how to dip cake pops wilton candy v white chocolate melts How To Cook That Ann Reardon

how to dip cake pops wilton candy v white chocolate melts How To Cook That Ann Reardon

Welcome to, the website
where you’ll find step by step instructions for recipes ranging from kids’ birthday cake
decoration through to chicken noodle soup and easy family dinners. For a printable copy
of the recipes simply go to Today we are going to compare the Wilton candy
melts with the Nestle white chocolate melts. Certainly price-wise, this one was $4, this
one was $10; so if there’s no difference obviously we’d go for this one. Immediately you can
see that Wilton ones are whiter in color. I did a taste test last night with my two
boys and my husband, they hands down preferred this one. Get one of your cake pops that you’ve already
put it on, dip it in. We’ll do the same with the chocolate melt, and pop it in the stand
to set. Looking at the difference in the two, this
one is slightly yellower, and possibly given a bit of a better coating, and they are both
as glossy as each other, so it’s probably just personal preference. This is the candy
melts, and this is the white chocolate melts. As far as coverage, someone has told me that
the candy melts would cover more; kind of hoped so to get more economical. They’ve covered
the same number out of which started as 150 grams in each cup, and I’ve covered the same
number of cake pops with each of them. And this one, the candy melts has 44 grams left,
and the white chocolate melts has 54 grams left; so that’s actually giving you more coverage,
so it’s a lot more economical. So, what if we want colored cake pops? Because
the candy melts come colored, and obviously the white chocolate doesn’t. We’ve got here
some normal gel paste, gel coloring. We are just going to mix that into the white chocolate.
Seems to have colored fine without seizing. You can also get powdered oil-based colors
specifically for chocolate.

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  1. What you put into the Candy melts to make it liquid? It is too thick to me and I can not dip the cake pop is a disaster, PLEASE help!

  2. Hi @lolitas1594 I did not add anything to them, you can add shortening to make it coat thinner if you need to. Try melting the candy melts / white choc melts in a plastic microwave proof bowl that does not retain the heat. microwave then stir every 20 secs until melted and thin enough. If your chocolate was clumping – you may have got a bit of water in it. If it was going dry in patches – you may have heated too hot and burnt your chocolate.

  3. Im thinking the shortening makes the white candy melts turn cram colored. I dont think the candy melts in white are actually white enough.

  4. thank for compaering the melts The Nestle and the Wilton I want to by them (wilton ) but the price put me off and I have allway use Nestle melt and I got some Oil coluring from a cake shop that sell all the goodie for cakes and the have class there to i am making cake pop's for my a party I have the Cake Pop kit thank you again I'm in Sydney and Happy '' POPING "

  5. Hi Katherine, Great to hear form another Sydney food lover. If you take some photos of your cake pops you can upload a pic under comments on the blog website page- just follow the link in the description under the video.

  6. Chocolate designed for melting like these melts is easier to work with than block chocolate but if you overheat it when melting it will go out of temper and not set hard and crisp. If you click on howtocookthat above the video you will see a video on tempering chocolate – you may have watched that already.

  7. If I want a WHITE pop, I use Wilton….I dont want it Yellow looking no matter if its cheaper or not. I ALWAYS use Wilton Melts and they are better in taste!
    Cheap is not always good

  8. Hi selenagomez0311 yes you can use any chocolate but it will not set hard unless you temper it – click on the howtocookthat button above this video to go to the channel and look for the video with a picture of a chocolate lollipop for instructions.

  9. I think you are confused. Real white chocolate is a lot more expensive than "candy melts". The yellow color in white chocolate is from the cocoa butter (which is quite pricey per ounce) compared to candy melts that are usually made of hydrogenated fat (really inexpensive). Cocoa butter has a smooth creamy texture while hydrogenated fat leaves a bland, plastic-like taste and texture in the mouth.

  10. Wow you were defiantly ripped off because I get the same oz bags of Wilton's candy melts at my local Walmart for $2.50 each bag 🙁

  11. Yes, they are very expensive in Australia – that's why everyone wants to know if they can use the nestle melts instead.

