose should go. Once itís in place you can then shape it a little bit more. Take
a knife and just follow that indentation that is down the middle. Then take a small amount,
a very small amount, of black fondant and roll into a very, thin even snake. You might
have to redo this a few times until you get a nice piece, just keep trying until you get
a nice even piece. Then using the knife just cut it to length and lift it up with the knife
and pop it into place. Cut the spare bit off the end and pop it on the line that would
be going down from the nose to the mouth. Next you need a small piece of fondant, make
it a triangular shape using your two fingertips and then again using the knife just pop it
into place for the nose. If it is not quite the right shape once itís in place you can
just use the knife to carefully reshape it. Next for the eyes, you need a tiny piece and
just roll it into a circle and then make it slightly oval shaped and then just pop them
into place on either side. Now lastly we just want to take some pink
luster dust or pink glitter and using a paintbrush just brush some just inside each ear and some
on each cheek. Now depending what you are having on your
cake on your party, to the final one I’ve added a little mini-blue macaroon made out
of fondant because we had the blue macaroon with chocolate filling on the party table
so it mimicked what the party food was. If you want to do that, of course you can make
that as well. And just, I secured it in place with a piece of spaghetti. And there you have your teddy bear.

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  1. Hi chick2random, no I just make cakes for my kids and friends. I am actually a dietitian and food scientist. : )

  2. Oh wow. You are very good at baking. I really like your videos, I am a film student so I know how much preparation goes into making a short video. My favorite one you have done is the macroons! It's one if the best tutorials I've seen for baking. Are you Australian btw?

  3. Yes, from sydney 🙂 I think i want to be a professional cake decorator, its something i really enjoy doing and these videos have inspired me to make more. Thanks heaps

  4. Sounds great, get yourself an ABN so you can buy fondant etc from the wholesalers and you will save yourself a significant amount of money.

  5. You inspire me to cook more and when I have nothing to do I go and watch your videos and cook! You shood open a store !
    And yay your Australian like me !

  6. love all your video cake & decorating tutorals,
    I have made tons of cakes for my kids birthdays but mostly just the normal 1 tier basic cake lol but in June for my Daughters 2nd birthday & made a castle cake took hours & at times felt like pulling my hair out but was fun & totally worth it to see her face.
    I love your doll in a cake & thinking of doing this for her next birthday but also got my oldest daughters birthday next month so looking for ideas for her cake she will be 11 🙂

  7. Hi Jaylee Stylinski, they are completely edible – although very sweet. Once dry the can also be stored in an airtight container as a keepsake if you prefer.

  8. I just love all your videos, I watch them just for fun and they give me plenty of ideas for parties and every day fun! As soon as I watch one, it takes me back home… I'm from Australia, but I live in France, so I don't hear the accent much here!

  9. Thanks The0unwanted0apple, I don't imagine you would here the accent much at all. Are you part of one of the Aussie expats in France groups? Are you missing vegemite and tim tams?

  10. nice bear.. looks like a forever friends bear lol. what did you do to the first bear- the one already made at the start of video. it looked different from the one you made.. did you dust the whole teddy with pink? or is that just the video, making it look that way?

  11. oh and also- just an idea, but someone did a ladybug tutorial and she used rice noodles for the antenna and coloured them black by putting the noodles in boiling water with black food colouring then took them out of the water, arranged them in the shapes she wanted and left them to dry- maybe this might work as an alternative to rolling paste out thinly for the lines on the muzzle? just an idea, if anyone wants to try it… noodles will last a while so you could do a few and save some 4 nxt time

  12. Hi Louise, Do you mean the first bear picture on the cake? That is the one in the tutorial just on the cake, or do you mean the one next to the lump of fondant at the start of the video -that is his actual teddy bear – that is why he liked his cake so much because he recognized it. Did not dust it pink, just the lighting.

  13. Hi roby mangay, yes you can eat fondant. It is very sweet and tastes best if you add a flavoring to it before modeling into shapes.

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