How To Fix Your Pancake Butt

How To Fix Your Pancake Butt

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Danette May is here to tell us the truth We also have the coach and fitness trainer Danette May here Hi Danette May here with Have you ever heard the term pancake butt? I know that’s kind of mean but a lot
of people are walking around with pancake butt but it’s going to be just as worse as having a really big butt and I know this because I am one of those people. I
have to work my glutes so that I don’t have what they call a butt that goes
right into a back–just flat! We want a nice little bit of a curve. We want a lift back in here and I’m going to show exactly what you can do today in this movement to create that
nice, what you’re looking for, tight but also lifted so that we avoid pancake butt. So here we go and if you do this right it’s really gentle on your knees and it’s super
super effective right here in the heart of the glute so what we’re gonna do, we’re gonna get into a forward lunge. You’re going to lunge down. You see I’m lunging. I’m keeping my knees behind my toes. I’m down into lunge My chest is up, I come up
and then I’m gonna go into an airplane where I reach out trying to straighten out that way and I’m a little tight and then head back down into my lunge. Down power up to the heel, reach out, just like that with a two-part movement Down lunge power out to that heel, reach out into a forward airplane back down Good and then reach so we are getting not only this section but once we come up lifting up that glute as we reach out creating a nice tone in that hamstring
in that connection with the glute Beautiful movement! I’m going to challenge you to do twenty on one leg and then switch legs and go 20 on the
other You’re gonna be walking around with a
beautiful booty. You’re going to be feeling good and that’s actually really good for your body and
your posture. If you can leave, work your glutes because they’re your biggest muscle groups. You’re actually gonna help with overall pain in your knees, your lower back. Let’s get those booties nice and strong and I’m sending you so much love. So leave your comment below Let me know–have you done this work out? Do you love it? And also click Like and subscribe to my videos. I love sharing
with you new content every single week Sending you so much love! Have a great day! Bye-bye!

8 thoughts on “How To Fix Your Pancake Butt

  1. Just tried this exercise pancake butt. It was tough but I did 10 on each leg as I'm still off balance but I will keep at it until I get the 20 on each leg

  2. Hi there – thank you for this – I know this might seem overly-sensitive – but you literally made me cry – I can feel your good soul and am 53 and recently separated and starting on a new path 🙂 How often does one do these exercises – I have a seriously small pancake butt.

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