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In this video, we are going to look at how to ice a cake board, so nice quick and simple to do cake your cake drum or cake board, I find thicker ones are better to use and easier to ice. Take your fondant you don’t need a huge amount amount will depend on the size of the board. Just knead it until it become soft and pliable, don’t knead it for too long that it starts to dry out what you want to do, is take the little sugar shaker we made in our earler video and dust lightly with icing sugar and roll. Turn your fondant as you’re rolling to make sure it doesn’t stick to the board I’ve just sped it up a little bit here so you don’t get too bored whilst watching just make sure you’re rolling it to the size of your cake board or slightly bigger so we can trim off the excess I’m just going to take a tiny bit of water and paint this with a pastry brush onto my cake board. Taking your fondant lay it over the top, press down gently with your hand, making sure any air bubbles are rubbed out. Then with a smoother just gently rub over the top smoothing
out any lumps and bumps getting it as smooth as possible taking a knife push to the edge of your board, pushing away from yourself and around the edge of your board. Push downwards and don’t saw up and down as this will make the icing go jagged on the edges get rid of any extra and put it back in the bag so it doesn’t dry smooth the edges gently with your fingers just gently otherwise you will push the icing too far back onto the board do this all the way around until it’s got a nice smooth finish to avoid extra waste cut out the center of the icing on your board obviously make sure this isn’t
bigger than the cake you are going to put on, so i’ve just put on a cutter that’s slightly smaller then the cake I am going to add to this board later Take a ribbon, any colour of your choice but make sure it’s the right width for the cake board measure it round the board, just make sure you have a little bit that over laps over at the far side and then cut when you happy When you are happy it’s tight enough round the board, take a pin, making sure your ribbon overlaps at the back just push the pin right into your board and that should secure the ribbon you can, stick it on with double sided sticky tape if you prefer, then that’s it, that’s your board done, ready for your cake if you liked this video and would like to see more, please subscribe to Zoesfancycakes Youtube channel thanks! 🙂

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