  12. Oh wow thats no fair, That's by a lot too. Even the nestle is only $2.08 here cause i use nestle or garidalli coats for my cake pops. its possible to buy online right ? it may be a lot cheaper for you ma'am .. do you have a facebook page for your cake cakes/cake pops? mine is 'Yummy tummy Cuppycakes" 🙂

  13. wiltons are cheaper formulated but beacause its a name brand and specialy from a decorating collection its a bit more expensive. its only $2.50 in the us states. even the nestle is only $2.08 here.

  14. I heard you can also use chocolate almond bark that you can get at Walmart or Kroger. They look like blocks of chocolate. I heard that they are reasonably priced, too. I'm making some this weekend and will try the almond bark for the first time.

  15. Hello, So I'm making cake pops this weekend 4 the 1st time w/ my 7 yr old & her friends. I'm watching ur videos (awesome by the way). I'm wondering if I'm supposed 2 temper the chocolate I'm using 2 dip the pops or is that only 4 fancy decorating?

    Also I saw someone use the BabyCakes Maker (quicker) 2 make the pops w/ straight cake mix then use melted Cake Icing 2 dip the cake pops in, what do you think about that deviation of using cake icing as coating? Thanks 4 any advice you can offer 🙂

  16. Hi Diana McShan, You only need to temper your chocolate a)if you are using real chocolate – check the ingredients for cocoa butter, it is the cocoa butter that needs tempering, if has vegetable fat instead there is no need b) if you want it to set crisp rather than being soft at room temperature. As for using icing that is personal taste and again it will not form a crisp hard shell – the only other thing that may be tricky with the icing is getting them to stick to the stick. : )

  17. Awesome advice. We are SO excited about making the pops, I have gotten so many different types of decorations so I am definitely going to follow your advice so that they come out perfect! Thank you so much for responding 🙂

  18. I melt them in the microwave. 30 sec stir, 20 sec stir, 10 sec stir and repeat the 10 sec stir until completely melted. They seem to melt slowly at first so people tend to put them in for another 30 seconds when sometimes 5 or 10 is all you need – any more will burn the chocolate.

  19. @marekproulx well melting them over and over again just burns them if the candy melts are already melted the thickness is just the consistency of them. if you want it thinner then just add some vegetable or canola oil but not vegetable oil its too strong in flavor

  20. Is there any possible way a food colouring would work on dark chocolate? To my knowledge, I'm stuck being able to use only bittersweet ghirardelli chocolate chips because I'm vegan and every other candy melt, aside from that one, has dairy. I wish I could use the already-coloured Wilton melts but I cannot. 🙁 So, if you have any ideas or tips, please! Help me – I'm a beginner with baking! 🙂 Thanks, Nadia

  21. Hi 84jaida, I purchased these candy melts at the local party and cake decorating store in our area, they are on ebay too now. If you google search wilton candy melts you will see quite a few aussie online suppliers.

  22. Ii love your channel! You are really good at what you do, I am a very young cook I love baking and of course cooking I have tried your chocolate bowls and I loved them! You have helped me widen my horizon and i thank you for that. Wow i sound really stupid. lol KEEP DOIN WHAT YOUR DOIN GIRL!!!!!

  23. i always wondered if you can use white chocolate melts instead of candy melts as they are not readily available and very expensive here in australia and i wasnt sureif you could colour white choc, thanks for all your help 😉

  24. Hi DominosAndHearts there is a gingerbread house.. click on howtocookthat above this video to go to the channel and you will see it on the third row.

  25. ok that candy melt packaging doesnt really give directions. I only put it in the microwave for 1min 30sec and my chips started to burn. I even tried 30sec to 1min, still no good. Its still hard/smushy then it'll just burn. I threw it away then decided to use the 2nd pack on double boiler. it turned out better but I'm still wondering about the microwave thing lol

  26. Hi babymaivang, I melt them by 30 sec stir, 20 sec stir, 10 sec stir then repeat the 10 sec stir until melted. You must stir because the microwave heats unevenly so has 'hot spots' Best results in a container that does not retain heat or get hot like a plastic microwavable bowl.

