How to Frost a Cake Using an Icing Smoother

How to Frost a Cake Using an Icing Smoother

Hello, I’m Beth Somers from the Wilton
Test Kitchen and I want to show you today how easy it can be ice a buttercream cake now you might be
thinking it is not easy to ice a perfectly smooth
buttercream cake and no it is not but Wilton has
come up with a new tool to help you do that and it is called the icing smoother
this new tool is going to help you get completely straight sides and completely smooth finish on your
buttercream iced cakes and that is a perk obviously if you’re
doing a buttercream cake but it’s also great if you’re covering
your cakes with fondant because it’s going to give you the very defined angles that you would be looking for before you
covered your cake now how does the icing smoother work it is a double-sided blade with a
comfort grip handle in the center and it is 9 inches tall so it’s great
because even if you’re doing a really really tall cake you’re going to be able
to get the entire side have that cake one swing and I’m going to
demonstrate how easy it is to use this as well now it’s really important when you’re
icing your cakes to use icing that is the correct
consistency that it’s not to stiff to spread okay so it’s it’s going to be a little
bit a little bit looser than if you were say doing roses our borders or
something like that really important to start with that
because if you’re a icing is too stiff to start with its gonna give you a lot more problems
okay so I made sure my icing is a really nice
consistency and you’re just gonna start by icing the
cake as you would regularly the top and the sides and as you can see I’m not
icing it perfectly by any means but it is also not super duper wavy or anything like that cuz the more
wavy it has to start with the more times we’re gonna have to go around the cake with are smoother so I’m just going around as I normally would. I I colored my icing today with nice pastel green color because
why not but it’s just a regular buttercream
icing them using you could certainly use this tool for meringue icing as well anything that you’re covering cake with
will work chocolate icing anything like that, just a tiny bit more okay and I do have my cake on a
turntable and the turntable will be great for
using this tool. Alright, you can see I’ve got my cake completely covered with icing but not a
perfect finish know what you’re gonna do is take the
icing smoother and you’re going to visualize this part of the tool being completely in the center of the cake going to hold it at about a 45 degree
angle away from you and you’re just going to
barely let the side graze the cake and then you’re going to
start rotating very slowly and as you get more comfortable with the tool you’ll be
able to be a little bit faster with this as well and just a few rotation then you get a
very nice very flat finish now you can use this part of the tool the
the grip and just scrap the icing back into your bowl scrape the access that comes off the
cake. We’re gonna do the same thing on the sides and this is a 90 degree angle here which
is good because we’re going to rest the bottom of the tool directly on the
cake board okay and what you need to do is lock your arm
completely to your side I kinda like to rest my
elbow almost on my hip and it’s not going to leave my side
because the straighter my arm is and the less I move my arm the less I
will move my hand the goal is to be as still as possible
we’re going to place the tool right here at the side of the cake
again barely grazing the icing we don’t need to take off a ton because we can
do this a few times going to take my hand in slowly again rotate one time one complete turn of the
turntable and I’m going to lift and scrape okay gonna need to do this a couple
times no big deal again my elbow is locked into my hip my hand is not moving, tool is rested on
the board going for a complete rotation just like that we’re getting a little
bit smoother every time a call around me go one more time and I used to work
in a bakery and we used to call this the death spiral because no matter how many times you
went around and around you might always still have a little tiny blemish or
imperfection but this is looking really good and
that’s how easy it is to use this tool now just like any cake decorating tool
the more you use it the easier it gets don’t be afraid to get one of these and try it out. Don’t be upset if your cake doesn’t look absolutely
perfect your first time use it a few times practice with that it’s going to
be awesome you just finished the top like you would
any buttercream cake with a little offset spatula and this is great
for this is as well becasue it’s a great scraper and you’ll get really really nice clean perfect side and a top great for leaving just as a buttercream cake or
for doing fondant thanks a lot

71 thoughts on “How to Frost a Cake Using an Icing Smoother

  1. what, you cant put fondant on smoothly? this is not sarcasm. it really shouldn't be that hard. i do it all the time and it's not hard.

  2. The base of the scraper is too narrow. Scraping the buttercream off the scraper and back into the bucket looks like a hassle. With a bench scraper or cake lifter (which has a more broad metal base) you can scrape all three rotations without having to scrape buttercream off the scraper into the bucket each time. Not my favorite Wilton product. 

  3. A bowl scraper would be easier and cheaper $10 vs $1.  Not to mention why would you not use your "smoother" to finish off the cake?!  What's the point?  This smoother seems to be nothing more than an over complication of a simple tool.

  4. I am not at all saying I'm an expert on all things wilton but I think it's to narrow and you have to put icing back into the bowl a TON of times and Tip: When smoothing out icing DO NOT put the spatula in hot/warm water it melt butter in the icing. Instead freeze the cake with icing and scrape off icing when it's frozen you get a smoother look

  5. I know this is probably a stupid question, but is that icing a green/blue toned icing? Or is it just the light making it look like that?

  6. WOAH YOU INVENTED SOMETHING THAT….. cake shops and professionals have been using for years… when they make real buttercream and don't take it from a tub.

  7. Bought is scraper brand new and it leaves a bad finish with big pot holes then I realize the edges were rough. Total waste of money

  8. den what is the use of using this blade again and again …we can also use simple spatula i think even that works the same wilton

  9. I am going to to try this and it is going to be a huge mess in my kitchen and I am going to eat that cake with my son while watching more youtube videos. Just saying.

  10. HI Beth I have been watching a lot of your tutorials to learn to do stuff on cupcakes and you are by far the best instructor. I did a craftsy class of yours too. I have the same question as some other commenters and that is does this technique work exactly the same for a rectangular cake? Do you have any additional advice for rectangule or square cakes? I am not good with cakes but have to make one this weekend.

  11. Good technique and clear instructions. Next time can you please use a different microphone? Clipped to your clothes it picked up muffled noises of your movements.

  12. Hi,I bought a Wilton Decorator Icing and I want to know how I have to use it. So,can you tell me please, is it for icing a cake or for making a flowers?

  13. Anybody can answer this question for me – does the buttercream need to be made with shortening instead of butter, or a little of both? Thanks.

  14. Hi very informative video the ready made wilton icning can it be left into room temperature after icing the cake ?…can it be use for wedding cake …in warm sunny weather??

  15. Nice tutorial thank you so much for the tips….especially the buttercream consistency. Mine is too stiff maybe thats why i had a hard time covering the cake…thanks so much chef.

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