How To Improve Pancake Stretch – Easy Daily Compression Drill

– So you wanna do a pancake stretch. In this video, we’re gonna share a tip that won’t only get you into a pancake, it’s gonna get your chest
to the floor in record time. Now, stick around until the end because we’re also gonna share our biggest take home lesson that we’ve learned about
mobility this year. All that and more coming up. We are the gym that
teaches people how to move instead of just exercise
because we believe that health is about
performance, not just body image. Hey, and in case we haven’t met before, my name’s Yani Burmeister. I’m the co-founder of Unity Gym and the Foundation Movement System. And we’re the gym that measures health by how your body performs and
feels, not just how it looks. So we teach you how to move and nourish instead of just exercise and diet. Let’s go. So first of all, we’re gonna get Rad to demonstrate and he does a lot of different types of stretching. He’s doing some active stretching there. He also does weighted stretching with a weight plate on his back. He does passive stretching. But the big hat today is to do actual compression into the movement. So what we’re gonna do first of all is we’ve got two soft foam rollers and you will need a couple
of soft foam rollers. I will link them in the description so you can grab them easily. And what he’s doing now is
he’s wedging the foam roller between his rib cage and his thigh and he’s squashing that foam
roller as hard as he can. And he’s gonna do a rep for
about five to 10 seconds, rest and then go back into that stretch doing another five to 10 seconds. We’re gonna repeat that on both sides and then we’re gonna
go into the middle also and we’re gonna do a
stretch in the middle. The idea here is to
really compress the body. Use your compression
strength in your core, hip flexors, quads, and abdominals to compress that foam roller. And that’s why it’s important
to have the soft foam roller because it will squash easier
like a piece of soft foam. And now, Rad’s gonna demonstrate a gain in his passive mobility. So now he’s just stretching
himself over there but he doesn’t have to compress anything so he can really test out
how far he can get down. And you wanna also make
sure that you’re comparable in the range of movement on both sides. Now, Rad is going to demonstrate the forward compression drill
and we’re using the wider, 90-centimeter foam roller. These foam rollers are 15 centimeter, 150 millimeters in diameter,
900 millimeters in length. Now, what Rad’s doing there is
he’s wedging that foam roller under his stomach and he’s
squashing the foam roller to the floor between his legs and he wants to do this
two or three times, holding the compression strength on for roughly five to 10 seconds. And he also wants to try
to straighten his back and reach forward with his arms. So you’re imagining a nice straight line between your spine, shoulders
and arms and that’s the goal. We obviously don’t wanna just roll forward because that is not a true pancake. A true pancake, we keep a nice, flat back and we get nice and low to the floor. And as you can see, after
the compression drill, Rad’s able to go a lot further. Remember, mobility is
about removing restriction and inhibition from the body. Removing the brain’s inhibitors
and the best way to do that is through actually teaching the muscles to contract in that extreme
end range of movement. So obviously, there are
heaps of ways of stretching and this has really been
our biggest take home over the last 12 months
without mobility training. We’ve learned that you can’t
just keep doing one thing and hope for a really great result. It just doesn’t happen that way and like your strength training, your stretching and mobility training needs to be periodized
meaning that as you plateau, you influence your body
with new types of stimulus. Now, this compression
strength drill in the mobility is just one way of breaking
down those brain’s inhibitors and allowing your body to break
free of it’s restrictions. Remember, for some people, putting a weight plate on your back is going to set off an inhibitor. It’s gonna feel dangerous for your brain and your brain will then tighten, the central nervous system
will affect the muscles and you will not be
able to stretch forward like Rad was on the floor there. In which case, you may
need to influence the body with a different stimulus
and this is a great tool and mobility hack that you can use to break through those plateaus. So that is our biggest
take home this year. Try to use a variety of different tools when training for mobility just like when you
train for your strength. Now guys, if you need a program that helps you to continually progress in your mobility and flexibility, we have the ultimate program for you and it starts right here
with a free download about flexibility blueprint. I’m gonna link it in the description. I’ll also put links in there to affiliates of ours that
sell these foam rollers so you can pick them up
for a really great price and nice and easily. Until we meet next time in the gym, guys, get stretching, get on
doing these mobility drills and I hope to see an epic video of your pancake coming up soon. So you wanna get a pancake stretch? In this video, we’re not, ah, fuck, sorry. Okay, ready? – [Woman] Yep. – We have complete breakthrough for you and I’m going on way too much. I fucked it up again.

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