  27. Thank you for the quick response, I wasn't quick to check lol Ok next time I'll just do that. I know my timing is too long and I wasn't sure with the consistency. Also I only used a regular microwavable plastic container :/ that solves it xD

  28. Do you use gel food coloring often to dye chocolate. I can never find the powder and have been tempted to just use the gel but it seems like it would ruin it the way liquid does.

  29. Hi jpage813, the gel does not give as good a colour as the powdered or oil based colours but it does work. These melts are not real chocolate – they have veg oil not cocoa butter so should not seize like real chocolate will.

  30. can you use candy melts as frosting? also, at my job thy're so tempting, can thw white chocolate candy melts be eaten like that?

  31. Hi niekalee305, Do you mean as a soft frosting? You could make ganache with them, pour 30ml hot cream over 90g melts and leave for a couple of minutes and then stir until melted. Leave to cool and then use for frosting

  32. Hi phuongkimly1 I melted mine in a bowl in the microwave, 30 sec stir, 20 sec stir and then 10 sec stir, repeat 10 sec bursts and stir until smooth and liquid

  33. Hi, here in belgium we can't buy candy melts or white chocolate melts, does normal white chocolate also work?

  34. Hi everyone if you live in Australia and want to use candy melts, I have bought them from a kitchen shop called Wheel n Barrow 🙂

  35. Hi belgianaptb2010, yes but if it not tempered it will be soft at room temperature instead of crisp. If you click on CHOCOLATE TUTORIALS int eh description below the video there is a video on tempering and another on what chocoalte to use which explains hwo to tell if it is the same type of 'chocolate' as the candy melts or if it is 'real' chocolate .

  36. I have my days with melting my nestle chocolate on a double boiler, the consistency is sometimes really thick. Seems as though your microwave alternative is more successful, can I melt my choc in a mug like yourself?

  37. If it's still too thick you could try adding a little vegetable oil, i don't know how that would work out though i've never tried the nestle

  38. I think Wilton candies are perfect for coating and are intended for esthetics and they are great for that but they rate awful

  39. You should buy the Wilton Candy Melts online. They sell them her in America for 2.50. Sometimes they have a sale for 1.50. 10 dollars is way to much.

  40. I'm a fellow australian and can't stand using candy melts not only are they expensive because they're imported but they never melt right for me either go clumpy or aren't runny enough for cake pops

  41. Do the Wilton Candy Melts contain cocoa butter? I want to use them since they're available in black. You're video on tempering chocolate was super helpful! 🙂

  42. Thankyou for this video, I am making pop cakes for my grand daughters birthday party and on my first practice I used ordinary chocolate, the pops dripped a lot and made the decorating awkward, Very helpfull.

  43. Hi Ann, I was wondering what colouring did you use? I know it was a gel paste but which brand because I don't want to buy one that will make the chocolate seize! Thank you!

  44. I live in NSW now & when i was in USA i loved using candy melts for decoration and when i came here i couldn't find any & i dont want 2 buy from the internet where could i find any ?

  45. I tries colouring my melted choc. And it just hardened. I used liquid food colouring. Not gel colouring

  46. how much ahead of time can I make the pops for a party on Saturday?  where is the best place to store them fridge vs counter (I am in FL and in ac set at 77 degrees)

  47. so if you want the white chips to be a brighter white do you just add white airbrush paint to the melts?

  48. Thankyou so much!  @How To Cook That All the recipes I've seen have said to use the candy melts and you are the only person I have found on the internet to assure me that the chocolate will work too – (The Candy Melts have an element I'm allergic to ) Like and Subscribe

  49. And candy melts contain a lot of inferior ingredients compared to normal chocolate. Check out the ingredients list on both of them, it's pretty shocking, and bad for your health!

  50. Watching these back and flashbacks!! ahah I can remember when the packaging for nestle looked like that! 😀

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